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Military aggression: Bring USA to justice for its crimes in Afghanistan, Mideast!





American rulers advance abroad the interests of big business lords, including arms manufacturers. US oligarchs require resources of Mideast as well as elsewhere while the White House pursues polices to suit that goal.


 The destruction that the US oligarchs have wrought in the Middle East, with all of its terrible human consequences, is the external manifestation of their destructive role within the US itself.  These big lords are cutting jobs, smashing up the country’s manufacturing base, turning its economy into a gambling casino for financial parasites, removing all sorts of concessions to poor, destroying the living standards of millions of people. With no answers to the growing crisis at home, they turn to violence abroad, only compounding the catastrophes they have created overseas.


Energy resources in Mideast and Central Asia have been the target of Washington for years now especially after the cold war ended. USA began an era of military interventions and invasions to assert its prowess globally as well as make the nation stronger. . .

After getting the entire Mideast region destabilized and weakened, millions of Muslims massacred, millions displaced, property worth trillions of dollars destroyed, the super power, entire world go panicky, United States of America now says it is not responsible for what happened in Libya, nor is it responsible for what is happening in Iraq and elsewhere in Mideast today.


USA used the Al Qaeda to execute its secret agenda for Mideast. Al Qaeda was organized by USA in Afghanistan in the 1980s during the illegal Soviet occupation by inciting a bloody war by right-wing Islamists.


US Secretary of State John Kerry has been in a crisis tour of the Middle East and in a Cairo news conference he almost declared the USA as an innocent nation willing to help by spending huge resources because it is wishing the Islamic Mideast well.

As Washington had set out for exporting democracy to Arab world with the Sept-11 hoax as a pretext,  Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria are among Muslim nations that remain terrorized by the US led NATO rogue militaries.


In Libya and now in Syria, the Obama regime abandoned the “war on terrorism” pretext of Bush Jr for an equally cynical and fraudulent justification for regime-change called ‘human rights.” In Libya, the USA and NATO heavily bombed the country while organizing and arming Islamist-led militias in a sectarian war that destroyed all of the existing governmental and social structures. Energy resources, among other valuables, have been looted and taken into USA. The US hopes to end this war with the assassination of a third secular Arab head of state, reelected president Bashar al-Assad.


Oil rich Arab-African Libya, for instance, was chosen by the Pentagon-CIA to make the nation free from tyranny of Col. Qaddafi, is in a state of complete collapse though President Qaddafi was assassinated by USA long ago, with continuous fighting between rival militias, a government that exists in name only, oil production down by at least 80 percent, and over a million people forced to flee the country’s violence. Many thousands are incarcerated in a network of prisons run by armed groups that practice systematic torture.


Iraq, is another oil rich nation in turmoil and civil war which the USA illegally invaded in 2003 by unleashing of colossal destructive force upon a society already shattered by a decade of sadistic US sanctions, ostensibly for searching for the invisible WMD but the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, the US stooge put in power and kept there by the US occupation, is made the fall guy. The debacle in Iraq isn’t President Obama’s fault. It’s not the Republicans’ fault overwhelmingly; it’s the fault of Maliki.


Killing hundreds of thousands of people and turning millions into refugees, the US war and occupation destroyed every institution of Iraqi society, while Washington deliberately fomented sectarian divisions as a means of overcoming Iraqi nationalism. The country’s deposed ruler, Saddam Hussein, was assassinated by CIA’s henchmen in Iraq after having been tried by a drumhead court of US agents working as judges.


Kerry is justification of the US crimes in Mideast and Afghanistan-Pakistan was not totally unexpected but the White House should feel ashamed of its crimes abroad.


There should be genuine investigations by special tribunals through unbiased judges into the USA-NATO invasions following the Sept-11 hoax. The criminals should be brought to justice at the earliest.


In order to pressure the world  criminal courts on the issue, Saudi Arabia, Arab League and UN plus its judiciaries should take  the mater seriously.  


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