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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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Is this a state called Islamic Republic of Pakistan ...

Look at this police these matric pass guys are beating graduates and how they are beating womens on the street is this you call an Islamic state ..
Yeh khateen kay haqooq abb kidher gay Musharraf sahib ?
Imran Khan,s sister was also there
 Reply:   Mr SP, this topic is not for b
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (28/Nov/2007)

There are other topics specially created for this purpose.
You are free to spread your venom, but please dont destroy all topics.
Try to be on topic, your this Jamiat thing, i am not their spokesman and this article is not relevant as well.
Try to tell us if you can, do you like this, which happened in this video, to some one you care.
I think, if we are one nation, then there should be few things for which there should be consensus among all.
we should not condemn every thing which is coming from our opposition.
we should judge every thing on merit.
 Reply:   as long as we are on jamiat su
Replied by(hamza1234) Replied on (28/Nov/2007)

In punjab university the most corrupt people are from jamiat they do date themselve they target any guy they want no matter what is the reason.

when ever paper is hard its cancelled no rule is applied on them...

they all are just using darhi to do what ever they want if i had power i will shave and kill every single jamiat student but i like jamat-e-islami max people in jamat are not corrupt exceptions are always there... there welfare organization is really i worked with them during earthquake and yes they were good.
 Reply:   noman : I want to show you the
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

from day 1 I am replying to ur idiotic ideas and views because I want to show the real face of Jamat-islami and their bacha tanzeem JAMIAT, the occupier of PUNJAB UNIVERSITY and the ex-occupier of KARACHI UNIVERSITY and the educational institutions of karachi, JAMIAT terrorist wing also called THUNDER SQUAD, 90% of JAMIAT got training from the terrorist camps in AFGHANISTAN, but 1 minute why did they get training....ahaa kill your own people kill patriotic PAKISTANIs and destroy PAKISTAN the main agenda of QAZI.

jamats role in pakistan to support all the army chief, when failed to get million people they go from back door to the GHQ and ask them pull the leg of elected GOVTs, support outsiders, brainwash innocent.

you do mention every time that ALTAF said partition was a blunder but why dont u say that modudi said creation will be a blunder.

u better read 1 by 1 real face of jamat, modudi and fasadi QAZI

"Muslim religious organisations of the sub-continent -- Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind, Majlis-i- Ahrar- i-Islam and Jamat-i-Islami [1]-- were politically very active during the struggle for Pakistan but all of them opposed tooth and nail the creation of a separate homeland for the Muslims."

Jinnah was continuously harassed by the Ulema,Jinnah pointed out to the students of the Muslim University Union: "What the League has done is to set you free from the reactionary elements of Muslims and to create the opinion that those who play their selfish game are traitors. It has certainly freed you from that undesirable element of Molvis and Maulanas. I am not speaking of Molvis as a whole class. There are some of them who are as patriotic and sincere as any other, but there is a section of them which is undesirable."

NOMAN :there is lot i will keep it for next reply to show the real traitor face of your party
 Reply:   Saacha_Pakistani, if women nee
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)
Saacha_Pakistani, if women needs to be dealt with respect, then they should always.
although i know your dirty mentality.

Its not in the power of You and your MQM, otherwise you will do rape and killing of all anti's of you as MQM did up to their extent in 80-90's.

End of discussion with you because you are totally insane, for you talking against Musharraf and Altaf is anti state activity.

You know, why i always reply to your idiotic things, because i want to show the dirty face of MQM to all readers.

And yes Nabila sister, at first place i am totally against such activities by any woman of any party.

MQM was the same party who protested against the detention of Prostitute Shamim by LAL Masjid, but they are not ready to stand with the women of opposition.
What a dark face they have.
We want and give respect to all, but the extremist culture we have in our politics, is all because of people like you, who cant bear any one who differs with their point of view.

 Reply:   in ki sharm kaha chuli jati ha
Replied by(nabila) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

app iss video say hut ker or kisi aik party ki bat na bhi keray tu hum nay hameesha un aurtoo ko jo kisi party say taluq rakhty hoon un ki dreesing,un kay actions,oper say mashallah sub heavy weight yani in ko hosh nahi hota kay kon kon in say kia ker raha hai.dakh kay sharm ati hai.sirf politics may anay kay liye.apnay leaders ko support kernay kay liye?yeh kisi kay huqooq kay liye kia kam keraian gi jinhay apna hi hoosh na hoo....
 Reply:   why do i agree on ur stupidity
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

either women go for politics or go to bazaar for buying any stuff, but women going for anti-state politics must be ready for any consequences and then should not cry mere saath yeh ho gaya or mere saath woh ho gaya. try to find a women in northern areas u will not even young kids dont go out lonely dont need to tell you why
 Reply:   I hope you will agree with me
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

Lets make it like this, All women in Political parties, inclusing jammat-e-islami and MQM, are mothers and sisters of some one and they all go to bazar for politics and other activites including shopping.
So we should respect them and we should urge and force police and government to respect them as well.
And we will not allow any one to treat any women of any party, group, sect or religion like this.
I hope you will agree with me on this.

