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Does India belong only to multinationals and rich? 




Forget about Muslims and other minorities living in India, but  the ordinary Hindu people do not have nay real say in the government operations, except as agents, being used as campaign people for the regime.  

Ordinary people are not  considered as full humans by terrocracies.

Ordinary and poor people have  no  place in the general system of things in India , except  for the poll day. 

Does India belong only to multinationals and rich?  What should happen to others? 

India's wealth is in deed corporate wreath, deliberately promoted and pampered by the regime , state, big media and judiciary by its inaction intervene. 

This corporate wealth is not national wealth not the people's wealth but on wealth of the rich. 

Post-Inexpedient India developed and grew as the rich and corporate mafias designed for their upward growth. 

Both Congress and Hindutva parties have promoted exclusively the corporate and rich sections of India for making India shine abnormally. 

Here ordinary people have no place. 

Only parties like Aam Aadmi party and selfless leaders alone can change the system which is now operating for the benefits of corporates, multinationals and rich.

These big  mafias control the regime and parliament. 

Governemtn does and parliament  okays and executes whatever the multinationals and rich say to them. 

Is it contemporary democracy which perhaps USA preaches in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan so that Islamic system should function only for the rich and corporates?  

What can people expect from the government which is under the control of rich and multinationals? 


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