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Supreme Court Decision


No doubt that the SCP verdict of Friday 28th July 2017 is an historic decision in the history of Pakistan, and how I wish that it ushers in a new era of a corruption free Pakistan as being claimed by IK and his likes. But would it?  A million dollar question!!  Like it or not, the cancer of corruption has spread its tentacles so deep down in each and every segment of our society that it would take a real Herculean effort to cleanse it of it all.  Would MNS take the verdict against him and his cohorts lying down?  No, I don’t think so. The very first thing he has to do is to nominate his successor from his party that enjoys the majority in the assembly. While the nominee rules in name only he would be the real power behind the scenes like a God father -  like a Gandhi, a Mao Zedong controlling everything like here to fore.  To break his such strong hold over the party, I wish the SCP had ordered his arrest along with orderin! g repatriation of his and of all others like him the looted money from abroad to Pakistan.  Also, in order to eliminate corruption of the rulers the present so called democratic parliamentary system should have been changed by ordering an Interim National Govt, tasked with amending the constitution to have a Presidential form of govt. for Pakistan. The President to select his own cabinet of technocrats and professionals and the MNAs/MPAs/Senators etc. to have no administrative or financial powers  but to do the legislative work only.

Only then and then we could hope for a New Pakistan and somewhat free of corruption.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd

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