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Insane Trump-Netanyahu duo should not be allowed to control the UNSC!

- Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



Today, USA along with its secret ally Israel controls the world by manipulating the UNSC. In fact, Israel has been able to get done at UNSC anything it wants by misusing the US veto. The repeated attempts to do away with the illogical veto system have been resented by USA and Israel.

Capitalism and imperialism have stitched USA and Israel together and the so-called war on terror which in fact means war on Islam have further cemented the illegal ties between the two essentially anti-Islamic entities pursuing secret joint fascist operations worldwide but claiming to be great democracies. Trump has taken the Zionist-US immoral relations to the logical end by declaring to misappropriate Jerusalem for Israel.

The world is now witnessing new phenomenon called Trumpomania existing exclusively for Zionism of his Jewish son in law. A basically criminal Netanyahu has finally found a fellow fascist traveler in ultra fanatic Trump.  Well dressed but with sustained immoral business thoughts Netanyahu and Donald Trump adore each other for their ultra cunningness for their ability to treat entre word as absurdity and impose their own concept of modern world of perfect subjugation.

Europe and entire world have objected to the misappropriation efforts of Trump-Netanyahu lunatic duo of Jerusalem.

Invoking the Bible to appropriate land is a Judeo-Christian colonial tradition. First Christians, now Jews, are invoking the false concepts to justify the taking of land from the native owners.

Jews are illegal settlers in Palestine but backed by rogue states like USA. . Under international law, immigration is relocating from one country to another. Individuals and families may migrate for economic and existential reasons. Every year, millions of people migrate to foreign countries for economic betterment or to avoid starvation, discrimination, tyranny, torture, and death. Refugees migrate from war-torn countries where the probability of death and starvation escalates. In the 15th century, Jews migrated from Spain to Turkey as the defeat of Moors opened the doors of persecution and death. More recently, Palestinians, Syrians, Libyans, Yemenis, and Afghans have been forced to leave their homes and seek shelter as refugees in neighboring countries.

Israelis Jews are criminal minded and hence settler criminals. Settlement too is relocating from one country to another.  Unlike immigrants, however, settlers dispossess native inhabitants for ideological or predatory reasons. Immigrants do not forcibly take away the land and homes that belong to the natives. Settlers do. Immigrants live in the mortal fear of deportation. Settlers do not. Immigrants may face discrimination, racism, and hostility in employment, education, and housing.  Settlers are welcome and receive affirmative state assistance and grants. The state may offer jobs, housing, and other facilities to settlers willing to live on the land that once belonged to the natives.

Unlike immigrants, the settlers develop an aggressive relationship with the natives. The purpose of settlements is to make it highly unpleasant and oppressive for the natives to continue to live side by side with the settlers.

Apartheid-like conditions are built by Israeli settlers to show to the Palestine natives that they need to relocate themselves to foreign countries or get killed.  Jewish settlers not only take over the land that belongs to the natives but they also force natives, economically, socially, psychologically, and physically to leave their lands and homes. Other tactics, such as buying homes and lands from helpless natives is defended on the market theory that the real estate ought to be purchasable for a price.

The art of tyranny is perfect with Jews who now call the native Palestinians  as “terrorists”. .

In Israel, the state-sponsored illegal settlements are ideological and not merely predacious. The “ideological settlements” are highly coordinated in terms of degrading the local communities economically, morally, and socially. Stereotypes may be promoted to paint the natives as savages and terrorists. Any reactive violence by the natives may be used as a pretext to demolish their homes, issue eviction orders for entire families, arrest men, and dishonor women. In fact, the natives may have no choice but to seek employment in constructing the settlements that the natives detest in their hearts. Most Palestinians are now the laborers for Israeli businessmen and also employed in the construction activities  of illegal colonies by American contractors. .

Now the Trump  idea of  abrupt misappropriation of Jerusalem as a Jewish city runs counter to historical facts. It simplifies the complex history of a city that experienced the pre-Christ rule of Egyptians, Syrians, and Persians, and post-Christ rule of Arabs, Turks, and the British. Jews had not owned Jerusalem for centuries. Now, they have deadly weapons to do so- and hence the Zionist-US appropriation effort.  The Bible is a sacred book (different versions by the different rulers ) for Jews and Christians, even for the Palestinians, but does it justify the misappropriation of territories and cities?

In recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a state formed mostly by illegal Jewish settlers from Europe and America who had been imposed on Palestine, Mideast, Trump and the imperialist US Congress have validated the Jewish appropriation of a disputed city. They have shown might is their right. This barbarian commentary explains the foul dynamics of Jewish settlements in Palestine. It also illuminates the “sacred” justifications offered to legitimize settler colonialism. 

Come on fanatic Trump, don’t be silly. But unfortunately he cannot think beyond certain limit as he simply cannot annoy his Jewish son in law who now controls US foreign policy and is behind the new “approach”.  .  

