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Illegal Invasion of Afghanistan: USA performed Sept-II Hoax to remove Taliban rule






Invasion of sovereign Afghanistan is not legitimate, notwithstanding all heaps of bogus justifications presented by the western axis invaders through their media.. 


Barrack Obama, the Black president of white USA, should be the mute spectator of how the CIA-Pentagon gang controlling the world though NATO forces and fake threats.  Americans are thus the undisputed owners of the world. Russians and other veto rogues also knowledge it. 


America or NATO can now invade any sovereign nation even without any pretext and destabilizing it beyond recognition. However, for future reference reasons, they first crate background reasons for eventual attack on any sovereign nation. They want to first place justifications for attacks so that none would find fault with their imperialist or colonialist designs. In order to terror attack and remove the Islamic Taliban rule from Afghanistan, the CIA wanted an excuse, justification, legitimacy.


And USA created that excuse, justification and legitimacy by a perfect Sept-11 hoax by employing agents supplied by its ally Saudi Arabia. 


The super power USA very skillfully used not just the Sept-II hoax and anti-Islamic forces but also many Muslim/Arab nations to remove Taliban rule.


That is the advantage the USA has as the dictatorial super power of the universe. And the cunning Americans with economic and technological superiority have utilized the services of many Muslim nations in Mideast, Central Asia and South Asia to advance its anti-Islamic cum energy agenda.


Ever since the end the WWII which benefited the USA-UK terror twins, the League of nations was converted into today's UN to advance imperialist agenda of these nations and  their allies. In doing so, all anti-Islamic nations played   havoc in keeping entire Islamic world from the veto regime. It was absolutely necessary for the western anti-Islamic evil gangs to pursue their collective future goals against Islam and Muslim nations. 


Having successfully controlled the course of WWII and come out strongest duo, the USA-UK twins set out to control global resources and history.  They also wanted to dictate their terms to Islamic world, and used Saudi Arabia against both Turkey (Ottoman Empire) and Iran (Persia), the most important Muslim nations. With entire Islamic world out of veto regime of UNSC, it was very easy to establish and exercise full command over them. 


Americans went further a step in using entire Islamic world, especially the Arabs, against Soviet communism by generating the fear of communism as being the destroyer of Islam. CIA-Pentagon created a strong contingent of pro-Islamic Muslim among the youth, known as Taliban and Al-Qaeda, by infusing the hatred for communism and socialism and forced the Soviets to run away from Afghanistan. 


However, fall of Sovietism in Afghanistan was not end itself for the anti-Islamic forces that found Taliban regime an anti-climax and they all conspired to remove the Islamic regime. Americans and Britishers were tactically assisted by Islamic nations, including Arabs. Prussians and their allies like India readily joined the anti-Islamic party hosted by USA-UK terror twins to target Taliban rule. CIA then enacted the famous Sept-11 hoax to obtain legitimacy to invade sovereign Afghanistan and Pakistan side by side. 


It was the Northern Alliance, backed by Russia, India, and Iran among others that overthrew the Islamic Taliban regime in Kabul in late 2001 with the help of America’s air war. In fact after having being thrown out of Kabul, the Russians with a badly wounded ego actively supported the US scheme and its Sept-11 hoax. 




The colonial strategy of divide and hit is middle pillar of US policy. First, Americans take one section of Islamic world (Sunni) to target another (Shiia) and after destroying it turn to the other.  First they destroyed the Soviet communism in Afghanistan by employing the Taliban-Al-Qaeda and then the Taliban itself was destroyed.


Dictatorial America decides the world affairs.  In order to remove both Soviet and Taliban the unilateral USA aptly used both Sunni and Shiite nations, rather amazingly. And, surprisingly Islamic world has fallen a simple prey to western imperialism. 


American focus now on Iran is also of similar nature. For the US today, containment of Iran is dictated by several geopolitical considerations. One consideration is the need to neutralize the strategic advantage that Iran gained from the US overthrow of Saddam Hussein in neighboring Iraq — a development that helped to empower Iraq’s Shiite majority. 


