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Corruption References


Filing of corruption references by the NAB and submission of the list of 150 mega corruption cases to the SCP has tolled a serious alarm bell for some of the highly placed political leaders both in power as well as opposition. Some are  reported to have fled to  safer heavens abroad and others are trying their best to escape the noose that might be tightening around their necks soon. Speaker NA has reservations about the unbiased working of the NAB and has even hinted of a reference that could be brought against its Chairman. The Minister of Information is of the opinion that all such corruption cases were made during Gen. Pervez Musharraf period, thus trying to play them down to be politically motivated.  However, it is a common knowledge that such cases could only be brought to light by a non-political government as the politically elected  governments, particularly the coalition governments  have lots of other considerations and compromises to ta! ke care of. The million – ooooops – the billion dollar now, questions remains whether the cases are genuine or fake?  That shall only be decided by our firm, fair and impartial courts. Till then let’s wait and see.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd) 

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