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Corrupt Rulers have ruined to Peoples of Pakistan by Poverty,Homeless,Unemployment.          


By Shoaib Habib Memon



Pakistani could proudly say, while drawing a comparison with India where millions slept hungry at night, that no-one in his country went to bed with an empty stomach. No more, alas! The spiraling rise in the prices of goods of daily use, on the one hand, and the static incomes on the other have combined to spread hunger, which now affects a large segment of our society. And if one were to add the growing incidence of unemployment caused by inflationary pressures, the picture would become starker. According to some reports, as many as 58 percent of the population lives below the poverty line. The economic realities are driving even the middle classes into cutting corners.

Prolonged and unpredictable load shedding of gas and electricity is resulting in the closure of factories or at least reduced working hours. The industrialists are left with no choice but to make drastic cuts in their workforce that is making for large-scale unemployment. The end result is that the section of the population that was at least living from hand to mouth has to suffer the pangs of hunger and privation.

The notion that Pakistan is a poor country is highly misleading. The pity is that it resource-rich, but these resources are either being plundered by the powerful and the influential, or not being properly exploited. A democratic order, on the contrary, stipulates that the resources of the country are used for the benefit of the people. Most governments failed to live up to their commitments of serving the people, even though they functioned under the tile of democratic governments.

Corruption seems to have become a by-word for the country. If somehow corruption could be rooted out from society and we have the privilege of having people-friendly rulers, it would surprise many how quickly Pakistan would scale the heights of development.
Poverty does not come in drizzles. It brings with it a downpour of ills; for, after all money matters. The hordes of beggars on the roads and roaming the streets and asking for alms testify that they are short of money to make both ends meet. It is a pathetic sight and a disgrace to the fair name of the country.

The lack of funds also leads to ill health since Pakistan is not a welfare state where health services are free for the poor. It is a sad reality that the country was envisioned by Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to become a welfare state. However, the rulers that followed him had the aim of self-enrichment in mind when they stepped into the seat of power; yes, there were some notable exceptions but they were too few to make a difference.

Another vital input to realizing the dream of a progressing and prosperous land is high-quality education available at all levels and to all and sundry. The conditions of state-run educational institutions, with exceptions few and far between, beggar description. Unfortunately, the poor have no other choice  but to send their children to these schools because they cannot afford the exorbitant fees private educational institutions charge. Thus, the quality of product of government schools hardly needs to be described. The graduates of these colleges have nothing to look up to. They are ill equipped to find a job with a decent salary. Not only lack of proper education causes the population to increase at phenomenal rates, adding more to the lot of the poor, uneducated and untrained. And in the present knowledge economy they simply would not fit in.


Pakistan is home to a large feudal landholding system where landholding families hold thousands of acres and do little work on the agriculture themselves. They enlist the services of their serfs to perform the labor of the land. 51% of poor tenants owe money to the landlords. The landlords' position of power allows them to exploit the only resource the poor can possibly provide: their own labour.


Pakistan due to lack of institutional support and proper mechanism to deal with the issue
homelessness there are no emergency shelters in urban areas. Financial assistance to
unemployed or homeless labor class can play a significant role in minimizing this issue. In
private sector again there are few organizations working on this issue. There is a lack of
trained professional staff which can provide assistance to thesehomeless people. Through
formal social control system police and other law enforcing agencies can identify criminals
and drug addicts from this population. Through this strategy the incidents of theft and other
criminal activities can be controlled.


Different categories have been identified of homeless people  in Pakistan.  it was observed that Many famous shrines of great sufi saint Hazrats . Free food is
available there as a system of Lungeror free meals. In front of the shrine there are so many
footpaths and a small park. Food and shelter are basic human needs.This place can easily provide these two facilities so homeless people prefer to stay over there. The Mosque attached .with the shrine provides facilities to take bath and use toilets. This place is also near to mainbus terminals . These areas are the hub of homeless vagrant. Some mobile sex workers ,also utilize this place especially in different Chowks and main terminal to sell sex facilities to labour class.


 It was observed that of homeless people according to their earning capacity. Some homeless people can afford to purchase food items and other necessary items from some hotels and nearby shops.They are not totally dependent on free food distributed at shrines. However, some well-off people distribute free food at these place.

Food and shelter are basic human needs. At public places homeless population has no rent or charges to pay.Another major reason to sleep there was availability of free food. As
mentioned earlier that famous  shrine of great sufi saints Free food is available there in shape of Lunger(some sort of free distribution of meal by some well-off people). In front of the shrine there are so many footpaths and a small park. This place can easily provide free food and shelter, so, homeless  people prefer to stay over there. Some wee off people distribute free food at some otherplaces where homeless population lives .

Same We Observed that Almost half of the Pakistani workforce is unemployed employment to population ratio has registered a nominal rise to 50.4% from 46.8% over the past ten years. However at the same time, anxiety is still relatively high as the employment rate is almost 80% for men.  the country’s unemployment rate had risen to 6% percent this year. Pakistan has seen very low labour productivity over the last decade and low growth in labour productivity has not gone hand in hand with the rising labour force and employment growth,  due to government’s failure to focus on growth-oriented policy; unemployment has witnessed an upward trend in the country.

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