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جنرل مشرف کے لیے لاٹری کا ٹکٹ
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تشدد کی حالیہ لہر
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صدر مملکت کا خطاب توقع کے مطابق ت&
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Lal Masjid after operation Silence
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Abdul Rasheed Ghazi Shaheed Dead Body
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Lal Masjid Seige
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Abdul Rasheed Ghazi Last message videos
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لال مسجد ڈیل کیسے ناکام ہوئی
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آخر حکومت کیا چھپانا چاہتی ہے؟
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ابھی بات کھلنے میں دیر ہے
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 Reply:   In this video, the spokes men
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (11/Jul/2007)

In this video, the spokes men didn't say anything about shoot to kill orders
But unfortunately, i missed the actual one, on ARY and GEO, where the reporter clearly said that, the officials on the hospitals have warned them, that they have the orders of shoot to kill for media personnel, if tried to take visuals.
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