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T20 WC cricketism:  Merciless Sri Lanka crush clueless India!






Sri Lanka won on 06th April won its maiden T20 world cup by defeating neighbouring India in the final at Mirpur, Bangladesh, where the world cup tournament was conducted. 


India that won all matches till the final has not been able to grasp the Colombo strategy until India lost, while Sri Lanka even after lost a match earlier, clinched the world cup in style


Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara were playing their last t20 match and won it as a gift  of farewell. . SL team had reached finals four times before, wanting desperately to win, and ended up with broken hearts each time. Today these two champion players finally got that monkey off their backs - in their last Twenty20 international match and led the team to final victory.  


The Lankan bowlers took the first step of restricting Indian batboys to 130runs in 20 avers, though they could take only 4 wickets. SL refused to waste runs for taking the fifth wicket and very well controlled Indian bating run flow which paid well when SL batboys came to bat to chase down 130 runs and they did that superbly. . .


Sangakkara played probably the shot of the match, was man of match.

Sri Lankan handling of the match is a proof of bowler controlled cricketism. Unless the bowlers are not up to mark, it is bowlers who determine the win or lose of the match.


However, the cricket boards promote only batboys and want the batboys to shine with useful help from bowlers. Batboys enjoy at others cost and enjoy what is not their own. Bowlers  let the batboys  to hit lavishly while the overpaid media commentators falsely praise the batboys.


Sri Lanka which bowled first could have offered even 200 runs to India hoping for return favours in 100 and 50s for SL batboys.  But knowing Indian mindset of somehow wining the match, SL led by bowler Malinga did not take risks.  SL gave 130 runs - a bare average score to India though also allowing a 50 plus to one batboy. . If the team has some experienced batboys it can chase down 130 runs easily and SL did that.


Interestingly, Indians had expected SL to give in because Colombo seeks Indian help in dealing with extra war crimes against Indians..


Clearly, SL team ignored al such false Indian expectations. 

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