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PSX & Media


About 2 weeks ago when the Pakistan Stock Exchange suffered a dip of about 900 points in a day the media, the anchor persons and the opposition leaders all went bananas crying themselves hoarse in blaming the PTI govt. that due to their immature financial policy the national debt had increased by 900 billions.  But now that the PSX gained 1538 points in one day and about 350 the next day and 925 on Friday no one has uttered a word that the national economy had improved by more than 2,700 billions in just three days and that the dollar had slipped by more than 10 rupees and the gold prices had fallen by 3 to 4 thousand per tola. What the heck is this?  Can we call it fair reporting and impartial media?


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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