Regional geopolitics pits the powerful “Sunni Crescent,” led by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UAE, against the beleaguered “Shiite Crescent” states — Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon.


The open Sunni-Shiite rivalry has been a boon to the anti-Islamic forces represented by US led Atlantic nations.  After making Iran go for 10 year long bloody war wit Iraq, Hawkish President G. W. Bush called Iran part of an “axis of evil”. 


The Bush decision to invade and occupy Iraq benefited Shiite-dominated Iran above all.  The US has profited from a long-standing alliance with the Sunni bloc. In addition to the strategic advantages, America’s close ties with the oil sheikhdoms — which are among the world’s leading holders of foreign-exchange reserves — contribute to propping up the dollar.

USA and EU are eager to take control and sharing of Arab-Iran energy resources.  Iran is the world’s third-largest net oil exporter (with the world’s second-largest natural-gas reserves as well), and it is a strategically located gateway to other energy suppliers in Central Asia and the Middle East. 

Iraq and Iran used to be India’s principal oil suppliers. But the first fell prey to a long US occupation and the second currently faces a US-led oil-export embargo designed to throttle it financially. As a result, America’s efforts to give international effect to its new Iran Sanctions Act constitute a double whammy for India. India imports almost 80 percent of its hydrocarbons consumption from the Persian Gulf. 

Economic terrorism by USA  in the form of sanctions threatens to sabotage India’s energy-import diversification strategy by making it overly dependent on the Islamist-bankrolling oil monarchies — including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar — which have managed to ride out the Arab Spring.

Like America India also seeks to create "routes". India seeks Iranian routes to enter Afghanistan on a permanent basis.  So further isolation of Iran will make it very difficult for India to play a more active role in Afghanistan at a time when the US is hastening its military disengagement there and seeking to cut a deal with the Taliban. USA does not want India and Iran to revive their strategic cooperation of the 1990s. Waiver is an tactical measure to weaken the global enemy. India, eager gain full control of Afghanistan when the NATO quits is one of the aid donors to Afghanistan, has no contiguous corridor to that country and must rely on Iran for access. Both countries share a common goal in Afghanistan — to ensure that the Pakistan-backed Taliban does not return to power.


NATO war in Afghanistan is all about controlling the Silk Route along with energy sources. 


Upon tremendous success in subversive operations inside Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya, the anti-Islamic nations now target Iran with help form Saudi led Arab League. Americans and Israelis have got on board the Sunni Arabs to somehow destabilize Iran and Syria. 

Fascist Israel as an illegal entity in Mideast is a civilizational threat to Palestinians and other Arabs. Huge arms arsenals as well is illegally gotten nukes remain a perpetual danger to the region and globally. But why the Arab leaders never protested against Israeli nukes openly threatening with lives of Arabs? Arab League should have pressed the nuclear watch dog IAEA to remove the nukes from Israel.  Why did not they do so far even knowing that USA-Israel terror twins use it threaten Palestinians and Arabs? 


Thus far, Americans has successfully used entire Islamic world against Islamic rule and also used Sunni against Shiite nations and as such what is the guarantee that Americans in future will not use entire world (both Islamic and anti-Islamic) against Saudi Arabia and Islam? Can Saudi leaders trust a mere bogus US guarantee when it is clear that CIA-Pentagon would do every thing to protect and advance its interests even to attack Britishers?  


Saudi Arabia has a lot of reflections to undertake on its illegal and secret deals with anti-Islamic USA and Europe. They have to explain as to why the hell they supported the NATO terrorist gangs against genuine interests of Muslims and against Islam.


Invasion of Afghanistan gave the enemy of Islam further justifications to invade other Muslims nations on some pretexts. 


In fact these NATO rogues are also the enemy of the globe and humanity! 


Arab world should share the blame of massacres of millions of Muslims during the ongoing WWIII, the so-called war on terror, which is in fact target of Islam. 


Arabs are as much guilty for anti-Islamic crimes as the anti-Islamic Americans and their terror allies! 


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