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Murder in New Delhi? Evidences missing from Sunanda’s murder spot

 -Dr. Abdul Ruff



When big guys are involved in murder cases, government generally goes  very deadly slow in order to help the criminals.

Obviously by instructions from Indian government the Delhi police seem to have delayed the investigation that has led to disappearance of some vital clues. And that is natural because one can’t find all evidences if investigated after one year. In fact plenty of evidences could be generated by the  big sources since it concerns the possible  involvement of government agencies in the unnatural death of Sunanda.  

Shashi Tharoor, former Human resources’ minster from Kerala, has  got every reason to laugh, though not so loudly, for the  flaw committed by Delhi police and Indian intelligence in letting some  valuable evidences  could be removed by the “concerned” sources from  his former wife and IPL Kerala  owner Sunanda Pushkar’s hotel room in New Delhi where she was found dead.

Delhi Police has said that some articles belonging to Sunanda Pushkar were removed from the hotel room after her death. The Special Investigation team (SIT) of Delhi Police has found that some articles belonging to Sunanda Pushkar, including her shoes and clothes, were removed from the hotel room after her death came to light on January 17 last year. The police believe that this was done with a view to covering up clues in the murder case.  And in a related development, SIT sleuths handed over Sunanda's laptop and four mobile phones to Gandhinagar-based Directorate of Forensic Science (DFS) to retrieve data from it. DFS director JM Vyas said, "We have not been given any time frame to give our final report but we will do it as soon as possible." It might take time.

A senior police officer of South district associated with the probe said that Sunanda was last seen alive by her attendant Narayan Singh at 7.30 a.m. and the last call from her phone was made by her at 7.57 a.m. on January 17 last year. "After recording the statement of the staff of The Leela Palace Hotel, where she was staying, it was learnt by the SIT that they saw her shoes and clothes in room no. 345 where Sunanda was found dead but these crucial evidences were later removed by someone," the officer added.

Meanwhile, police sources said, in a reply to a question about the IPL angle in the case, Tharoor said he doesn't know what she wanted to reveal and as usual denied having any knowledge about anything.

The officer said after re-visiting the spot towards the end of last year (the hotel room has since been sealed), the investigators and the forensic experts felt that a broken glass and her clothes and slippers were removed from the hotel room, something that is not supposed to be done in such a case. "If it was a suicide case, then there would not have been any attempt made to remove articles from the crime scene.

There is a strong possibility that Narayan Singh, Tharoor's personal assistant R.K. Sharma, family friend Sanjay Dewan, Tharoor's driver Bajrangi and may be someone else could have visited the room before the incident became public and removed these evidences from the spot," the officer added.

The SIT is also trying to figure out who did Sunanda Pushkar meet in Lutyens' zone on January 16. Talking about the possible IPL angle in the case, a police source said, "After scanning the financial details of Sunanda Pushkar and Shashi Tharoor, some crucial evidences such as transactions to show that there were many persons interested in this aspect called the IPL have emerged." Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi said the police will probe the IPL angle in the case.

One does not know if these investigations are being conducted in good faith at all or just to wind up the case somehow.  The prolonged delay seems to have been caused by scruples sources deliberately to destroy evidences in order to cover up the case and Tharoor the big guy might be getting his briefs regularly about the latest from the concerned.  

If Indian regime is interested in winding up the murder case,  who can stop it?  If an Indian beggar is killed abroad India makes a big hue and cry as if entire sky has come down. If Indians are murdered by Italian military personnel in India Indian government tries to help them and escort them to Italy as if that is the duty of Indian government. Indian government has been pretty cool about Sunanda’s what looks like an engineered murder. .  


-Dr. Abdul Ruff

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