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Amid rising prices and rampant corruption, India goes to Parliamentary poll







Money dominated polls are being used by many terrocracies to legitimize their corruption based misrule against humanity.


Indian polls, from local to parliament is  money game and the Parliamentary polls,  underway now ,  and  the outcome is determined by money in billions. 


Excessive  price rises, rampant corruption and  inflation  are the highlights of Indian life. 


Both ruling and opposition  parties  seem to have a secret  misunderstanding against common people. 





India, claiming to be largest democracy, has begun voting for the 14th parliament, with the ruling Congress party pitted against the ultra fanatic Hindu nationalist BJP opposition.  None of them is expected to get a clear majority in the polls, though, and the ruling Congress party is like to lose power.


Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, a bank official hired by the Congress s party to  run the show as Indian PM,  has already said he is stepping down and the Congress is being led by Rahul Gandhi, grandson of Jawaharlal Nehru the first  PM of newly freed India , the latest member of India's influential Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.


Rahul is son of UPA chief Ms. Sonia Gandhi who could not become Indian PM due to the opposition and threat from BJP.


The BJP is being led by the controversial Hindutva leader Narendra Modi, now the CM of Gujarat, homeland of Mahatma Gandhi who fought and got freedom from UK.  Modi, who is ahead in all the pre-election surveys.


Gujarat state witnessed one of India's worst anti-Muslim riots in 2002, targeting and killing Muslims to widen the Hindu vote bank. In fact attack on Muslims and Islam is the mainstay policy of Hindutva parties.


Today, unfortunately, all political parties, except AAP, are  images of the same coin, skilfully playing a joint political exercise focusing on the welfare of the billionaires and corporate class.  The incumbent parliament is full of anti-people and pro-corruption elements


Common people


The nine-phase ballot begins today the 07th April and concludes on 12 May. Votes will be counted on 16 May to decide the fate of Indian people, especially the common people who form the majority of the voters. .


Some 814 million voters - 100 million more than at the last elections in 2009 - are eligible to vote at 930,000 polling stations, up from 830,000 polling stations in 2009.

Electronic voting machines will be used and will, for the first time, contain a None of the Above (Nota) button - an option for voters who do not want to cast their ballot for any of the candidates.

On the first day of voting, polling is taking place in six constituencies in two states in the north-east - five in Assam and one in Tripura. Assam is dotted with plantations growing the world-famous Assam tea and has more than six million eligible voters. Assam is a Congress party stronghold but the opposition 

The anti-corruption party, the AAP (Aam Aadmi, or Common Man's Party), targeting corrupt politicians and deceptive corporates is also contesting the elections after a spectacular result in local polls.

Indian politicians use the common people to win polls but use the mandate to promote the rich and corporates, apart from themselves and their kith and kin.  For the first time in political history of India, the Aam Aadmi (Common man’s) Party came to power last year in Delhi state, trouncing all national heavy weights with strongest infrastructures, and genuinely representing common people and fighting corruption. 


More than 800 million Indians are eligible to vote in a poll dominated by rampant corruption, price rises and high inflation. The Lok Sabha (lower house of parliament) has 543 elected seats and any party or a coalition needs a minimum of 272 MPs to form a government.


The AAP made a strong showing at the state assembly polls in the capital, Delhi, and is standing for all the seats in the parliament, hoping to wins some important seats all over India, apart from Delhi seats.

Several smaller regional parties are also in the fray and if no single party wins a clear majority, they could play a crucial role in government formation.




The Congress party, which along with BJP, has made India one of most corrupt  nations around the world and seeking to promote corruption and  corporates,  has also “promised: inclusive growth if it returns to power. In its election manifesto, the BJP has promised a raft of welfare schemes, including a right to healthcare for all and pensions for the aged and disabled. BJP, on the other, focussing on Hindu votes,  promises to build a temple structure on the Mosque site of historic Babri Masjid, though, Modi, claiming to be a of development ,  has also promised economic development, jobs for the youth and a corruption-free government.

Congress party or BJP will make no difference to Indian common people as both stand for the rich and billionaires and multinational companies. Both promote illegal mining and shield the corrupt elements that really harm real progress.  


Muslims fear if BJP comes to power it would target Muslims and so they might still prefer to vote for Congress party, thereby committing the mistake, rather intentional crime, yet again, if they still decide to prefer the Congress party to AAP.


While a hung parliament is a clear prophesy, both Congress and its secret Hindutva ally have lost the right to rule India and its states.  


A new party alone can save India and people. 



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