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Iran War


Shadows of the ominous war clouds are deepening over Iran with each passing day. Threats and counter threat statements and moves from both sides are drawing the situation nearer to a flash point where even a small unwitting   misunderstanding, whether by design or default, could explode it into a horrific conflagration anytime.   The US geopolitical designs in this area, coupled with those of Israel, India and Saudi Arabia, are too obvious to be dilated upon here. Pakistan must realise that Iran is not be the end of their nefarious scheme of affairs. It is Pakistan with its nukes and Gawadar that is their real target. Pakistan must, therefore, not allow the nexus to destroy them both one by one as they did it in Libya, Iraq and Syria taking them one at a time while the rest of the Islamic world watched it happen as silent spectators. Any defence pact with Iran apart, Pakistan must make it known quite unambiguously to the world that an attack on Iran shal! l be considered as an attack on Pakistan.  May be some of the other countries too comprehend the impending danger in the region and China has a second thought to protect her interests in Gawadar, Russia takes cognisance of the unchallenged US influence in controlling the oil in the region and Turkey comprehends to lose the support of two important Islamic countries of the world.


Trump would certainly have to think it many times over in undertaking any foolish venture over Iran.


Col. Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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