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Kashmir: Why is BJP so adamant about forming the government? 




Hindutva leaders in Jammu region of Jammu Kashmir state with a hung assembly, obviously in consultation with central leaders,  reiterate that no government possible in the state without BJP.  Why should BJP, without having a simple majority in JK assembly,  insist on forming a government? 


Of course, one can very easily comprehend the unhappy predicament of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), having won elections basically on anti-Muslim and Hindutva platforms, now losing the CM post in Kashmir.  Having lost the poll after hoping for a majority in Jammu Kashmir assembly for the first time in history with a Hindu becoming the chief minister of a Muslim dominated JK, BJP is deeply upset about its misfortunes in Kashmir state.



However, the BJP, like Congress party, would also realize the crude fact in Indian politics today when a Muslim cannot become the CM of a Hindu majority state in the country, a Hindu cannot push for CM post especially in the troubled Kashmir.  


Now focusing on Delhi state elections, BJP also now fears the repercussions of JK results on the Delhi poll going to be held soon.



Congress party, pushed by the BJP last time, managed a deputy CM post for a Hindu and this time they hoped for a full CM post with a majority of seat in the assembly but failed and they are sad but they still haven’t lost hopes since the Modi government could  coerce the PDP to “see reason” to promote BJP in Kashmir valley.


Many rich Kashmiri business men wanting to go abroad regularly with permission from New Delhi think they have to gain a lot and nothing to lose if BJP rules Kashmir as well.   


Bharatiya Janata Party asserted that no government in Jammu Kashmir is  possible without the party being part of it, even as a two-member party delegation met Governor NN Vohra to discuss the matter and said it would submit a formal proposal to him on January 1.



BJP is restless now as its hidden agenda for Kashmir remains a myth. . "Efforts are on for the formation of the government.  Without us, no government is possible in the state," BJP general secretary Ram Madhav, who met the Governor, along with party state unit chief and MP Jugal Kishore Sharma, told reporters here. Madhav refused to divulge what transpired in the meeting with the Governor saying "it was just a courtesy visit".  Speaking to reporters, BJP state unit chief Sharma said, "Party leaders will meet the Governor on January 1 to hand him our proposal. Today's meeting with the Governor can be seen a part of the ongoing process of government formation. The process of government formation is on and during this process people keep on meeting but our formal meeting with the Governor is scheduled for January 1 when the BJP will be submitting its proposal to the Governor," he said.



A day after the PDP came out with the idea of a "grand alliance" with its arch-rival National Conference and the Congress to form the government, BJP quickly slammed the plan as a "betrayal" with the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Asked about the PDP's grand alliance plan, Sharma said, "Though I am not aware about the formation of any such alliance, but if any such alliance is formed, it would be a betrayal with the people of state as BJP got the maximum share of votes in the elections".


The JK Assembly elections threw up a fractured verdict with PDP emerging as the single largest party with 28 seats in the 87-member Assembly and BJP the second largest party with 25 seats from Jammu region. National Conference won 15 seats and Congress 12. Smaller parties and independents together won seven seats. BJP is trying to catch fish from the troubled waters, from hung assembly..


The problem is the BJP, governor and central government is at work get a first ever Hindu CM in Jammu Kashmir,  on the one hand, and  opposing  a possibly durable coalition government by PDP and  NC, on the other. But Kashmiris who voted to keep the BJP out of power would like to have a stable government in Sri Nagar by likeminded parties like PDP, NC and Congress.


In case the Kashmiri parties try to betray the hopes of Kashmiri Muslims, they shall have to face the wrath sooner than later. .    

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