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Indian IPL: The Hidden Political Agenda - By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal



The tactics being employed by Indian outfits to secure victory of its chosen team in the ongoing IPL make one wonder if India is engaged in doing just only manipulations and malpractices, fanaticism, cricketism and terrorism. As it is known, India always believes in hidden strategies for pursing its interests, including illegitimate and illegal, both at home and abroad, and executed them through a bundle of committed paid agent outfits in every field with over all supervision from the national and regional intelligence outfits. Even while practicing all evil designs of colonialism, racism, genocides through state terrorism in and around the country, especially in Jammu Kashmir and Islamic Pakistan, killing innocent Muslims, Hindu India has managed to claim a “secular democracy” status from the essentially anti-Islamic world.  Over years, India cultivated the Western outfits to concede victories for India teams in cricket, etc., the match-fixing tactics have helped India post flawed records” that don’t stand the scrutiny of real performances.


Indian cricket is being promoted by Hindutva parties like Congress and BJP to support the image of these political outfits. Apart from manipulating the cricket matches to their advantages by prior arrangements with other government agencies through embassies abroad on extra-payment basis, Indians play destructive roles in cricket mafia and their sport media. In order to outmaneuver stronger cricket teams like Pakistan, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, Indian outfits have planned various strategies. With some of them India got into secret deals with rooted through the concerned foreign agencies and thus clinched the issues of fabricated records on priority basis, while the Indian media outfits blast the news as “ Indian  greats have achieved greatness” types.


The Indian PL variety currently being showcased in South Africa is perhaps the biggest joke in cricket history, because India is unwittingly exploiting the cash making mentality and match-fixing trends of cricketers, world wide. Indians have terrorized Pakistan to keep that nation out of its hegemonic march. India always want to get Pakistan out of cricket field altogether, but that strategy has backfired as terror Indians, both state and non-state, still target Pakistan by blasting missiles intermittently. Pakistan is playing against Australia in Dubai these days showcasing its cricket prowess. IPL was imposed by Indian strategists to make India look larger than size. What is funny is many foreign cricketers assist Indian outfits to achieve their fanatic anti-Pakistan goal.


A regional terror state and military power, India came out with IPL with maliciously hegemonic motives. This time around the IPL has been timed to coincide with Indian billionaires polls and is supposed to forecast the color of the next anti-Islamic regime in New Delhi. The game plan by the Indian strategists and intelligence outfits is to promote the teams that are considered “close” to Hindutva moorings in the country. As it is, Delhi devils, Mumbai Indians and Punjab teams are the popped up by the Congress-led ruling dispensation. Cricket mafia s are at world behind scenes to get the required results, but Hyderabad, considered by India as part of Pakistan, has a not topped the race so far, annoying the Indian strategic outfit. Hyderabad team won all the 3 matches although, it appears, some Indians themselves supported the opposite teams. Indian media outfits and strategists are down now badly because Hyderabad thrashed Mumbai India recently. On 26 Bangalore team (Dravid Rahul declined to play or hit Delhi cricketers because he possibly does not want to annoy politician Rahul Gandhi) was almost winning match against Delhi, but, it is sure, the Indian bowlers switched sides to make Delhi win. Similarly, Rajasthan was coerced to make room for Punjab.



Of course, IPL is an Indian game and Indian outfits can do whatever they want to boost the images of leaders belonging to New Delhi, Mumbai and Punjab because Indian intelligence and political outfits want a regime to be headed by a leader from one of these places. But then India should claim be an international fraud-cum-terrorist, and not a democracy or a decent state. It is utter shame on the part of India to mix-up dirty politics with cricket. Chennai team which includes current Indian Captain is also discouraged, but the cricket mafia wants Chennai to defeat Bangalore and Hyderabad and block them form reaching the Semi-final which, as its looks, is reserved for Mumbai and Delhi or Punjab. Everything is preplanned in India in terrorism, in cricketism and militarism.  It is apparent now, why India was deadly focused don IPL at any cost in South Africa when many other countries refused to accommodate Indian fanatic sentiments, including UK. An arrogant and aggressive India would meet its end some where.


A lot of black money is being floated by the industrialists through these IPL and other cricket shows with intelligence guidance. Not only India wants to use foreign cricketers to play for India and train their young aspiring cricket, but India has presided over the process of cricket becoming a total farce.  But why should India punish the South Africans to pay for Indian mischief. Meanwhile Indian blue premier Manmohan Singh is satisfied now with  show-gift from one his fans in Ahmedabad on 26 April while addressing a Congress poll  meeting, because he has entered the top list of the foot-wear attacked leaders globally that includes former US president Bush. But why should Africans also suffer by witnessing the stage managed Indian cricket game. 


By Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal

From  India (State Fraud & State terror).

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