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Peshawar Church Blasts


Tragic beyond words as it is the worst part of it is that it is one of the poorest minority communities that the cruel savages have targeted. It is, however, laudable that apart from other immediate measures to succour the community Rs 5 lac each for a dead and Rs. 2 lacs each for a wounded have been announced both by the govts. of KPK as well as Sindh.  That will come to Rs 10 lacs for each dead and Rs. 4 lacs for the wounded and for the reported number of 81 dead 150 wounded, the whole amount could be  81 x 1 mil + 150 x 400,000 = 141 millions. 

These poor people would not know how to handle a million or so of rupees and may squander it soon to be once again in the same dismal state of affairs.    


Therefore, may I suggest that instead of paying the individual affected families this amount some industry or business – say a floor mills, a small scale housing project etc. – could be set up for them to accrue them regular and long-lasting  income.  Such a project would also offer them some employment opportunities as well.  Till the industry/project  starts generating revenue, the affected families could be compensated by offering them some employment or some financial assistance from some Zakat/Bait ul Maal fund (oooops !! Have I offended the mullah?!) or Benazir Income Support programme etc.  It is better to teach them how to catch a fish than give them a fish to eat.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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