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Move to ban Hamas fails in Egypt!

Dr. Abdul Ruff



Anti-Islamic world (AIW) is very alert and it targets “problematic” Muslim organizations and leaders to prove their false premises.  

It is now in everyone’s knowledge that Americans and allies have been harboring ill-focus on Islam and Muslims because the Sept-11 hoax engineered by them has not made the expected effect on stopping non-Muslims from flocking Islam as the only true religion of universe.

The way Washington pursues its dirty war on Islam, also known in the West as “war on terror”,  reveals the hidden agenda of USA and Israel, seeking to obstruct  the legal step  being pursued by PLO for full statehood and punishing the Israeli state criminals.  

Obviously, Islam grows and helps humanity irrespective of what kind of gimmicks the anti-Islamic world is engaged in.

Sept-11 hoax generated state terror operations and the subsequent targeting of global Muslims. Palestinians whose lands the Jewish criminals stole  have been fighting to get back their Palestine but Israel that  stole  the lands and peace from Palestinians do not let  that happen because USA supports the illegal Zionist  regime and shields the Israeli crimes against humanity.

Both Israel and USA now very conveniently call the Palestinians as terrorists for seeking peace and their lands. They want to ban the Hamas and end freedom movement in a stoke, leading to Israeli occupation of other Arab nations one by one with US support and sponsorship.

Ever since the first ever president of Egypt Mohammed Mursi was ousted by  Egyptian military with US-Israeli  sponsorship, Egypt is being ruled by the military first in military uniform and later by in civil dress, making  the gimmick look like “democratic:. Americans and Israelis have been fording many top Egyptians to ban Hamas and they have dutifully approached d the courts to ban Hamas. .  

Under severe pressure from the Egyptian junta and American sources, Egypt's court quickly banned Hamas last year. But Egypt's Emergency State Security Court on January 26 overturned an earlier decision to list Hamas as a terrorist organization. The court ruled that determining whether or not Hamas is a terror group does not fall under the court's jurisdiction. The same court had decided in March 2014 to ban Hamas activities in Egypt and ordered the movement's assets to be seized.

At the time, Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabri filed a lawsuit against Hamas, saying it was behind attacks in the Sinai Peninsula and that Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal had planned them.
 Egyptian news site Aswat Musriya had reported in December that a Cairo-based court was to rule on Jan. 17 as to whether or not to list Hamas' military wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, as a terror group.

Badly pushed to the walls by the enemies of Islam, Hamas has denied any involvement in any attacks in Egypt, as has the Muslim Brotherhood, which was also blacklisted by Egypt as a terror group in 2014. However, now most of the attacks in the restive Sinai Peninsula have been claimed by Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis, a militant group that has pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria. 

Undoubtedly, the whole great idea behind the Hamas ban strategy in Egypt is put an end to Egypt-Palestine ties once for all but that mischievous strategy has failed now with the latest Court ruling refusing to ban the Hamas. .

However, Israel is a space power now and in the name of ensuring its security and protecting itself from nuclear weapons of Iran, Israel can attack for fun the Palestinians from space as well. The USA-Israeli fascist twins would call the Palestinians the terrorists. Israel coerces USA to attack Iran as well while Saudi Arabia is not happy that USA is not doing enough on that. 

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