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Britain opposes US-Israeli fake alarms about Iran nukes!


[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Specialist on State Terrorism ; Global columnist, Commentator  on world affairs , Expert on Mideast Affairs, Analyst on  sport fixings , Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Former university Teacher; website:]


 US President Obama's silence over Israeli arrogance even after the UN vote for Palestine is generating suspicion globally about US intentions in Mideast.


Undoubtedly, Israel, being propelled by Americans and their allies,  remains the deadliest and most devastating threat to global security and world peace.  For the first time since Britain along with dictatorial USA hoisted this fascist flag in Mideast on Palestine lands, Britain has come out openly criticizing increasingly growing Zionist terror operations in Palestine.  

As a turning point in its diplomacy, United Kingdom refused to vote with USA-Israel terror twins on UN vote for Palestine statehood and preferred to abstain from voting by following the most European nations.  

It’s widely believed that Israel has more than a hundred nuclear weapons in its arsenal, although neither Israel nor the US officially acknowledges this publicly.

The British regime also has taken an opposite view of US-Israel approach on the Iran’s nuclear test. Operating as a US partner in crimes against humanity,  IAEA pursues the American method of double-standards in dealing with Iran’s legitimate, strive for nukes at par with other nuke states, though against humanity. While refusing to act against Israeli nukes obtained illegally like the territories, the globe’s chief nuclear watchdog’s aggressive investigation into Iranian nuclear enrichment program, which detractors vociferously claim Tehran is undertaking in pursuit of possessing an atom bomb, if not already possessing one.

The IAEA functioning like a branch of CIA has been probing intensely into Iran’s nuclear enrichment activity, which both US and Israel have been claiming is being undertaken in pursuit of a nuclear weapon while Iran has been asserting is for peaceful purposes only.

Even as Tehran has demanded a probe into Israeli nukes, Israel targets Palestine and Iran simultaneously. The assassinations allegedly carried out by Israelis against Iranian nuclear scientists have hurt the Iranian regime as much as scientific community at large.

The Cryptome website from an Iranian group has revealed what the Iran president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said way back that Iran is a already a nuclear power. “Israel owns a practical nuclear arsenal, tied to a growing military body and it is not a member of international respected nuclear, biochemical and chemical agreements…We ask these individuals to sign a petition demanding an open IAEA investigation into activities at Israel’s Negev Nuclear Research Center located near the southern city of Dimona."



The crippling punitive sanction, known as economic terrorism,  imposed by the United States and European allies is hitting people and Iran’s economy adversely. As it is the crippling sanctions imposed by US and its allies in Europe is having its adverse impact on the Iranian economy. The oil embargo put by European Union is costing Iran billions of dollars in lost sales. Even the value of its currency, the Rial, has dropped drastically against the US dollar.


The Iran group has also accused Tel Aviv of promoting terrorism and espionage alleging in the website message that Israel has “a history of attacking U.S. properties, Arab countries and assassination episodes of all stripes.” An IAEA spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon that the organization is “not giving any on-record comment on this right now.” Neither did the US Department of Energy’s Office of Science (DOE) respond to Iran’s request. American intelligence agencies do not believe that the Islamic Republic has positively decided on building an atom bomb.


USA-Israel terror twins claiming to the embodiment of international law to attack Muslim nations and other opponents can stealthily plot and carry out any insane action on their own against not just Iran or Iranian regime’s goals, but entire Islamic world and even world at large. .


It is going to be real tough for the Iranian regime or Islamic world to counter these anti-Islamic US and Israel elements as they are beyond the control of the Iranian government or highly terrorized Islamic world. Already the attacked Muslim nations like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya finding it extremely difficult to neutralize the damage they caused as the resources at US-Israeli command are huge and cannot be matched by any force. .


What could be seen as sure bolster for the beleaguered Iranian government reeling under world sanctions for its alleged nuclear ambitions, Britain has taken the view that any attack on Iran's nuclear facilities could contravene international laws and hence it would not allow its bases to be used for such roguish activities. For attacking Iranian nuclear plants, US would require UK’s permission to use the latter’s RAF base at Akrotiri in Cyprus as its own army facilities on the British territories of Ascension Island in the Atlantic Ocean and Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The US, reportedly, asked for access to these airbases strategically situated on the remote islands. Israel expects USA to depend on its aircraft carriers and its well-set military facilities in the Gulf region for attack on Iran.



The UK government’s stand that Iran is currently not close to the legal threshold to pose a “clear and present danger” that would warrant a pre-emptive strike on it. London cautions that any pre-emptive military strike on Iran would be a violation of law and hence deemed illegal. But apart from the use of its bases, there is also staunch opposition in UK with regard to working alongside the United States.


So long manipulating the political divide in UK, the USA had expected resistance from senior liberal Democrats, but is stunned that it is Tories too. People now see that Tony Blair had blindly collaborated, planned and carried out an inconclusive almost permanent warfare in Afghanistan and Iraq hand-in-glove with then extremist US President George W. Bush. There was massive uproar and political backlash in UK over the 2003 invasion of Iraq and subsequent elimination of President Saddam Hussein mainly for his pan-Arabism but officially for his alleged compilation of nuclear weapons, which in the end proved to be a damp squib. It also resulted in a two-year long intense official probe in UK which culminated in an unprecedented act of T. Blair being summoned to face a scathing public inquiry.


 Britons now even hate Americans for their secret agendas and putting entire world under risk. The underlying truth is there is strong public opposition within UK itself against joining forces or collaborating with US on any more military adventures around the world.


The UK believes there is "still an opportunity for a negotiated solution" to the imbroglio over Iran's nuclear ambitions Britain believes that no US-Israel war threat presently exists in violation of international law. Britain is perhaps looking forward to a peaceful resolution to both the genuine Palestine state cause and concocted Iran-Israel imbroglio seeking to spiral into a major confrontation to derail the UN clearance for a free and independent Palestine.  



UK should seek a probe  on Israeli nukes and give up the dual approach of inhuman sanctions plus diplomacy and instead adopt only diplomacy since Iran is not the only lone possessor of nuclear facility in the world. Meanwhile, UK can try and get Iran and Israel to the negotiating table and thrash out this matter, they will be doing a yeoman service to the world. That alone could yield better results.


British strategists do think positive engagement with Iran is the best way to resolve the nuclear issue.

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