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پاکستان کی تقسیم کا امریکی منصوبہ۔ ودیا ساگر
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Warning about cell phone directories
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Positive Areas where Pakistan is leading
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The areas where Pakistan is leading the way and others where it is threatening to in near future are:

1.       Pakistan is the most connected country in South Asia, with the highest teledensity

2.       Pakistan's communications costs are lower than any other country in the region

3.       Pakistan has the world's largest biometric database(NADRA) ; this system (not the data)  is now being provided to allied countries

4.       Pakistan has the world's largest WiMAX network

5.       Pakistan has one of the world's most aggressive Fibre-to-the- Home (FTTH) rollouts

6.       Pakistan has one of the highest rates of cellular connectivity growth in the world (According to PTA 2007's report the rate of growth in Pakistan's mobile sector is fourth highest in the world)

7.       Pakistan was the winner of the 2007 GSM industry association award

8.       The US is importing UAVs designed and built in Pakistan to protect America's borders

9.       With WLL (CDMA), WiMAX, GSM and FTTH, Pakistan is pretty much leading the pack in terms of diversity and breadth of connectivity

10.    According to Gartner, Pakistan is a "first category" offshoring location; this ranking has grown by leaps and bounds

11.    Pakistani companies won several awards at Asia's APICTA startup/innovation conference and were considered the most "interesting" and cutting edge inAsia

12.    The world's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional is a Pakistani and so if the world's youngest Cisco CCNA professional

13.    Pakistani students excelled in MIT's global software talent competition

14.    Citations of Pakistani scientific publications are rising sharply

15.    Over two dozen Pakistani scientists are working on the Large Hadron Collider; the grandest experiment in the history of Physics.

ibad ur rehman
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