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(surah Al-Imran,ayat-104)
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                    Last week I was in Lahore. Some Govt. officials viewed my work. I went to media. Aaj TV broadcast a news report about my work.



The Punjab Govt. still reluctant to help me but the media helped me a lot. Thanks to Aaj TV,  Bureau Chief Aaj T.V Mr. Nouman Yawar,News reporter Muhtarma Nigar Khuram, cameraman Mr Imran . Copy Editor Mr Asif Shehzad,  Non-linear editor Mr Ghulam Abbas, A lot of thanks to Mian Habibullah Resident Editor Jinnah Lahore,



"Shahbaz Sharif" "Zafar Habib" Education "IT Labs Project Punjab" "Govt of the Punajb" "Aaj TV" "Bureau Chief" "Mr. Nouman Yawar" "News reporter" "Muhtarma Nigar Khuram" "cameraman Mr Imran" "Copy Editor Mr Asif Shehzad" "Mian Habibullah" "Resident Editor Jinah Lahore"


With Kind regards

Zafar Habib


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