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Indian corrupt leaders fear Jan Lokpal Bill: Aam Aadmi Party quits Delhi government!





Delhi chief Aravind Kejriwal has quit power over the Jan Lokpal Bill issue

Indian politicians enjoy the resources of the nation almost freely. They share the wealth and services. They oppose any system or law that does not allow them to loot the resources, take bribes. The way they opposed and dragged the Lokpal Bill in the parliament for years only shows the  corrupt mindset of Indian leaders- at least most of them. 

It is a Himalayan shame that Indian regime and parliament are being controlled by Indian corporate and multinationals - not just the major political parties like Congress and BJP large regional parties, but also the regime depends too much on the rich guys, though they are elected by mostly by common people. 


Like many of their allies, the Congress and BJP parties themselves got panicky as the Delhi government filed cases against many big guns in both parties. The Jan Lokpal, if passed by the assembly, would make the lives of many more leaders and their financiers in greater trouble.  

Hence they stalled the bill in the Delhi assembly.

Aam Aadmi party does not have absolute majority and it was ruing Delhi state by virtue of support offered by Congress party.

AAP was not inclined to  form a government due to the fact that it did not have the  number  to  face the assembly vote. 

Upon assuming power on invitation from the Delhi Lt. Governor, the Kejriwal government began earnestly to fulfill their election pledges. But the Delhi government knew very well that the Congress party would withdraw its conditional support to the Delhi government at the appropriate time. 

However, the early resignation of Kejriwal government has upset all Congress political calculations. BJP’s as well!

Congress and BJP cannot digest when Kejriwal  raised the issue of Reliance  company and its corporate  owners Ambani brothers who finance the major  parties plus they also have their own  MPs and MLAs. 

As the Delhi government was getting ready with Jan Lokpal bill to be presented to the Assembly, the Congress party and its media scolded the Kejriwal government of the consequences of such a move, meaning the Congress party would withdraw support to Delhi government. Aam Admi Party was not shocked it had expected all this from a badly shaken congress party. Delhi Lt Governor did not allow the Aam Aadmi government to present the bill and asked the speaker of Assembly not to table the bill. 

Thus the Jan Lokpal bill was stalled by the central government and opposed by the BJP party. 

Implementation of Jan Lokpal was the most important pledge the Aam Aadmi Party had given to the people of Delhi and it wanted to pass the bill in the Assembly. But when the government could not get the bill passed by the assembly, the  AAP leaders decide to  quit the  government. 

Aam Aadmi leaders thought they have no moral right to continue in power without being able to contain corruption by an effective Lokpal mechanism. .

CM Kejriwal has sent the resignation letter to the Lt. Governor, asking him to dissolve the assembly and order early polls to the state. 

Congress and BJP are practicing double-tongues.  They asked Kejriwal to resign and now they ask why he resigned.

 Funny political cricket promoters of India! 

Jan Lokpal may not have been a success story at this point of time but  the Aam Admi government already begun good anti-corruption work through various steps and   as such it may be  as easy and free as before for the  politicians and others to  indulge in corrupt practices. 

Obviously,  Delhi people  vote the Aam Aadmi party back to power in due course so that  the party and government could complete its anti-corruption plus pro common people programs as they are committed to these ideals.  

It must be mentioned here that Central government ruled by Congress party and allies  must feel a big sigh of relief with the Aam Admi government is gone. Kejriwal and  his party have been an uncomfortable thorn in the Congress-BJP flesh  called political trade. 

In fact, the  big politicians found the Aam Aadmi Delhi government a big threat to their profitable existence in the capital. They all conspired to force the  common man party out of power. 

Of course,  people will revolt against the  ouster of their own government and punish the big political thieves in the country. 


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