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Nuclear terror India at Kudankulam: Role of Judiciary in rejecting nuclear Terror experiments


Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website: Call: 9349537946


            The nuclear terror India regime and the nuclear mafias it has cultivated over years, including some cabinet ministers, have promoted nuke manufacturing program as a state policy without taking the people, the target of nuclear blasts, into confidence. These essentially anti-people elements wielding enormous power  have had upper hand in imposing  a  terror prone nuclear plant to the people of Tamil state at Kudankulam without revealing to them, or the courts, the real risk involved in this misadventure, ostensibly to generate electricity, but in fact mainly to manufacture nukes.

Nukes are the most dangerous weapons but India is eager to make and store them in midst of people. Nuclear scientists and other nuke mafias promote nuclearism, threatening the very existence of human race. Even after the Japan's disastrous experiments with peoples’ lives by unleashing nuclear terror stuff in Fakushima, killing and displacing thousands, Indian regime refused to learn the deadly consequences for the people in the long run.

Indian regime and its nuclear mafia ministers, even the former president Dr. Abdul Kalam, who is otherwise a humanist, have made strenuous efforts to tell the Kudankulam people that Japan terror blasts were just a minor thing and only an exception and people of India need not worry about the nuclear terror attacks. Of course, Abdul Kalam lately did testify to the public that a non-nuclear world alone is safe for the people of world.

However, the nuclear mafia of India still want to target the people by nuclear terror attacks, notwithstanding the strong popular opposition. The regime even while swearing by popular will just care a damn to popular anger and wants to push through the nuclear and  convectional arms agenda, threatening the regional peace and adding to its instability.

Indian regime has placed the people  in great risk by  violating all safety  norms and refused to undertake  anti-radiation measures, though all these things would not stop nuclear blasts.

The government wants and expects the judiciary to shield all state crimes, including nuclear crimes.  Tamil state government led by Jayalolita who is facing serous corruption charges,  conveniently switched its position  and began targeting the Kudankulam people. Madras high Court supported the Indian immoral nuclear thirst of Indian regime but the case went to the Supreme court for reconsideration, but the its attitude towards the people was earlier somewhat cold.  In days after allowing the Indian regime to refuel the nuclear plant in Kudankulam in Tamil state without perhaps not realizing the perpetual danger  the nuclear terror plants cause to the people and ignoring the blatant lies the state provided to hon court about the safety measures in Kudankulam, the Supreme court of India has rightly changed its position and, in a historic pronouncement, asked the Manmohan regime to first ensure the security and safety of people firs or dismantle the nuclear terror project.

The Supreme Court has clearly slapped the Manmohan regime and nuclear mafias operating in and around the nationover its nuclear tricks played against the people and with the judiciary by proving false information  by saying that India cannot unleash nuclear terror on people of Kudankulam just because it has spent, rather wasted, huge money of the people of India on it. 



This historic pronouncement effectively containing the state effort to terrorize the ordinary people by brute force has given rays of hope for the people struggling to force the regime to shut down the nuclear terror project.

Chief Justice of India S H Kapadia, on the eve of his laying down the apex office, said Judges can’t change world, must do duty for justice. Justice Kapadia on Friday the 28th September bid farewell to his office on the Supreme Court lawns with an emotional speech, aptly quoting the words of English novelist Henry Fielding, “I have done my duty and I have done no more." He told fellow judges to always bear in mind discipline, professionalism and judicial reticence. “Please remember .... Judges need professionalism, objectivity, judicial reticence and knowledge which is more subtle than intellect,” Justice Kapadia in his advice to fellow judges said in the farewell address , “We cannot change the world as judges ....If you have done your duty towards dispensation of justice in accordance with the Constitution, you have served the country.” Noting that Justice Kapadia had listed “integrity” as his only asset in a note to former supreme court judge V R Krishna Iyer, his successor and CJI-designate Justice Altamas Kabir said: “He also has immense wisdom and a kind of self-discipline that was not liked by many but he stood by what he decided and thought was correct.” As Justice Kabir, who has since assumed the Supreme Court office, described him as a “replica of Abraham Lincoln”.

A vigilant judiciary can save the nation from loot of nation’s resources by politicians and their corporate allies.

However, by pro-people judgments on issues concerning lives of ordinary people the judges can certainly change the rigid regime mindset and the world as well. The recent Supreme Court pronouncement restraining the state from terrorizing the people of India on ill-fated Kudankulam nuclear terror project which Indian regime is bent upon impose on the people of Tamil state remains a  mile stone in Indian jurisprudence it woild be remembered for years  to come.




The crude terror attitude of the state towards people of Kudankulam is a case of state terror tactics.


Tamil leader Vaiko and Kerala’s ex-CM plus top communist leader Achu are among those who, having been deeply concerned about the fate of the people, have heartily welcomed the court action asking the adamant Manmohan regime to ensure safety and security of the people first before the nuclear terror plant is switched on. In fact, Achu wanted to meet the Kudankulam people who have been on life saving struggle and he, disregarding the pro-nuclear terror and anti-Kudankulam people stance of party high command, embarked upon his march to Kudankulam by car but he was stopped by Jayalalitaa's police kept ready for days at the Kerala-TN border and asked him return to his Kerala state to Trivandrum and he returned.

The issue here is very crucial to the existence of nuclear mafia networks in the country. There has been a tremendous pressure from Manmohan regime (the regime takes notes from authoritarian Russian regime and its nuclear ambassador in New Delhi on nuclear plants, arms deals and resource wastage. And Russia remains a major supplier of nuclear terror reactors and other terror goods globally) to Tamilnad government and political parties, including Congress, DMK, ADMK, BJP and communists, to assist the nuclear mafias, obviously on some profitable agreements,  and avert Achu's visit to Kudankulam which would further strengthen the anti-nuclear terror movement. However, Indian regime cannot consider the cowardly stoppage of Achu's visit as a positive sign for nuclear terrorization of India. 


It is fairly easy for a corrupt central government to control corrupt state governments and leaders and parties. Leaders of DMK and ADMK are known corrupt criminals looting the resources of the people. Pathetically, communists support corruption and Congress party for useful profits.


Does anybody promote corruption just for fun? This logic applies to nuclearism support to the regime and mafia by these parties.


India thus is being u ruled by national and international mafias.

Needless to say that Justice Kapadia is a part of the judgment. Obviously, one could discern clearly judicial anguish over the regime's hidden nuke agenda behind the costly Russian nuclear terror reactors. Indian regime is not authorized to waste nation's resources on extra arms and useless and dangerous nukes

The revised judgment is yet another feather in the judicial cap of the Apex court of India.  

Nuclear projects can never be safe, nor would the people living in the radioactivity zones be safe!

India must abndon the nuclear route and dismantle the Kudankulam terror project.

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