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Imran’s Aman March

A lot is being discussed on TV shows and written in the print media about Imran Khan’s announced ‘Aman march’ to Wazirastan but which ended with his speech at the Jahaz Ground, Tank, a few miles  short of its destination.  The detractors looking visibly pleased for his not making it to the end conveniently forget the APCs, the containers and other impediments placed in the path of the marchers which delayed them and deprived them of the sun light so badly needed to move in the mountainous area.  The army and other security agencies strongly advised Imran Khan against taking any risks which could jeopardize the life of the marchers.  Imran being a sane and caring person and not given to personal ego decided not to endanger the lives of his party men and compatriots.  Who knows, his such decision might have actually saved the lives of many – may be  hundreds of them – and thus avoided sacrificing them at his ego alter ?  How I wish BB had also heeded to the warnings of the govt. on  18th October 2007 for her 10 hour snail speed march and that too during the night from Karachi airport to Quaid’s mausoleum and had not thus deprived about 150 families of their bread earners for the rest of their lives?!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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