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Party Tickets

PPPP have invited applications though ads in the newspapers for the allotment of party tickets for the MNA and MPA seats for the ensuing general elections. In that the party has asked the aspirants to submit a bank draft of Rs. 40,000/= for the MNA ticket and Rs. 30,000/= for the MPA nomination also in the name of the party.  However, the ad doesn’t say whether this amount is refundable and shall be returned to the unsuccessful candidates. Also, the ad doesn’t say if these amounts will be ultimately paid to the CEC as their fees along with the nomination papers of the selected candidates.  It is commonly known that there are always a number of aspirants from a political party for each constituency and if the sums of Rs. 40,000/- and Rs.30,000/- are not refunded  to the non accepted candidates or not paid as the fees to the ECP for the successful candidates, the party will collect huge amount on this count only.  It is also commonly known that the Party ticket winning candidates otherwise too are expected to contribute generously to the tune of few crores rupees towards the party funds.


I hope the Election Commission takes due notice of such payments  if it deems them  to be against the Electoral rules laid down by it.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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