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This is an obituary for abominable newspapers and despicable propaganda sheets like the duplicitous Dawn which pander to their Demi-Gods byond the shores of the Crescent and Star.  Those who read these subversive Anti-Pakistan indoctrination papers, are aware of their seditious content. Hit by a devastating credibility gap, Dawn type of news outlets have been hit hard by a dilapidating recession, a drastic fall in circulation, and a landslide drop in readership. It is no wonder that  these Pakistanphobic agitprops like Dawn  are being ignored by Pakistanis and those who want to learn about Pakistan.  Many browse sites, like those offered by the crafty and  crooked Dawn, to sift enemy balderdash from fact, and then verifiy its veracity from other sources. Why are Pakistani peace deals in Swat considered capitulation and US peace deals in Faluja & Kabul considered diplomacy?

Why would anyone read the perfidious Dawn when AP, Reuters, and give readers a wide variety of news sources. Dawn of course doesn't do a good job of covering Pakistan or presenting diverse views. It has an agenda dictated by Dollars.

It is disgusting and most find it reprehensible to see the oafish Dawn print incorrect information about Pakistan and publish outright lies disguised as news. A few weeks ago the false-principled Dawn incorrectly reported that the US Congress would not consider the package of aid for Pakistan. It then wrongly commented that Saudi Arabia would not support the Donors Conference. The reporting from Anwar Iqbal was actually a regurgitation of the story from the Wall Street Journal (WSJ)"“a conservative paper that espouses the Islamphobic and Anti-Pakistan Neocon point of view. Mr. Iqbal however left the juicy parts out. Saudi Arabia provides $5 million per day to Pakistan. The $5 million per day subsidy to Pakistan was mentioned in the original WSJ article. Why did Mr. Iqbal not mention these important facts when copying the original from the WSJ article? Iqbal and the WSJ was wrong. During the donors conference Saudi Arabia has pledged $700 million. What does this make Mr. Iqbal and Dawn. Liars and cheats? So we have seen the double-tongued Dawn lie about actual news on the occasions mentioned above. Why would the recreant Dawn lie? Why does Dawn call US drone strikes as "suspected", and those killed as terrorists. Why is Dawn not sure that the missile came from a drone, but is very sure that all the kids and women which were targeted are terrorists. This may be a discussion in semantics, if it did not represent official US policy. The CIA does not admit and confirm the drone strikes, and always advertises the fact that it has been successful in eliminating "terrorirsts".  Truth not Orwellian propaganda: Best article on Afghanistan anywhere

It is not hard to imagine that various newspapers lie based on their agenda. The New York Times lied about the WMDs in Iraq, and then has repeatedly lied about the atrocities in the West Bank and Gaza.

While Bharati newspapers are adept at twisting any story to the Bharati advantage, Dawn continues to publish Murdock's Anti-Pakistan news stories verbatim without any editing. The CIA spin doctors help put together the story and Dawn buys it hook line and sinker. We have yet to see the correct map of Pakistan published by the shifty Dawn or its sister publication Herald. They routinely publish the Delhi version of maps. This may be a small insignificant matter in some minds, but the technique is insidious and marinates the young generation  for ultimate conversion to the likes of Indian agents like Asma Gilani and Pervez Hoodboy.

This article is unique in its content, because the omnipotent media in Pakistan is almost never criticised. Rupee News has published many articles and critical reviews of Pakistan and other world newspapers. This is part of the continuing series of articles which will analyze the Pakistani and wold media.

The sad part is that a few faces in Pakistan are up for sale. Geo TV parades the likes of Asma Gilani, Imtiaz Alam,Pervez  Hoodboy, Sehgal, Ayaz Mir, and other defeatist "Blame Pakistan First" 5th columnists. Geo does it every chance it gets. Geo now also directly and publicly accepts US Dollars by airing VOA views and news. Of course the VOA was created to present the American point of view. As long as one knows that this is the US point of view one can judge the accuracy of the reports by adding or substracting the correct weight to it. However when VOA begins airing Anti-China views on Geo, then there is a huge issue which has to be tackled at the state level. Why is PEMRA asleep?

