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Illegal Construction

Orders  of the Supreme Court two-judge bench comprising Justice Gulzar Ahmed and Justice Sajid Ali Shah of January 2019 to restore the city of  Karachi how it was 40 years ago and demolish all illegal construction and encroachments including the wedding halls, shopping malls and plazas in the residential areas of the Cantonment have yet to be implemented in full. Due to certain administrative and legal limitations of the Karachi City Administration, now the Sindh Provincial Govt. has been tasked with the demolition of all such illegal constructions within 15 days to resume plying of the Circular Railway in the city.

How I wish the SC had also ordered to take severe action against all those (even posthumously) who were then at the helm of the relevant concerned departments for ignoring or looking the other way around and letting it happen under their very noses, infamously notorious for smelling the stench of even a brick laid out of the authorized plan of any structure?!!  Exemplary harsh and ruthless punishment could have been awarded to them to act as a powerful deterrent for others.

Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)        

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