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Largest movements after 2nd word war � Pakistan moved half of its Army

By: Earthman, International Professor

Pakistan army has moved 250000 troops towards Western borders and it has withdrawn almost 70% of its troops from Eastern borders with which were deputed with Indian boundaries and line of control at Kashmir. Most troops have been deployed in NWFP and FATA areas. Majority of strategic points considered to be life line of Pakistan have been left without any guard. First time in the history Pakistan after 1947 Army has trusted its old rivals. After removal of its forces hundreds of miles long borders have been left on the mercy of Indian forces. Whereas almost 80,000 additional troops are busy in Baluchistan areas.

Kashmir, Punjab and parts of Sindh are now entirely dependent on pity of Mike Mullen, who is defecto Field Marshall of NATO, ISAF and Pakistan Army. Pakistani top soldiers Gen Tariq Majeed, Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiyani and Gen Shuja Pasha have settled work under his command and have pledged to forget disputes of Kashmir, Kargal, Siachen, Sar creek, River waters and all other issues with India forever.

Pakistan�s nuclear program has been rolled back and funding to all research projects has been curtailed to a limit that except salaries of staff nothing can be materialized. It was an old dream of Mush and Benazir which has finally reached to its destiny. (See Mr. Ansar Abbasi�s reports published in Daily News and Daily Jang last week). Moreover Army high command has disclosed secret location of nuclear weapons for the sake of forthcoming $ 1.5 billion per year stipend.

Asif Zardari was bound to accept such plans as nucleus to forget forgiveness of $ 1.5 billion looted money and NRO was specifically designed to meet Anglo-American ambitions, his statements against Kashmir are on records. So his bed fellows including Rahman Malik, Hussain Haqqani, Abdullah Hussain Haroon, Altaf Hussain, Maulana Fazal, and Asfandyar Wali were deputed to build grounds. Mian Nawaz Shariff was main hurdle in the removal of army from eastern borders but since PML N has received secret assurances, and welcomed in Anglo-American club, so entire PML N is busy in anxiously watching CNN and FOX news channels for fresh assignments. In the absence of any political resistance Gen Kiyani found no difficulty to implement Anglo-American agenda. US administration has also agreed to disburse $ 400 million for the basic salaries and expenses of Pak army to shut mouths of all generals.

Government has put pearls in the mouths of media and greedy media has broken records of self censorship. Propaganda of DG ISPR, Rahman Malik, Altaf Hussain, Farhanaz Ispahani and Hussain Haqqani is clearly forecasting shape of next civil war which would be fought on Iraqi style sectarian war. Millions of dollars have been distributed to different fundamentalists� organization. Now Pakistan army is working under direct command of Field Marshall Mike Mullen, who will also be responsible for salaries of Pak army.

Pak army has either moved entire following divisions or parts of that:

6th Armored Division, 17th infantry Division from Kharian

37th infantry Division Gujranwala, 40th infantry Division Okara

11th infantry Division Lahore, 12th infantry Division Murree

19th Infantry Division Mangla, 23rd infantry Division Jhelum

7th infantry Division Peshawar, 9th infantry division Kohat

8th and 15th infantry Division Sialkot

Para Military forces operating under command of Pak army:

National guards, Frontier Corpse

Chitral Scouts, Khyber Rifles, Swat Levies, Kurram Militia,

Tochi Scouts, South Waziristan Scouts, Gilgit Scouts

SSG (Special Services group) Commandos

Out of six battalions, four have been deployed and last week during a major operation almost a battalion was dropped by choppers in Buner areas.

Armors and heavy equipment

Unloading and movements of tanks, artillery, mortars, armored personal carriers, and self propellers were seen in those areas.


Cobra helicopters, transport helicopters, air to surface Missiles, and Guided bombs have been used and reported.

Complete list of Generals who are directly involved in current Civil War:

Out of 180 Generals, at least 56 are directly involved in current civil war, whereas on the basis of media reports following generals have been divided in three categories.

First category of prequalified generals who are willing to fight crusade 

General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, Chief of Army Staff

Maj Gen Javed Iqbal, DG Military Operations, GHQ.

Lt Gen Ahmad Shuja Pasha, DG ISI, Islamabad

Maj Gen Athar Abbas, DG ISPR, JS HQ. 

General Tariq Majid, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee

AM Noman Bashir, Chief of Air Staff

Lt Gen Tahir Mahmood, Commander X Corps, Rawalpindi.

