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NATO terror wars: NATO‘s poisonous tentacles across the globe


[Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal, Educationist,  Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements (Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc.) Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Specialist on State Terrorism ; Commentator  on world affairs & sport fixings, Expert on Mideast Affairs,Former university Teacher; Editor:INTERNATIONAL OPINION; Editor: FOREIGN POLICY ISSUES;  Palestine Times: RANDOM THOUGHTS; (;  website: mail:]



Unilateral America controls global resources through NATO, World bank/IMF, global intelligences led by CIA, military bases, sale of terror goods, global militaries and polices led by Pentagon and Interpol.  

When the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, symbolizing the end of cold war officially, NATO was an Alliance of 16 members and no partners. Today, the notorious NATO has 26 members – with 2 new invitees, prospective membership for others (Greece, Bosnia, Georgia and Montenegro) and over 20 partners in Europe and Eurasia, seven in the Mediterranean, four in the Persian Gulf, and others from around the world.

Triclomacy helped the USA in furthering its cause of resource hunt. The transformation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), a military bloc created by the United States during the genesis of the Cold War in 1949, into one that has grown to encompass almost entire world.

A US-dominated armed bloc NATO which includes three nuclear powers and accounts for an estimated 70 percent of global military spending has expanded deployments, operations and partnerships around the planet.

The war in Afghanistan, the longest in the nation’s history as well as in that of the U.S., has supplied NATO with an almost 12-year opportunity to consolidate an international military network and to develop the operational and command integration of the armed forces of almost 60 nations. NATO has air and other military bases in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Those three nations have also been used by NATO as part of the Northern Distribution Network and other transit routes that include as well Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Iraq, Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Oman, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, etc.

UN has been rendered meaningless. Palestine, Chechnya, Kashmir, continue to suffer foreign terror yokes.  

NATO membership grew by 75 percent from 16 to 28. Today, the NATO members and partners number at least 70 nations, well over a third of those in the world. NATO expansion to the east has provided the Pentagon and its Western allies with air bases and other military facilities in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland and Romania for wars to the east and south.

[28 current NATO members: The U.S., Albania, Belgium, Britain, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey. Partnership for Peace adjuncts: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Finland, Georgia, Ireland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine. Australia (Partners Across the Globe), Bahrain (Istanbul Cooperation Initiative), El Salvador, Jordan (Mediterranean Dialogue), Malaysia, Mongolia (Partners Across the Globe), New Zealand (Partners Across the Globe), Singapore, South Korea (Partners Across the Globe), Tonga and the United Arab Emirates (Istanbul Cooperation Initiative). Several additional nations supplied military and security personnel to serve under NATO command in Afghanistan without being formal Troop Contributing Nations such as Colombia, Egypt (Mediterranean Dialogue), Japan (Partners Across the Globe), Moldova (Partnership for Peace) and no doubt others. Efforts were made by the U.S. and NATO to secure troop contributions from such nations as Bangladesh and Kazakhstan.]


NATO’s regional initiatives brought many nations into its trap The Partners Across the Globe and longer-standing military partnerships are slated to grow in all parts of the world. There are more than 50 nations that have provided NATO with troop contingents for the war in destabilized Afghanistan in South Asia.

The so-called Arab spring saw to it that Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are already in NATO trap.

India readily promotes NATO terrorism in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

NATO has literally replaced UN. Post-Cold War NATO has repeatedly and without disguise identified its purview and its area of operations to be international in scope, and over the past 22 years its efforts to achieve that objective have steadily accelerated to the point where the military alliance is well poised to supplant the United Nations as the main, indeed the exclusive, arbiter of conflicts not only between but within nations throughout the world.

Since the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has crossed its mandate and limits, it could now be renamed as global treaty organization.

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