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Joint cricketism: India IPL has overdone its mandate!




It is sad the Supreme Court, under tremendous pressure from Congress-BJP C regime, also bats for the bogus IPL and  the fraud who effusively control it. .


As it is widely known, the IPL show was launched by Indian corporatist regime and  BCCI not just to entertain people who are disgusted and fed up with politicians and government, but mainly only to promote a fake hero Sachin Tendulekar to look larger than his worth so that Indian regime (Congress party and BJP) readily appoint him as Pharatratna, nation's  highest pride, disregarding the rules and law of the country.


However, being an ordinary cricketer Sachuin failed in IPL but he  was promoted by the media and mafia while also pampered by the political parties to boost their fake images.  Not only Sachin failed, but his Mumbai team could not win even one time. Eventually, the BCCI, IPL and sport ministry clearly worked hard to make the Mumbai team win the last year IPL so that Indian regime of corporate-mafia gangs, could offer the Pharatratna post to Sachuin. 


In order to make Sachuin  competent for Pharatratna post,  Indian government made him an MP in a hurry and also got him some foreign awards, asked him to announce retirement.  Then he was offered  the Phararatna  just  like  the bowlers f offered him 50s and100s as per the mafia demands. He was not at all winning to end his  painful stay at the crease expecting the bowlers to offer  his 100th 100 but the regime managed to persuade him to opt retirement in favor of Pharatratana.  His mentor  agriculture minster and former CM of Mumbai state Sharad Pawar was  threatening the regime to make him pharatratna. 


And Manmohan, Advani, Modi, Sharat Pawar, Sonia, Rahul, Pranb Mukherji jointly asked sachiuin to collect the Pharatratna quickly, before a change of mind could occur in New Delhi. .


Now that the aim of the IPL is achieved by making the chosen beneficiary Sachuin Tendulkar, cheap Pharatrana. The IPL should be wound up.


Enough of state cheating and deceptions.


It is unfortunate that judiciary , instead of scrapping it altogether, also promotes the fake IPL things as real.


When judiciary also second fiddles the regime's false cricketism, fake sportsmen,  Indian people have to remain fools for ever!


Fate of humanity!

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