Maj Gen Muhammad Asif, DG Military Intelligence, GHQ.

Maj Gen Syed Taqi Naseer Rizvi, DG Army Aviation, GHQ.

Lt Gen M Masood Aslam, Commander XI Corps, Peshawar. (Colonel Commandant of the Punjab Regiment)

Maj Gen Naweed Zaman, GOC 7th Infantry Division, Peshawar. (Division operating in Peshawar region and its vicinity)

Maj Gen Khalid Rabbani, GOC 9th Infantry Division, Kohat. (Division operating in Kohat District and its vicinity)

Maj Gen Muzammil Hussain, Commander Force Command Northern Areas, Gilgit.

Maj Gen Nasser Khan Janjua, GOC 17th Infantry Division, Kharian. (Division operating in Swat District since November 2007)

Second category is consists of most generals who have firm belief on crusade but their status of prequalification is not known

Maj Gen Niaz Muhammad Khan Khattak, Deputy DG ISI

Maj Gen Rashad Mahmood, Deputy DG ISI,

Maj Gen Tariq Mahmood, Deputy DG ISI, ISI

Maj Gen Mohammad Zahirul Islam, Deputy DG ISI

Maj Gen Mumtaz Ahmad Bajwa, Deputy DG ISI 

Maj Gen Tanveer Ullah Khan, GOC Army Aviation Command, Rawalpindi.  

Lt Gen Nadeem Ahmad, Commander I Strike Corps, Mangla.

Lt Gen Sikandar Afzal, Commander II Strike Corps, Multan.

Lt Gen Ijaz Ahmed Bakhshi, Commander IV Corps, Lahore.

Lt Gen Muhammad Ashraf Saleem, Commander Army Air Defense Command.

Lt Gen Shahid Niaz, Engineer n Chief of Pak Army.

Lt Gen Shujaat Zamir Dar, Chairman POF, Wah Cantt.

Lt Gen Mohsin Kamal, Military Secretary (MS), GHQ.

Lt Gen Nadeem Taj, Commander XXX Corps, Gujranwala.

Lt Gen Muhammad Mustafa Khan, CGS, GHQ.

Maj Gen Mir Haider Ali, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Defense.

Maj Gen Asif Akhtar, DG National Guards (NG).

Maj Gen Syed Khalid Amir Jaffery, DG ANF, Min of Interior.

Maj Gen Shaukat Sultan, DG Foreign Military Coop, JS HQ.

Maj Gen Qasim Qureshi, DG Operations & Plans, JS HQ.

Maj Gen Zawar Hussain Shah, DG Ordnance Services, GHQ.

Maj Gen Muhammad Alam Khattak, DCGS, GHQ.

Maj Gen Shafqaat Ahmed, GOC 10th Infantry Division, Lahore.

Maj Gen Nasir Mahmood, Aviation

Maj Gen Asif Yasin Malik, DG Joint Intelligence & Information Operations, JS HQ.

Maj Gen Muhammad Haroon Aslam, GOC Special Service Group, Cherat.

Maj Gen Waheed Arshad, Vice Chief of General Staff (VCGS), GHQ.

Maj Gen Ulfat Hussain, DG DESTO, DESTO HQ, Rawalpindi.

Maj Gen Syed Shakeel Hussain, Vice Military Secretary (VMS), GHQ.

Maj Gen Ghulam Mustafa Kausar, Deputy DG ISI, ISI HQ, Islamabad. 

Maj Gen Sohail Shafkat, DG Supply and Transport, GHQ.

Maj Gen Azhar Ali Shah, DG ISSRA at NDU Islamabad.

Maj Gen Tariq Khan, IG Frontier Corps, Peshawar.

Maj Gen Jahangir Khan, DG Infantry, GHQ.

Maj Gen Khadim Hussain, GOC 23rd Infantry Division, Jhelum.

Maj Gen Kaleem Saber Taseer, Commdt, School of Artillery, Nowshera.

Maj Gen Mohammad Ijaz Chaudhry, GOC 14th Infantry Division, Okara. (Division operating in the southern NWFP including the Waziristan region)

Maj Gen Mohammad Saeed Aleem, GOC 8th Infantry Division, Sialkot.

Maj Gen Muhammad Nawaz, GOC 40th Infantry Division, Okara.

Maj Gen Raza Mohammad, GOC 11th Infantry Division, Lahore.