 Reply:   But mothers and sisters of all
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

so i repeat ur words and i think its ethical- so i take my words back but this acceptable to you

But mothers and sisters of almost all jamat islami workers go to bazaar for politics

 Reply:   I didn't use any bad word for
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)
You said whose mothers and sisters goes to political parties.
This was you who started this thing.
But i replied in same manner by staying in limit that mothers and sisters of MQM workers at least attend rallies.
I didn't use word moon kaala and etc.
Then you used very bad words.
I dont like to talk/hear about anyone's mother and sister.
If you want to talk about some one, even about Qazi's daughter then try to call her by name, not by relation.
Its not about nerves, its about ethics.
When i started this discussion with Hamza, i put my family in the example, just to avoid this complexity.
I hope you got my point now.
 Reply:   noman - u did not like to hear
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

seems like u guys lost ur nerves
 Reply:   listen webmaster/NOMANscript
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

if you can talk about the mother n sister of MQM workers have the courage to get a reply for it atleast MUSHARAFF has this
 Reply:   You are on Musharraf side, how
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

You can do what ever you want to, because you are his allies.
Cant u see that is why ghundas of MQM are so free in moving and doing, whatever they want to.
May be you can ask Musharraf to ban me, if he can.
 Reply:   u will ask musharaff to put ba
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

ha ha ha
 Reply:   Now you have shown your real m
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

Now you have shown your real mentality, because now you dont had the answer.
Your last reply back fired you.
You didn't tell whose mothers and sisters were in MQM' million march.
I never denied truth.
Lets get back to topic
Do you like the way, any one's sister or mother being handled by the police.
I dont want to give examples but you can understand.
try to gather at least this much courage in you to call what is right and what is wrong.
I will ask webmaster to edit your reply instead of abusing it.
 Reply:   NOMAN - thanks for the figure
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)
and what happened after that, QAZI start wearing the burqa everytime he visited karachi and all the political mulla of jamaat started buying the burqas

you know what aakhri saans le raha QAZI aur us kee jamaat-shetani, QAZI ka aisa moo kala hoga
*****Edited by webmaster, please don't post reply in this manner again, thank you ****** election mae, hope u like that reply - u like if some body slap you.

thats why everytime i say dont hide behind the screen.

 Reply:   But mothers and sisters of alm
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

That is why in last MILLION MARCH of MQM in karachi against LAL Masjid, there were so many women.
You can laugh at your self now ;)
 Reply:   i think no ones mother go to b
Replied by(sacha_pakistani) Replied on (27/Nov/2007)

ha ha ha
 Reply:   I agree with you hamzascript
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (26/Nov/2007)

I am totally against women protesting in public this way.
But again one wrong wont make other wrong, right.
In Islam women not allowed to go to bazaar without mahram as well, my mother some times go there and i can assume your also goes there.
Will that give right to any one including policemen to manhandled them?
 Reply:   TALKING ABOUT ISLAMscript src
Replied by(hamza1234) Replied on (26/Nov/2007)

first of all in Islam women is not allowed to participate in government and politics so women being in a rally is first of all not according to islam and now if you have taken first step against islam then why talk about islam in next steps

and second in Islam there is no distinction on the bases of education.
 Reply:   The fighting is not about the
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)
you are right, he also took oath under PCO, he was wrong at that time, but we as a nation accepted him at that time because we were not literate enough at that time, this is our media which gave us this education.
Before 9th of march i was in opposition with CJ and on the same site you can find i posted the article against his corruption, but when Musharraf tried to throw him out and he resisted, i condemned the action of Musharraf, point to note is, i didn't support CJ, i only opposed the Musharraf's action, as what ever he is doing from 1999 is unconstitutional.
After seeing the courage of CJ, zameer of many other judges and people wakened up, as we all were waiting for first drop of the rain.
Then articles and information started to come out and we came to know CJ was good person and he was really giving the rights to people.
Then on 20th July, our judiciary gave the historical verdict, even till that point some one beliefs that this is some kind of topi drama and in the end this judiciary will accept Musharraf as president.
But subsequent events proved that this judiciary is doing independent verdicts, verdicts without the influence of government.
Now if we accept this new judiciary then believe me no other judge will dare to go against wrong doings of government ever again.
and one last thing C and few other Judges may be took oath under PCO but many judges came under this constitution as well.
And an other thing, do u know how much sacrifices these judges gave.
there were few judges whose tenure of judge was till 2013, they risked their career for us, as we cant give them any benefit, so all judges who didn't take oath under PCO have put every thing at stake for us and now we should stand with them.
 Reply:   pls.decide//s
Replied by(nabila) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)

