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In What Capacity?


When in the only Garden Party thrown by the Governor General Muhammad Ali Jinnah for the elite of Karachi a Parsi businessman Mahouta, whose house had been requisitioned by the Karachi administration for housing the Foreign Office there, requested the  Quaid that if he ordered Hashim Raza (Commissioner Karachi) he would immediately derequisition his house, the Quaid had retorted abruptly, “Order him? In what capacity can I order him?  If you feel so strong about it why don’t you go to the court”? 


Allah o Akbar!!  Quaid didn’t have the capacity even to order a piddling of a Commissioner!!  And here, the night Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani was elected ‘Leader of the House’ he had the ‘capacity’ to fly to Karachi in the Presidential Plane for the wedding of his son and return in the same next day to be sworn in as the PM of the country.  He was NOT the PM when he flew in the special plane but just the Leader of the House. May I ask “In what Capacity” he used the special plane for entirely a private function that evening, which incidentally, he could not do even after becoming  the PM? I would, therefore, request the CJP to take suo moto notice of it and order Gilani or/and General Musharraf who allowed the plane to be used, to reimburse the costs involved so that it serves as a deterrent to others following suite.  Unfortunately, it has become a norm for the rulers to do whatever they wish without any check.  They are getting quite used to using the public property as their own and are fond of misusing their authority and take huge entourages on Umeras and official and non-official tours abroad just on their whims but on the expense of the poor tax payer.  It is time they abided by the rules and knew of their ‘capacity’ and authorisation. The National Exchequer is a public property and they do NOT own it.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

 Reply:   Re: In What Capacity
Replied by(RaniK) Replied on (3/Jul/2012)

Dear Sir,

With  due  respect,  you  are  a  retired  army man.

and  army  man  wether  zinda  or  dead,  both  are  of

'sava  lakh  ka'.

Though  people  do not  like  the  arm  forces,  but  they

cannot  utter  the  words  in  public,  why  is  it  so ?

And  so  is  the  case  with  the  Judiciary,  nothing  can

be  said  against  the  CJ.  and  the  Judges.

So  there  is  only  one  class  left,  and  the  propaganda

Tanks  are  also  towards  them.

With  regards.

 Reply:   The robbers of public purse must be hanged
Replied by(M.Zahid) Replied on (25/Jun/2012)

The robbers of public purse must be hanged out in general and their immediate generations should be disqualified from leading this nation as a body fed on *HARAAM* is adapt.

But it is our bad luck that the same pickpockets will be re-elected and honoured to lead.


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