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Catastrophic Criticism



AQ Khan still enjoys some respect in the country. However, of late the path he has chosen for himself to tread upon, that is; writing for the media on political matters of the yore, could prove to be his Waterloo. No doubt he was a scientist of eminence, but that does not mean he was also privy to all state secrets and matters not falling in his domain. His criticism of the past rulers – only the military rulers – in his sarcastic articles ‘Catastrophic Results”, which find ready space of prominence on the OpEd pages of the Jang Group publications ’The News” and the ‘Jang” for obvious reasons as they fall in line with their hate army policy, not only betray his little knowledge of the statecraft but also contain many an inaccuracy. Such unsubstantiated criticism  of the military personalities is bound to have reaction from their supporters which whether one likes to believe or not are quite a many around. They will retaliate in turn exposing him and his doings. Not many of his admirers know of his vast assets and holdings in and outside Pakistan, some in his name but most in the names of other including ex- son in law who having divorced his daughter is surprisingly still a very welcome guy with him. Why is he inviting all that muck to be heaped upon him by writing such highly biased and factually inaccurate articles?  He should have at least spared his great benefactor Musharraf who withstood international pressure particularly of the USA in not handing him over to the IAEA and spared him the dreaded interrogation of who knows the Guantánamo Bay !!



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