Maj Gen Maqsood Ahmad, GOC 12th Infantry Division, Murree. (It was deployed near Line of control now moved)

Lt Gen Raza Muhammad Khan, DG Joint Staff, JS HQ,

Lt Gen Shafaat Ullah Shah, Chief of Logistics Staff (CLS), GHQ.

Third category mostly consists of mixed generals, a few are exceptionally professional, and some are enjoying only salaries and benefits or some are waiting for retirement, so remaining generals are speculated to be included in last category. 

To cut short due to length of report please note that Lt. Gen R S Athar Ali is also a prequalified general of Mush era, who has been appointed as Secretary Defense by Zardari.

 Reply:   Finally after 8 months, report by you is officially confirmed
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (29/Apr/2010)

Dear IP I had the belief earlier that your info is correct and now finally it has been confirmed as well. Now i think, those all who asked for proof 8 months back, will acknowledged also. for those all, who wants proof all the time, should understand that not everything is in front of camera or documented. So, giving evidence of every thing is sometime not possible. This is where, credibility comes first then evidence.

 Reply:   Request to International Professor
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (13/May/2009)

Dear IP
I have firm belief in your reporting and now your this news has been verified by different news paper. Although figure coming in news paper is less then the figures you gave but still i believe that your figures are OK. Because as Zardari is 10% and he himself as said that 6 brigades have been moved so we can multiply it with 10.
I also know that telling source of news is not possible and against the journalism ethics as well but if you can share some details of your sure with other members, may be it will help.

Wslaam Nasir sb
Me , my family and others around me are fine, AlhumdulilAllah but my heart is paining because more then 3,000,000 f my brothers and sisters have no place to live and have nothing to eat. due to some crazy, greedy Bas.....
 Reply:   سلام محبت
Replied by(ajnasir) Replied on (13/May/2009)

محترم جناب نعمان صاحب
السلام علیکم
امید ہے کہ آپ بمع اہلخانہ ودست احباب کے عافیت سے ہونگے ۔
عرض یہ ہے کہ مشرقی سرحد سے مغربی سرحد کی طرف 250000پاکستانی فوجیوں کی منتقلی کے حوالے سے یہ رپورٹ کافی جاندار ہے مگر آپ نے اس میں یہ نہیں بتایا ہے کہ یہ رپورٹ کب؟اورکہاں؟ شائع ہوئی برائے مہربانی بندہ کو اس کا حوالہ ضرور بتائیں ۔

 Reply:   difference
Replied by(Mrssara) Replied on (12/May/2009)
there z alwaz mir jafar in muzlim nation
no comments as already has been discussed everythng.
but after reading comments cudnt stop for writing.
THIS IS A DIFFERENCE B/W EAST N WEST THAT FOREIGN NATIONS DONT BOTHER ODR PPL TO INTERRUPT THEIR AFFAIRS AND WE ALWAZ LOOK ODRS WITH OPEN MOUTHS  N HANDS.............observe zardari (.....) (hope u can fill in the blank )   doing conference in USA with hillary n afghan pr.
v have also one MIR JAFAR  (our PRESIDENT).
first change HUKMARAN then expect from military n odrs ...

 Reply:   Pakistan's Special Operation Task Force Tarbela
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (10/May/2009)

300 US Marines finding a prize for Republicans in Tarbela

Approximately 20 kilometers from Islamabad lies Tarbella, the brigade headquarters of Pakistan's Special Operation Task Force (SOTF). Recently, 300 American officials landed at this facility, with the official designation as a "training advisory group", according to documents seen by Asia Times Online.

However, high-level contacts claim this is not as simple as a training program.
In the mid-1990s, during the government of Nawaz Sharif, a special US Central Intelligence Agency unit was based at the same facility, tasked with catching Osama bin Laden. They left after Pervez Musharraf came to power in a coup in 1999.
Now, the US has bought a huge plot of land at Tarbella, several square kilometers, according to sources directly handling the project. Recently, 20 large containers arrived at the facility. They were handled by the Americans, who did not allow any Pakistani officials to inspect them.

Given the size of the containers, it is believed they contain special arms and ammunition and even tanks and armored vehicles - and certainly have nothing to do with any training program.

