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Red Warrants for Altaf


According to a news report M o I on request from FIA has approved issuance of Red Warrants against Altaf Hussain to bring him back to Pakistan to face a trial for a murder in London of Dr. Imran Farooq.


A London based Pakistani barrister who has Extradition and International Crime defence as one of his areas of practice has the following to say in this regard:



Every now and then some babu tries to move the summary to get AH through INTERPOL. I always thought bureaucrats are an educated lot.


1. AH is a British citizen.

2. There is no extradition treaty. (Between UK and Pakistan)

3. International police can only ask British police. (To arrest AH and hand him over to Interpol for extradition to Pakistan)

4. The police never arrests in the absence of a treaty (extradition) or one off mutual agreement. (between any two countries)

5. AH abroad can be served Red Warrants but order of the (British) court is mandatory.

6. No court orders extradition if the sentence is death. (which in the case of a murder trial is quite possible)

Can someone inform Ch Nisar to end this charade that adds to our ever growing disrepute and ineptness in almost all other departments of rule.



Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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