"Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong; they are the ones to attain felicity".
(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Allah-God has no equals on earth!









There so many  fake  hadiths of Holy Prophet of Allah. Muslims should be beware of the while Imams should  be very cautious of the selections. 

Hypocrisy is destroying Muslim mindsets to disown Islam as something unrelated to today’s life patterns.


Here, also, the mosque has a positive role to play especially in weekly Friday sermons by asking the Muslims, under any circumstances, not to equate Allah with anybody else.  


Some humans may be important to us in life- like parents, brothers, sisters, other relatives, friends, teachers, etc.  They may have helped us.  But that not make them Allah and hence they do not occupy equal status with Allah, the creator of universe and human lives on earth.


Imam discourses in Mosques and elsewhere should stress the importance of Allah above all others, including parents. . .

It is fact that our holy Prophet of Allah (SAS) and his infallible holy companions never gave more importance to humans than Allah, the all merciful.  


It has come to the public notice that in order to shne  as a celebrated speaker  on Islam,  a few  Imams in India and  elsewhere do not hesitate to tell nonsense about Islam , even by falsely quoting some  fake Hadiths- the  sayings and life experience e of Holy prophet. 


One imam at a Friday sermon,  very boldly said one  holy prophets companion had had given  more importance e to his mother than Allah by refusing to prey in midnight and  kept n crtung o at the ailing mother side.


The misbehavior of this “sahaabi” only shows his  empty heart  and  false  faith in Allah.


A good Muslim, leave lone Sahaabi, would pray to Allah for his mother’s illness. He knows if Allah decides to let  a human live longer than  the relatives expect,  He would have done it  and by prostrating to  the Almighty, the companion would have achieved  two objectives easily. That is the teaching of the Holy Prophet many Muslims follows. .

Only non Muslims and hypocrites can think a mother more than Allah!

Mother also prays ot Allah but Allah does not pray to her or any humans, or anything else.

Allah is unique. Allah created everything, including manmade gods, mother, father and teacher and others. 


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