There is little doubt in the minds of those familiar with the American activities at Tarbella that preparations are being made for an all-out offensive in North-West Frontier Province against sanctuaries belonging to the Taliban and al-Qaeda led by bin Laden. Pakistani security sources maintain more American troops will arrive in the coming days.
Pakistan recently offered ceasefire agreements to militants in the North Waziristan and South Waziristan tribal areas on the border with Afghanistan. These were not only summarily rejected, but followed with attacks in the two Waziristans on security forces, and then the Marriott operation.

Pakistan, US await militant showdown

(Syed Saleem Shahzad is an operative of multiple intelligence agencies and work as a mole to destabilize Pakistan, being mouth piece of his employers, dictated source of part of following report may be considered as correct, purpose of his report was to create anarchic in Pakistan)

Tarbella houses the brigade headquarters of Pakistan's Special Operations Task Force. Recently, 300 American officials landed at the facility with the official designation of a "training advisory group", according to documents seen by Asia Times Online. However, high-level contacts claim this is not as simple as a training program

US has bought a huge plot of land at Tarbella, several square kilometers, according to sources directly handling the project. Recently, 20 large containers arrived at the facility. They were handled by the Americans, who did not allow any Pakistani officials to inspect them. Given the size of the containers, it is believed they contain special arms and ammunition and even tanks and armored vehicles - and certainly have nothing to do with any training program

Kiani is expected to purge the dissidents and replace them with more pro-US officers. Asia Times Online has learned that the former garrison officer commanding Kohat, Major General Niaz Khattack, who performed successful operations in the Waziristan tribal areas and who is presently serving in the United Nations' Georgia mission, is likely to return to Pakistan soon. He is tipped to oversee the smooth running of the new Pakistan-US "joint venture" that will take place inside Pakistan.


 Reply:   Zardari ordered to move few brigades from Indian Border: American News pap
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (9/May/2009)

 Reply:   Pakistani Uranium will be shipped to USA
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (9/May/2009)

Pakistan, US in talks on nuclear security

Aim to keep technology away from terrorists; Uranium may be shipped to America for disposal

Navy Admiral Mike Mullen said he is "comfortable" that the nuclear weapons cannot be stolen. 

By Bryan Bender , Globe Staff / May 5, 2009

WASHINGTON - US and Pakistani officials have begun behind-the-scenes talks aimed at achieving a greater US role in securing Pakistan's nuclear materials, including a proposal to ship some highly enriched uranium to the United States for disposal, according to two administration officials with direct knowledge of the discussions.


If successful, the talks between nonproliferation specialists at the State and Energy departments and their Pakistani counterparts would mark a breakthrough in efforts to persuade Pakistan to accept greater assistance in preventing terrorists from obtaining nuclear fuel or the technology to build a nuclear weapon.

"The Pakistanis take this very seriously," said a senior US official involved in the talks who asked not to be identified discussing the sensitive negotiations. "Pakistan faces some unique challenges."

The government of Pakistan, which is believed to have as many as 100 nuclear bombs, has been highly secretive about its nuclear activities for fear that the United States might try to destroy its arsenal or that its archenemy, nuclear-armed India, might launch a first strike. But the growing threat to the Pakistani government from the Taliban - and its allies in the Al Qaeda terrorist network - has given Pakistani leaders a new reason to cooperate with the United States, according to the officials.

"We believe the command and control of the nuclear arsenal is a primary concern of the Pakistanis," said the US official. The United States now provides some basic assistance to Pakistan in nuclear security. Measures include training Pakistani officials on export control and providing detection equipment for its seaports, airports, and border crossings to help thwart nuclear smuggling.

However, the new measures under consideration would for the first time give the United States access to some of Pakistan's nuclear ingredients, though not the actual weapons, which are reportedly stored unassembled under the control of a 10,000-member security force headed by a two-star general.

Two of the key proposals under discussion are a joint program to secure or destroy radioactive materials that could be used to make a crude nuclear device, and shipment to the United States of some of the highly enriched uranium fuel used in Pakistani civilian power plants. The enriched fuel is believed to be sought by terrorists as possible material for a weapon of mass destruction, the officials said.

Pakistan's embassy did not respond to several requests for comment.

Top officials in both countries continue to express public confidence that Pakistan's nuclear materials are safe from theft. President Obama, who is scheduled to meet with Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari in Washington tomorrow, told a news conference last week that "we can make sure that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is secure because the Pakistani Army, I think, recognizes the hazards of those weapons falling into the wrong hands."

