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One Rank One Pension


The woeful tale of an ex-serviceman of the PAF getting Rs. 6,000/- only per month pension that appeared in the papers a few days ago is not a solitary case of misery only. There are thousands of such Old Pensioners like him suffering in silence and resigning to the inevitable feeling of helplessness in this matter.  Their pension is less than half that of the new pensioners. The skyrocketing prices of consumer goods and alarming rise in the rates of electricity, petrol and gas are causing deep depression among the pensioners, especially the old pensioners, who would once again like to reiterate their demand for equalizing the pensions of old and new pensioners.

It is, therefore, appealed to the Govt to accept the concept of One Rank One Pension (OROP) with full Parity and make it the policy for grant of pensions to the Defence Personnel. OROP should be implemented irrespective of the date of retirement for all Defence Personnel who have rendered same years of service and were holding same rank at the time of retirement.  Any other thoughts / proposal of Ad hock increase or One Time increase etc. will not be in line with the “Just and Fair” solution to the emotive issue of OROP.  It is sincerely hoped that the Govt will give due consideration to this important aspect of Defence Forces.  Only the grant of Full Parity with the new pensioners will meet the ends of justice.

PESA and PESS are also requested to come to the aid of the depressed.  


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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