In Jerusalem, all distinctions between native Jews and Jewish settlers disappear for ideological purposes since most of them share the common goal of driving the Palestinians out of Jerusalem so that Israel can reclaim this historic city all for itself. Orthodox Jews who oppose the existence of Israel as an anti-Biblical entity, a fast diminishing minority, share no such platform. For Trump, the realtor, a city, any city, belongs to money merchants and any “encroachments “by the have-nots should be forcibly cleared.

Appropriation perpetrated with moral justifications acquires a new meaning. Stealing a loaf of bread seems morally justified if the thief is starving. Land appropriation is palatable if a credible moral excuse can be crafted. Settlers know this moral trick. When settlers are highly educated, their moral justifications for the appropriation of land are crafted in more persuasive (Latin) terms. Over the centuries, settlers in various countries and continents have used moral imperatives to justify the dispossession of native populations and stealing away their lands, hills, rivers, sacred places, olive trees, playgrounds where the native children played, and the cemeteries where native elders were buried. Everything can be stolen if the moral justification is mounted at the barrel of the gun.

In the 15th century, the Catholic Church used two distinct theological edicts to support conquests and colonization. The concept of “terra irredenta” empowered Christian rulers to take away the Iberian lands from the Muslims. The concept of “terra nullius” empowered the European colonizers to take away the land from the native owners in Americas and Africa.  In both cases, Christianity, presented as the one and the only one true religion, was invoked as the ultimate justification to legitimize the appropriation of land. Heathens, pagans, and the deniers of Jesus as God could be lawfully converted, enslaved, dispossessed, and even killed if they resisted the Christian Europeans, the true owners of God’s land.

In the 20th century, the European Jews invoked a complex fusion of the two edicts to lay claim to what has been Palestine for centuries under the Ottoman Empire and before. Invoking terra nullius, the Zionists argued that “a people without a land (Jews) are claiming a land without a people.” This argument derived from terra nullius denies the existence of local populations, be they Africans, Native Americans, or Palestinians.

Invoking a similar logic, the European Jews claimed to be the original owners of Palestine since the Palestinians were the illegal occupiers of the sacred land that belonged only to the Jews. Accordingly, Zionist morality dictates that the Palestinians, particularly if they resist the Right to Return, be expelled, detained, killed, and their homes demolished.

Ordinarily, immigrants are distinguishable from settlers. But the distinction is not valid in Israel. Under the 1950 Law of Return, Israel invites “the child or grandchild of a Jew, the spouse of a Jew, the spouse of a child and grandchild of a Jew to settle in Israel.” Non-Jews or even Jews who have converted to another religion are ineligible to settle in Israel in Palestine. Jews mostly from Europe and America and some from the Middle East and East Africa have “returned” to Israel. The prevailing racism prefers white Jews over Jews with darker pigments. Jewish racism targets other races.

Soon after Trump, the realtor, recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Prime Minister Netanyahu argued that it is “absurd” to deny the “millennial connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem. You can read it in a very fine book – it’s called the Bible. The sooner the Palestinians come to grips with this reality, the sooner we will move towards peace.”

Given the successful drive to criminalize holocaust denials across Europe, efforts are underway to find pathways to criminalize the criticisms of Israel. Muffling free speech is unlikely to suppress the fact that Israel is primarily a state of settlers who have brutally suffocated and dislocated the native population of Palestinians.

An unholy alliance of Zionists, evangelical Christians, dirty politicians fearful of the revengeful Israeli lobbies, radio and TV commentators, Neocon opinion-writers, and self-aggrandizing academics refuses to see Israel as a settler state. In fact, calling Israel a settler state is condemned as anti-Semitic, a handy label swiftly invoked to stop honest conversations about the grinding appropriation of Palestinian occupied territories.

Criminals cannot think beyond criminal operations. But the international community and world at large must stop these rogues from advancing their illegal motives of killing the Palestinians, other Arabs and confiscate ether lands for illegal proliferation of settlements for foreign Jews.

In addition to Israel, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and many other states, owe their origin to settler colonialism, another name for forcibly taking land from indigenous inhabitants.  Hence they promote Zionist criminality in Mideast as their collective operation.

Of course, Trump would soon face stiff opposition to his misrule plus visible insanity and would leave presidency sooner or later but Israel can only elect fanatics and criminals as their leaders.

The unity show of Islamic world in Turkey is a positive development in his regard but it must now push ahead with establishing much delayed Palestine state and punish the Israeli leaders for their crimes against Palestinian humanity.

Islamic world simply cannot trust or follow the footsteps of enemies of Islam, especially USA and Israel.

Meanwhile, all efforts should be made to see that the UN and UNSC are not controlled by USA and Israel. No one can guess what exactly these two monstrous devils that keeps sucking human blood, contemplate for the future world. 


Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

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