Navy Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Pentagon reporters yesterday that he, too, is "comfortable" that the nuclear weapons cannot be stolen. "I don't think that's going to happen," said Mullen, who visited Pakistan last week. "I don't see that in any way imminent whatsoever at this particular point in time."

Yet many nuclear specialists both inside and outside the US government expressed worry that such expressions of confidence do not reflect the full extent of Pakistan's nuclear vulnerability - which, they say, goes far beyond the weapons themselves.

In addition to its arsenal, Pakistan has a vast network of nuclear facilities, equipment, and scientists - the extent of which the United States and its allies know very little. Any of those elements could be pilfered by terrorists or their sympathizers inside the Pakistani government or military, the international nuclear specialists said.

They point to the fact that A.Q. Khan, the builder of Pakistan's nuclear bomb, oversaw a black market that sold nuclear materials and know-how to a variety of international customers, including Iran and North Korea, for years before the scheme was revealed by the CIA in 2004.

"What other society has leaked nuclear secrets like Pakistan?" asked David Albright, a former United Nations weapons inspector who is now president of the Institute for Science and International Security in Washington, citing the documented evidence that classified bomb designs and centrifuges to enrich uranium into a bomb-making grade were sold to a variety of sources. "Why do people just sit there and say everything is fine?"

Others have raised similar alarms. The Congressional Research Service, an arm of Congress, issued a report last month that stated, "While nuclear weapons are currently under firm control, with warheads disassembled, technology could be sold off by insiders during a worsened crisis."

US officials hope to persuade the Pakistani government in the coming months that the importance given to the security of the weapons themselves must be extended to other parts of its nuclear industry, according to the officials. The US government official involved in the talks stressed, however, that there are legal restrictions on how far the United States can go in providing assistance. Because Pakistan is not a signatory of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty, the US government is limited in how much assistance it can provide to Pakistan on nuclear matters.

Yet specialists said that if Pakistan's government were willing to accept more help, the United States could - and should - find ways to overcome those restrictions.

Bernard Finel, a senior fellow at the American Security Project, a Washington think tank, said enhancing nuclear-security cooperation "would be a really valuable place for us to spend a lot of diplomatic energy."

"The worst-case scenarios in Pakistan are worse than anywhere else," he added.

Bender can be reached at  

 Reply:   More Fear Mongering
Replied by(Chow_Badshah) Replied on (8/May/2009)

De-escalating tensions with India is Pakistan's only hope for survival...if India wanted to make forays into Pakistan they would not have waited for symbolic troop is common knowledge that the nuclear trigger is under American control and the Paki Armed Forces cannot last 3 days in a war...
 Reply:   letusbuildpakistan is an Iranian sponsored website
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (7/May/2009)

Everybody knows who is behind running, it is Iranian sponsored website which pose them pro communism. This website is designed to spread hate against USA, UK and other western countries. It has mentioned all those peoples who are anti-American which hate west on top page.  This website is running with the support of PPP as well.  This website has a history of sending petitions against Pakistani citizens mostly on sectarian grounds. Frahnaz Ispahani and Hussain Haqqani are advisors of this website. And Islam Bashing is its main characteristics. It spread the venom of hate and sectarianism, so after a few instances never bothered to click letusbuildpakistan website.

Movement of 250000 troops is not good news for Al Kaeda, then how a person can expect that Al Kaeda is spreading such news. It could help in making numbers of Zardari who is looking for money or Pak army which is under pressure to do more. There are already many divisions of army operating in NWFP; it is no secret that more than 150000 troops are already there. Count presence of all regular division which are already there and others moved from Okara, Kharian and other areas. Movement of troops, tanks and other heavy equipment was reported by local peoples and TV channels. Earthman has forgotten to mention some other Para military forces like Shawal rifles and Lashkars. All generals who are posted there are from Punjab or MQM minded.

XI Corps, Peshawar, X Corps Rawalpindi, 7th Infantry Division, Peshawar, 9th Infantry Division, Kohat. Force Command Northern Areas, Gilgit. , 17th Infantry Division, Kharian. 14th Infantry Division, Okara, SSG commandos under training of US army at Tarbela and many more details already available on net. If you may include strength of air force, aviation, tanks, armors along with constabularies then figure of 250000 is not a surprise. News of $ 400 million to fight war on terror is correct to pay salaries of army. This is same army which camouflaged violation of our air space by India, and Americans are killing citizens with drones. This is same army which sold our citizens refer book of Musharraf. Thousand persons are missing. I think you have no answer so you are using mean tactics to curb freedom of speech. In fact you are agent of any intelligence agency.

