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Transparent Voting


Our cook asked for leave to go to his village to cast his vote. Out of sheer curiosity I enquired as to who will he vote for.  “I don’t know”, was his simple reply.  “I will just bring the ballot paper out and get Rs. 3,000/- for it”. What … smuggle the ballot paper out and not put it in the ballot box?  How was it possible?  Is the ballot box not kept under the constant vigil and view of the presiding officer? Does he not make sure that everyone inserts the stamped paper inside the box in his view and presence?  How on earth a contestant can afford Rs. 3000/- a vote?  How many of them will he buy to make some material difference?  Where does all this money come from? And finally, if he/she spends (invests) that kind of money will he/she not try to not only recover the initial investment but also make huge ‘profits’ on it too?  How would he/she do it unless he/she resorts to corrupt mean s and ways?


Food for thought for the Honourable CEC Pakistan!!


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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