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Pakistan's problems:  USA, corruption and poverty




First of all, as an important Muslim nation Pakistan in South Asia and a close friend of Arab world as well as an ally of USA has a duty before entire Islamic world. However, Islamabad has long forgotten about its role and place in Islamic world as it faces crucial problems as a subordinate to essentially anti-Islamic USA and western nations.

The global media have managed to spread rumors as part of Islamophobia strategy that Islam has degenerated the society and terrorism has ruined th nation.   But the crude fact remains that Pakistan is destabilized by the presence of US /NATO forces in Pakistan, targeting tribal Muslims and their lands. 


On the one hand, Pakistan has been pursuing the agenda of the rich and cooperates and ignores the genuine concerns of common people as directed by the Holy Quran. This attitude of the Pakistani regime   goes against the spirit of Islam and derails Islamic faith.

On the other, for years now, Pakistan, ill-focused by an envious India has been facing serious problems of existence as an Islamic nation only because of Americans who exploit the corrupt Pakistani leadership and dictate terms to it. Today is under tremendous pressure from all anti-Islamic forces led by USA-UK terror twins, Israel and even India to target Islam and Muslims so that it can also claim to be democracy among   other terrocracies, claiming themselves as democracies because they conduct polls regularly by illegal and immoral means that make mockery of democracy. . 

 When Israel attacked Palestine at Gaza strip, killing over 500 children in its usual cold blooded genocide, the BBC ignored the deadly issue as a routine matter.  But when some children were killed in Pakistan there has been hue cry in global media and many regimes, including India condemned the attack. The BBC ran round the clock running commentary on the incident.  The children killed both in Gaza strip and Pakistan are Muslims. And why these anti-Islamic nations and media cry loud shedding a lot of crocodile tears on the children of Pakistan. Do they now love Pakistani children while they hate Palestinian children?

Poverty haunts Islamabad more ruthlessly today than ever before .Unless Pakistan gives up its traditional US companionship and mutual courtship in all secret deals, there is not chance that Pakistan could ever be re-stabilized. USA won’t let Pakistan become a normal and stable nation, Islamic or anti-Islamic.

Recently, Pakistan, annoyed with US wickedness and arrogance, hinted that it wants close military trade relations with Russia and struck historic deals for weapons systems. But US ambassador in Islamabad seemed to have coerced Sharif Mian to send top military personnel to Washington to reassure Obama of Pakistan’s eager for ties with USA.


USA tactfully made Pakistan a major non-NATO ally only to use the way it wants to pursue its pipeline cum anti-Islam agendas. Islamophobia being generated by the global media keeps Pakistan lie down as low as possible as an agent of USA.

However, it is not poverty that destabilized Islamabad but the super power USA and its NATO military terror fascist organization that has made Pakistan a safe haven for secret and even overt terror operations harming Pakistan and tarnishing its image as an Islamic nation. .

However, Pakistani regime and military would never leave the US nexus;
nor would ever become a corruption free Islamic nation.

That is mainly because once Pakistan ends it ties with USA, India would declare victory and establish an upper hand over Pakistan in the region and elsewhere.  So Islamabad considers it necessary to be tolerable to tolerate US arrogance than small scale Indian variety.

As Pakistan remains weak and confused, USA exploits Islamabad’s uncertainties to its advantages as well of India’s. Pakistan’s efforts for realignment by  preferring Russia to USA has not really taken off as India pushes too hard on Russia to  leave Pakistan and struck deals for  more nuclear terror  reactors to India.

Of course terrorism added the agony of Islamabad but it was introduced by USA to protect capitalistic and imperialistic interests in South Asia. Terrorism grew as a counter force to NATO imperialism in Pakistan and with Pakistani military accelerating attacks on tribal Mullins to clear way for pipelines for other nations; the problem has become insolvably tough.

Murder of people, more so children is a crimes but why the world is silent when Israel kills Palestinian children and  shout out  when the same thing happened in Pakistan where the USA and fascist allies  target Muslims.?

Terrorism came to Pakistan along with US arrival and obviously it will disappear only when it quit Pakistan and Afghanistan. State terrorism caused people’s terrorism in Afghanistan and Pakistan as fitting response. Once US-Pakistan state terror operations end  and when the foreign sate terror squads  end hostilities and  leave Pakistani-Afghan soil,  the remaining terrorism  would also end.  They would test if the US state terrorists return to Pakistan and if they don’t return then local terrorists would be encouraged to end the violence once for all.

Like India, however, Pakistan also cannot tolerate dictatorial policies from weaker third world nations while salute the USA and other veto members  

If Pakistan is one of the high dangerous places on earth, it is because of USA and Pakistani corrupt leadership. 

That is the tragedy of both Pakistan and Islam.

As the enemies of Islam and Muslims are very strong, a destabilized Pakistan cannot hope to overcome the difficulties so long as it continues to work for USA.  .

It is USA plus poverty – and not just terrorism – that remains the major problem of Pakistan. Pakistanis living in Pakistan should be encouraged to think that they can live without USA - in fact they can live much better and with honour without USA.  Islamabad should come out of US liquor clutches.

It seems only God can save Pakistan which was established in 1947 by Jinnah to protect Muslims from enemies of Islam that appear in disguise as innocent looking and caring friends and truly Islamize Pakistani society.

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