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PM Resignation


I think Imran Khan & Co. are being just naïve in demanding the resignation of the PM on the grounds that he as a sitting PM and the Chief Executive of the country could influence the JIT’s functioning in his own favour.  Agreed – but to some extent only.

But, what would happen if MNS resigns? Someone from the majority party, that is MLN be asked to form the govt. Again, what would be the MNS station and stature in the new MNL govt.?  Being the Head of the MLN party, he would be as good a defacto PM as is Imran Khan himself in the KPK govt.  Would he not be able to influence the JIT then also?!

If Imran Khan & Co. want to eliminate any possibility of his influencing the JIT, they should instead demand the resignation of his govt. and not his alone.  A caretaker govt. should be formed for about 3 months and the JIT should operate under it fairly, firmly and without any fear.  Only then and then can we expect an honest and fair findings of the investigating team.

Col.Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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