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Gillani Replaces Gilani


Has Gilani been ousted by the SC or he took to the alter to save Zardari? Whatever, but aren’t we as a nation back to square one? Whoever be the next PM, would he write to the Swiss Court to reopen the 60 million dollar case?  Not Likely. Would that not restart the replay of the entire episode?


And, if the ruling elite is determined for the replay, why not do it with gusto? Get the younger MNA Gilani (Musa or Ali whatever his name) elected as the leader of the house.  It will not only be a “Tit for Tat, If you kill my rat I will kill your cat”, but also provide elder Gilani with the continuity of staying put in the PM House and travelling with his son in the flag car.  If Lalu Parasad could get his illiterate wife Rabri Devi elected as the CM Bihar overnight, why can’t we do it here also?!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

 Reply:   Unless he goes, nothing goes
Replied by(Riaz) Replied on (20/Jun/2012)

Unless he goes, nothing goes


Irfan Sahib:


Nothing can change as long as we have the professional Luteras and Waderas around. More than 76 percent of the voters fall in the category of 'Captive" voters.  Do you think they can dare vote against their Feudal Lords, Peers, Makhdooms, Nawabs, Sardars, Maliks, Chaudhries, Jasmalis, Bugtis, Mazaris, Lagharis, PagaRoas, Diwans etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. And, mind you they are all our beloved democratically elected representatives and masters of our fates and future.


So, Dear Sir, when the rape is inevitable relax and enjoy as the proverb goes.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)


 Reply:   The real root of evil is Zardari.
Replied by(Faiz1) Replied on (20/Jun/2012)

The real root of evil is Zardari.  Unless he goes, nothing goes.  Gilani would be replaced by another similarly corrupt PM.


The question is: Who can oust Zardari?  Certainly not SC—thanks to the PC 248—a totally unQur’anic clause in a totally “Islamic” constitution.  However, people can do that quickly—now with violence, or in 2013 without violence.  Unless we, the people of Pakistan are under punishment from the Almighty Himself, we should be able to do that safely in 2013.  Will we actually do that?  That’s a 60-million dollar question by itself. We have repeatedly shown that we do not learn from our past mistakes easily….



 Reply:   Well said
Replied by(M.Zahid) Replied on (20/Jun/2012)

Well said. Good suggession. This is a country where a person pre-decided for PM's post was got elected from a dummy process and then made PM, while house waited for one and half month for this transaction to occur.

Halala at its best.


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