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 Citizens Portal

I sent a request for a meeting with the PM through Citizens Portal on June 12th, 2019 which was given Code No. PU120619-3072879 and “assigned” to Chief Secretary, Punjab (probably for action).  I thought the request should have been forwarded to the PM Secretariat Islamabad instead of the Chief Secretary Punjab and, therefore, wrote on the Citizen Portal about it on June 14th, 2019.  Instead of taking some other action this  "complaint"  Code No. 140619-3113873, was also automaton like again assigned to the same Chief Secretary, Punjab.  The Chief Secretary, however, forwarded these to PMDU for action on June 23, 2019.   I didn’t hear anything from the PMDU for more than two months so I again lodged a “Complaint” on 4 September 2019 which was allotted Code PU040919-4478055 and surprisingly assigned to DG Agriculture, Rawalpindi!!   I have no idea as to how DG Agriculture will arr! ange a meeting with the PM, but I am waiting for the miracle to happen!


It is now 3 months that I had lodged my request on the portal and no action has been taken on it, or, at least I am not informed of any.  Could someone please advise what to do?  Thanks.


Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd)

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