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Suspended Parliamentarians


The Election Commission has suspended the membership of 231 lawmakers for not declaring their assets. In it there are a few ministers at the federal and provincial levels as well.  As it is a constitutional requirement for a minister to be a member of the house, don’t these suspended parliamentarians automatically cease to remain ministers any more?  If yes, what is the legal position of their office and any orders passed by them as ministers during the period of their suspension? Can they fly the national flag on their cars? Would they be entitled to their salary and perks? Would they have to take fresh oath of their office after declaring their assets?


Next, what becomes of such declarations?  Who scrutinises these for correctness?  Has anyone till date been indicted for false declaration of assets (not degrees)? The way some of them produce fake degrees, they can also file wrong and doctored declarations as well.  May I, therefore, suggest that all such declarations be placed on the net – Election Commission website - for all to see and report any discrepancy noted by any.  I think such transparency will go a long way in screening out the corrupt and dishonest politicians.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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