yes without judiciary we r ghalut hain us ko ghulut or jo sahi ha us ko sahi kahain gay.ager may ghalut nahi tu ch.sahab nay bhi pco kay tahat hi halaf uthaya tha {5 years ago].9 march say pahlay tu sub sahi tha.hum kub decide keray gay kay hamaray liye kia accha hai.jub tuk hum positive nahi sochay gay.buray leaders ko bar bar nahi azmaye gay.or dill say nahi aqqal say sochay .her jaga jazbat ko nahi lay ayein.isi zabat ki waja say sub muslims ko black mail ker rahay hai.
 Reply:   Dont stand for persons stand f
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)
I am not defending any person except Judiciary.
I am and many like me are begging for the restoration of judiciary.
Believe me, we need This
believe me, if this judiciary restores then o politician will ever dare to put hand on judicial system.
If there is justice then no one can harm us, this is not my saying, this is saying of Allah, saying of Holy Prophet(PBUH) and saying of other renowned scholars as well.
We cant compare ourselves with any one, as every country has its own culture, but one thing we can do, we can and we need to decide ourselves what we need and what we want.
So this is the time, we need independent judiciary.
please read this article as well.

 Reply:   may be you r right?script src
Replied by(nabila) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)

ji app ki sub batain theek hain muger yeh kis country may nahi horaha .even may saudia may hoon yahan bhi atta mahnga hoa hai.poverty india may bhi hai .wahan ka bhi yahi hal govt.say pahlay bhi govt.ayi hain kon achhi thi.ab yahi imran khan jo youth ko ab univercities say baher lanay ka plane bana rahay hai kay bata education tumhara muqsud nahi.tum sub ko tu sayasut kerni hai.kion kay in kay buchay tu baher acchi education hasil ker rahay ka tu kuch nahi jaye ga.yahi govt hai jiss may hamaray bucchay sayasut say door rahay.humm loogo nay kabhi is govt.ko kam kernay diya?march say pahlay tu sub sahi tha.or is opposition ko app leader kah rahay hain jinhay khud nahi pata kay woh kis kay sath hai.yeh leaders nahi hain dealers hain.
 Reply:   People still have their heroes
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)

Dear sister
Media is not running the government and not all the media is in the hand of Pakistani, if we assume for the sake of argument that Pakistani media is biased, will you say the same about BBC, CNN and all other media as well.
if things are going wrong then every one will going to say it wrong.
this government failed to deliver any thing and they have to face the music.
Do u want media to project lies in front of the world.
if Media is blaming Government on the other hand they are telling them how to make wrongs, right as well.
Every one should take criticism positively.
people in west have firm beliefs on their news channels.
and they believe what they see there like they believe 9/11 done by Muslims.
But the thing is we have heroes now a days like Iftikhar Ch and his team.
Aitizaaz Ahsan and other lawyers.
Imran khan and other opposition leaders.

If bridge fell after ten days of completion, if flood came and people didn't get relief works even after six months, if mosques raided and no one knows how many died, if earth quake came and survivors are in tents even after 2 years, if roti costs 5Rs, if people living under poverty lines are more then 30%, if .....

how can one projects them as heroes.
My dear
this is the time of now or never.
and this demonstration was for Judiciary and Imran Khan so still people have their heroes.
 Reply:   heroism//shyg
Replied by(nabila) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)

asal may hum may heroism khatum hogaya hai.hum ko her aik vilan hi nazer ata hai.hamaray media nay kabhi heroism ko promote nahi kia.koi special day agaya tu aik program bana liya warna sub kay buray pahloo hi dikhaye hai.aur aj pakistan ko aisi jaga pohancha dia.hum country say baher hai jub loog hum say pochtay hai.tu hum govt.kay acchay pahloo batatay bataye kia keray???
 Reply:   you have a valid point as well
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)

But two wrongs cant make any thing right.
 Reply:   brabri//shygd
Replied by(nabila) Replied on (19/Nov/2007)

jub aurat hoqooq may brabri chati hai tu saza may bhi haqdar hai.aurat jub road per agai tu mardoo kay sath lug lug ker chul rahi hai tu jub sharum nahi ati danda khanay may kion sharum hai
 Reply:   Police is getting rewards for
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (18/Nov/2007)
You wont believe may be But police is doing this because of two reasons.
1-they have seen that Government has thrown the judiciary who tried to stop police from abuse of power.
2-Police men are getting rewards now a days for their brutality.

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