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Cricketism: IPL India Causalities: Australia and South Africa



India promoted IPL to create new cricketers in India by paying huge sums to foreign cricket frauds and it achieved the unstated goal more than they expected. Many new cricketers have come up take over from the present team.

IPL has strengthened Indian bowling unit by knowing closely all tricks of other crickets from abroad.  While foreign cricketers were kept busy in liquor parties and sex enjoyments, extra cash, etc, Indian BCCI has got all secrets of foreign cricketers both in bating and bowling. 

This is helping Indian team now as foreign cricketers have not learnt the weaknesses of Indian cricketers to target. 

Immediate results are shocking for Australia and South Africa, now playing against England and Sri Lanka now.

While Australia team is  finished, looks like forever,   against the strong bowling  unit of England,  their own bowlers are useless, especially the  fast bowlers, offering hundreds and  50s to English batboys. Although it looks Australians are deliberately promoting their English masters, their weak bowlers are the main reason.

Australian bowlers as if they are born only to promote English batboys for extra money. Australia enjoying life non-stop requires extra money too. Hence the team doe s not mind losing to big boss. .Australian batboys are literally shivering to face the Eng bowling.  

South Africans, like Austrians are also playing with fast bowlers only to offer 300 plus to a weak Sri Lankan team and they collapsed without even reaching 150s runs because SL bowlers are strong.  If SA has good bowlers with short ball techniques SL would not have crossed 200 runs which would have given SA an edge.

But the cricket teams are of fools without commonsense, let alone a bit of essential intelligence. Even their intelligences do not offer good counsels.

One wonders as to how and why expensive bowlers like Watson and Morgan continue to bowl, especially when opponent team (like India, England, Sri lanka, etc) refuses to return the favors shown to them in the first innings for their batboys. .

Even though everybody knows a strong and effective bowling unit the secret of success in cricket, except India and Lanka none of the big teams is yet ready to opt for more effective bowlers who can attack the batboys recklessly.

Fast and pace bowlers offer too many easy runs by bowling aimlessly. Spins make batboys life miserable, though occasionally they also leak runs. At times pace/fast bowlers take a couple of wickets when the batboys are tired.

 Era of them is over. No free runs!

That is their tragedy and victory of India or SL.

Australia and South Africa are the first victims of IPL India strategy. Now India is attempting their trick in other fields like badminton, football, volley etc

India is ready to waste nation’s resources on others only to get their field secrets and weakening other teams.

Everything is fair in joint sports and cricketism! 



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