By the way have you mentioned your source of info about movement of only 6000 troops? PPP's entire Government along with army is puppets of USA. Roll back of nuclear programme was given by daily News. I think you have personal grudge with dictatorship watch and Earthman or you are proxy of ISI. Movement of troops is shocking for everyone, columnists are writing to forget Kashmir and nuclear programme. Favoring oppressed peoples and condemning genocide pushtoon does not mean that somebody belongs to Al Kaeda. MQM minded peoples or Rafzi's always try to complaint against Pakistani citizens. Killings of girls at Jamia Hafsa were worst massacre of this century but Iranian sponsored letusbuildpakistan never sympathized with oppressed girls. Shame on you.    


 Reply:   Fraudia-buster
Replied by(asherfawad) Replied on (7/May/2009)
The author of this article is FRAUD
The truth is that Pakistan moved ONLY 6000 troops from her borders with India to Western borders. (
This article appears to be a spoof. I have checked on the internet, I was not able to verify the source of this news. It is unbelievable at the face value and makebetterpakistan team should watch for such articles that are fake and are aimed at spreading disinformation among the masses.
Pakistan Army is NOT stupid to move all her troops to the  Western borders specially in the wake of big Indian military excersizes near Indian's western border (which is basically all of Pakistan). These excersizes just finished today. I have a feeling the disinformer "Earthman", took the Indian News and removed all references to India and repainted it as Pakistani excersize.
This article is published at ( without  any reference to the author of the article. It is also simply copied at (which calls their fairness into question since they published the disinformation without investigating it).
Here is an excerpt about this guy "Earthman", an International Professor:
...Internet Crime Watch Alert - Watch this man "Earthman, International Professor". He is dangerous. Involved in hate speech and pro-Al-Qaeda propaganda...

 Reply:   Indian military exercises near Pak border end
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (6/May/2009)
The Indian military said Tuesday it has ended three days of large-scale military exercises involving its main strike corps close to the Pakistan border.

Indian military exercises near Pak border end
 Updated at: 0727 PST,  Wednesday, May 06, 2009
 NEW DELHI: The Indian military said Tuesday it has ended three days of large-scale military exercises involving its main strike corps close to the Pakistan border.

The three-day maneuvers, code-named Hind Shakti (�Indian Power�), were held in the arid plains of northern Punjab state and wrapped up on Tuesday, officials said.

�The exercise entailed participation by mechanised and infantry divisions in a blitzkrieg type armoured incursion,� emphasising �rapid penetration into enemy territory,� the defence ministry said in a statement.

Officials said the exercises involved the elite Kharga Corps and that similar war games by India�s two remaining strike units were also being planned.

�The manoeuvres will factor in various scenarios, including the worsening situation in our neighbourhood,� a Kharga Corps commander told media. The exercises come amid increasing concern between India and Pakistan.

Last month the Indian government blamed the crisis across the border was a threat to the entire region.

 Reply:   Pakistan Army's operation
Replied by(shaikh123) Replied on (6/May/2009)

There was an operation in East Pakistan. What happened? Bangla Desh. Now there is an operation going throughout Pakistan. What will happen?
USA is destroying Pakistan and Pakistan Army is helping in this destruction. USA's drone attacks and American bases in Pakistan says it all.
To discuss about Nawaz Sharif or Zardari is really missing the point
 Reply:   India is going to conduct military exercise along borders
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (5/May/2009)

Dear Noman! You are right that we should discuss withdrawal of our troops. For information of everyone India has announced military exercises along borders of Pakistan. It will be largest exercise in the history of India. When reporters asked this question to Athar Abbas of ISPR, he had no answer why our troops had been withdrawn from strategic positions. Kiyani, Shuja Pasha, Athar Abbas,Tariq Majeed, Javed Iqbal and Tahir Mahmood are leading generals who have sold Kashmir, Ran of Kuch, Siachen, river waters of Pakistan, nuclear program  for the sake of dollars. Problem is 10% of Zardari in every case.

Name of Nawaz Shariff will always echo when anti-Pakistan politicians and generals will try to sell Pakistan, his stance will be discussed and if he will try to hide that will create hopelessness. He must act alike previous popular leader instead of Prime Minister in waiting on the shoulders of Yankees. I think Aitzaz Ahsan and Athar Min Allah group is behind to stop Chief Justice in taking any action. We never expected that CJ will mum on current cycle of killings by the hands of generals.

