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Ouch! We have lost the War.

By: Dr.Asmat Hayat ALVI.

Twenty years ago when I was in Americaº I use to advise my American friends not to poke their nose into other’s affairs; mentioning their past mistake of attacking Vietnam. In early ninety it was evident that America will invade Iraq and later Afghanistan to protect Israel; as some very close friends of mine informed me. Some of them were working for American Armed Forces others were at good positions; in various government departments. At that time I told my western friends, ‘Afghanistan proves to be a Black Hole; on earth for invaders every time. America will vanish like USSR if invades Afghanistan; better you give them bread and education and make them friends.   

Later American agents, spies and diplomats pretended Kuwait is not their concern; gave false signals to Sadaam; a foolish General. Sadaam a past puppet of American and Britons; made a blunder of invading Kuwait. American and Allied Forces retaliated back and made permanent presence in Middle East; to look after interests of Israel in Arab World. It is for the first time in modern history; a bigger nation had fought a proxy war for a smaller nation.

On Aug,31st,2010; American President Barak Obama announced ‘the end of combat in Iraq’ pretending a success; total failure in fact. American had lost 4,400 lives in Iraq since March 2003. It’s the worst joke with American people by their Administration. Because if we can see U.S. forces are still fighting in Iraq, as Associated Press reported today, ‘U.S. forces are still engaged in hunting down and killing al-Qaida militants — and could still have to defend themselves against attacks.

American President George W. Bush staged a drama of Twin Tower; to invade Afghanistan; killing his fellow innocent citizens; more than three thousand in number. American and Allied Forces admit themselves; they have had lost more than 6000 lives in Afghanistan since November 2001; losing more lives every day. American and Allied Forces had realized, they had lost the war in Afghanistan long ago but, they are scared to admit the truth before their public and the world.

It’s a really hard time for American and NATO Forces as Mujahidin  attacks are increasing; more soldiers are dying ever before and moral is at lowest since war begins.

Now American have had decided to invade Pakistan; to cover up their blunder of invading Afghanistan; put all burden of their failure on Pakistani Army & ISI; save their skin and enjoy a long vacation in Pakistan. Pakistani President & Premier were not ready to give extension to General Kayani; later gave-up under pressure of American Administration; especially  pressure of Wise Lady Hillary R. Clinton. That’s why Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani appeared on TV screen  and announced extension to the army chief by himself like a news-caster.

 It’s very ridiculous when Pakistani President, Prime Minister and cabinet members pretend; they are not American puppets. They are right; they are puppets of army chief General Kayani; an American Agent. At present army chief General Kayani is controlling Pakistan; not any Political Party or any elected person. If someone has any doubt; recall all events of past two and half years of our political history.  America is pressing Pakistani Army and Civil Administration after pressurized extension of the army chief, ‘Do More and fight against Haqqani group alongside Afghan Border. They know; if Pakistan will entre another combat operation; it will weaken Taliban, Haqqani group and other Mujahedeen; paralyze Pakistani Army; eliminate Civil Administration in many parts of Pakistan.

Wiki leaks leaking and Altaf Hussian invitation to Army of taking control of Pakistan are ugly tact of CIA. CIA is using her agents to harass weak civil government of Pakistan to fulfill ugly agenda to eliminate anti-Israeli circles in Pakistan as decided by Perviaz Musharraf and his king maker American Jews.

My mind is clear; my thought is clear; my opinion & talk is clear.

I tell every American friend now-a-days, ‘It will cost more human lives and more money; if American doesn’t  get rid of Afghanistan. It’s in the best interest of all humanity of the world; America leaves this region as soon as possible. I know ‘It’s very easy to criticize others and put all blame on others; as American are trying to make Pakistan her scape-goat; an easy job. There are better options; cost less money and no human life but humiliating to war monger George W. Bush  and his gang of murders and robbers; who started 21st Century Crusade. It’s very difficult to admit one’s own faults and blunders. It’s very hard to confess one’s own crimes. It’s very difficult to retreat and tell nation; ‘We were defeated by a very small and the poorest nation of the world. It’s a truth. It’s in the benefit of American Public and according to American Values as well. Ask your leaders; ‘Tell American people in American style, “Ouch! We have lost the War.

Thu Sep 02, 2010.  

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