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Poll 2014:  Indian Muslims need political options






Major Indian political outfits like Indian National Congress and BJP are figures of the same coin working to promote Hindutva and keep Muslims under their feet to be kicked as and when occasion arises.

The only major difference between the two is that while the BJP openly declare  Hindutva policy  which is very similar to Nazism of last century and Zionism of  this century, Congress party does it all  in discreet manner in order to claim to be  a so-called secular party.

Both these parties play joint political exercises  and are linked to each other through the  ultra Hindutva ideologue  organization RSS to which  both have political affiliations. These parties coordinate their political gimmicks, benefiting Hindus in India and globally and targeting the Muslims everywhere.. .

As the major cause of pathetic existence of Muslims, Indian National Congress  has also been benefiting   from Muslim vote bank almost free of cost thanks to the aggressive politico s of open Hindutva parties like BJP, Shivasena, etc, wants the BJP to accelerate its anti-Muslim rhetoric from pubic platforms, insulting and  injuring the Muslims so that Muslims vote for Congress party. Hence Congress government has nit approached the Supreme Court to end communal politics. After all, Congress is also a major communal party which, like BJP, exists on the strength of communalization of Indian politics. . ,

As a result of the hidden Hindutva agenda of major political parties,  BJP  has benighted maximum, even  coming to power in many states and at the centre.

As India is gearing up for the parliamentary polls  in April, as usual, Muslims in India are wary of BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rise to power,  and the scenario is peculiar only to Indian  communal politics. .

Most Muslims have some serious existential concerns, even some fear, about what Modi, who murdered many Muslims in Gujarat state as chief minister, will do to Muslims if he becomes prime minister.

Modi was the chief minister of Gujarat State in 2002 riots. More than 1,000 people died, mostly Muslims. Modi was never charged in connection with the riots, but some of his close associates were convicted of inciting violence.

India judiciary also promotes Hindutva mooring and so Modi has also been linked with a police assassination squad that mostly targeted Muslims.  He has also spent much of his career rising through the ranks of a right-wing Hindu social organization tied to deadly attacks on Muslims.

Given this history, many Muslim leaders in India said they will neither forgive nor forget Modi's role in the 2002 Gujarat riots. Modi's political success resulted from demonizing Muslims, adding that Modi survives on hatred.


According to the New York Times, disgust with the present government and disappointment with the Gandhi political dynasty are so widespread that Modi comes to the election with a huge advantage.  But the scale of his success depends in part on whether he can persuade Muslims to support his candidacy, which seems to be a difficult challenge, the report said.

Muslim vote bank plays crucial role in polls, especially to the parliament. Muslims make up about 15 percent of the country's population, and they have been a crucial part of the support base of the governing party, Indian National Congress, for years. Congress has reaped in many prominent Muslims to garner votes for the party candidates across the nation. Those Muslim  who promote  Nehru dynasty are  offered  some space in government and party and other privileges. If Muslim leaders seek more, the Congress aprty employs its secret ally BJP to quest the Muslim demand in Hindu India.

Congress party  thus successfully manipulated the Muslim leaders and the  circumstances to  make Muslims  choose only Congress party to vote for..


Modi's efforts to remake his party into one friendlier towards Muslims could pay dividends with young voters, many of whom were mere innocent children unable to  know  what was going around in the country when the BJP undertook some of its most religiously divisive actions,  attacks on Muslims, their mosques, insulting Muslims and Islam.

As the poll is fast nearing, the top BJP officials have even suggested that the party could apologize to Muslims for past actions  in a move to fool them and get their votes.

Neither Indian National Congress nor any other major political party challenged the openly the anti-Muslims stand of the Hindutva parties.

Wary of Modi's rise to power, Indian Muslims need political options other than Congress party and other such hypocrite parties with hidden agenda for Hindus and Hindutva that stab Muslims from the back after taking their votes.

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