 Reply:   I am agree with GR, but this topic is some thing else
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (5/May/2009)

we all are well aware of the changed stance of MNS. and i am among those few who are looking place to hide now from the supporters of other parties. Because months i spent in favoring MNS and CJ. But now it seems i was wrong, "sub saalay aik hee thaali kay chuttay butay hein".

But we are missing main point here, the real topic of discussion is the movement of army not the character of MNS.

instead of discussing MNS we should discuss the changing position of army troops and if army has really changed its positions as per the article, then what we should do because i think America is trapping us like 1971.

If Army has really done the movement on the surety of America then Pakistan is in very very big danger and we should start movements at our own against this.
 Reply:   What concerns you most
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (5/May/2009)

My reply is not against any one, it is based on facts and current ground realities. Mian Nawaz Shariff was not considered to be fit for fighting war of terror prior to long march, but being two times PM and popular leader of Pakistan his contacts with foreign officials could not be denied. As a safe hand and as reported in media he contacted with power players before leaving his residence on the day of long march. It is right that during discussions of NRO, there was no space for Mian Nawaz Shariff. Moreover in the eyes of West only Benazir was capable of fighting war of terror. All benefits were provided to Benazir or indirectly to Zardari supported by Mush and Kiyani.

And now after his success in long march power players are rushing to change his stance on war of terror. So statements of his close associates like Perwaiz Rashid and others are seen changing of their popular stance.

Today Gillani is shown begging for inclusion of a few PPP ministers in Punjab government. Yesterday same PML N was accusing Zardari for assassination plot.  Everybody is trying to reach Islamabad via Washington.

 Reply:   Watch tv channels carefully
Replied by(fzmalik) Replied on (5/May/2009)

I don't agree with Mr. Ghulam Rasool.
There seems more imaginative story than realty. I am
not saying NS is an angel but things happened rather
differently. NS is getting all the attention after
the restoration of juciary.
 Reply:   Watch TV channels carefully
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (5/May/2009)

I think your question has two parts, pre-long march and post-long march status. There is no doubt that Zardari was determind to crush long march and he was ready to use any means including elimination of Mian Nawaz Shariff. Both of his intentions were reported in press. Concerning use of SSG, Kiyani was reluctant to use army as it was not approved by Washington; assassination of Mian Nawaz Shariff was reported by PML N, name and location of murderers was published in press. PML N blamed on a group sent from Malir areas.

Since then nobody was aware that both lieutenants who were leading long march were in fact had close contacts with foreign agencies. Athar Minallah and Aitzaz Ahsan both had backing of overseas agencies, it is no more secret that long march was stopped and Mian Nawaz Shariff was returned to Lahore. Army Chief called to Aitzaz Ahsan and confirmed restoration of CJ not to Mian Nawaz Shariff, Imran Khan or JI who were leading force behind collecting peoples for long march.

So there was no question of use of SSG at Islamabad and assassins sent by MQM and Govt. of Sindh found no suitable place to target Mian Nawaz Shariff, as long march did not reach Islamabad however blockade of roads and deployment of troops was shown on TV channels.

Nawaz Shariff was given assurances before he left for long march but public was not aware of the fact that Nawaz Shariff had developed overseas contacts. Next day Mr. Khosa ex premier of Punjab and a leader of PML N disclosed where about of MQM and Govt. of Sindh assassins which were deployed to kill Mian Nawaz Shariff. Deployment of SSG and desire of Zardari is no more secret and you can see reports in national press. Now PML N has changed its directions and its stand against foreign intervention on the assurances of appointments at Islamabad. Whereas Athar Minallah and Aitzaz Ahsan were hidden agents of overseas agencies which now have exposed.  I think whole game is revolving around a few generals of Pakistan army who are working against interests of Pakistan.

Interesting part is killing of hundreds of women and children by the hands of Pakistan army and negligence of Chief Justice. Entire Pakistani army and administration is working like a prostitutes and every event is happening with the approval of overseas agencies.

 Reply:   Any source ??
Replied by(Wajeeh) Replied on (5/May/2009)

i remember during the long march you said that SSG will be operating in Isb and some commandos in civilian clohts are being deployed in Isb and their prime target is M.Nawaz Sharif..
Nothing happened like that ...
so ....
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