Dawn propagates the hate Pakistan propaganda through rented  columnists like Irfan Husein and other paid assassins who depricate the Pakistani character and who will leave no stone unturned to portray Pakistan like Rupert Murdock wants it portrayed. Dawn has become a mirror site for the conservative,  bigoted &  Islamphobic papers like the Wall Street Journal which lambastes Pakistan every chance it gets. The WSJ is a good source of financial news. We have a problem with its editorials and columns. Dawn's Anwar Iqbal transcribes every anti-Pakistan story that is published anywhere and he specializes in transcribing Pakistanphobic stories from the Wall Street Journal. Neither Dawn, not Iqbal give credit to the WSJ when reporting WSJ stories. The recent false story about lack of Saudi support for Pakistan is CIA classic "psyop"s and pure unadulterated nonsense. Saudi Arabia pays about $5 million per day in fuel costs to Pakistan and also supports the Pakistani government in many ways. It doesn't like the FODP forum which is  a US creation. Saudi Arabia helps Pakistan on a bilateral basis.

This media warfare against Pakistan is not good for America and not good for the West. It is not good for India either.I t creates resentment which translates into hatred. The bigots win.

It is really sad that a newspaper founded by Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah before the August 14th, 1947  has continued to deteriorate"” hurtlng  towards irrelevancy in  the panorama of Pakistani politics or international relations. Quaid e Azam fully realized the importance of the media and the press and knew that the established British and Hindu run newspapers of Hindustan would never propagate the voices of the Muslims masses and their leaders. So Quaid e Azam established a string of  "Pakistani" newspapers which would put forward the Pakistani ideology and the Pakistani point of view. Dawn was part of that strategy. The Pakistan Times was another important pillar that portrayed the point of view of the Muslims of the Subcontinent and Quaid e Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Dawn played its part in the Pakistan movement and it was a bright day for the Muslims of South Asia on August 14th 1947 when the 7000 year old Indus Valley Civilization was resurrected once again in the land of the Indus"“this time as a Muslim state.

Dawn today is run by a motley crew who stubbornly represent the point of view of a certain segment of the population. There is nothing "mass" or "popular" or "populist" about the newspaper in its present form. Dawn represents the point of view of segments of Pakistani society. Rehman Malik's epiphany on Baluchistan

Vice President Jospeh Biden recently said he "won't talk about the CIA covert operations inside Pakistan". What kind of operations is the CIA conducting. This report gives us a clue.

  • Obituary of the Pakistani Media's 5th column: Can the Anti-Pakistan halt Dawn's slide towards irrelevancy and catalepsy?
  • "¦and we are supposed to believe the CIA now?
  • The headlines about Pakistan in the media: Understanding the Rupert Murdock-Neocon-Hinduvata doomsayer machine which is running scared of defeat and retreat

    WASHINGTON: The Obama administration is starting a broad effort in Pakistan and Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from using radio stations and websites to intimidate civilians and plan attacks, according to senior US officials.

    As part of the classified effort, American military and intelligence personnel are working to jam the unlicensed radio stations in Pakistan's lawless regions on the Afghanistan border that Taliban fighters use to broadcast threats and decrees, according to US influential daily WSJ.

    US personnel are also trying to block the Pakistani chatrooms and websites that are part of the country's burgeoning extremist underground. The websites frequently contain videos of attacks and inflammatory religious material that attempts to justify acts of violence.

    The push takes the administration deeper into "psychological operations," which attempt to influence how people see the US, its allies and its enemies. Officials involved with the new programme argue that psychological operations are a necessary part of reversing the deterioration of stability in both Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    The Taliban and other armed groups have carried out a wave of attacks in the two countries. US officials believe the Taliban enjoy an advantage by being able to freely communicate threats and decrees.

  • The British Inquisition & US torture from "˜Malleus Maleficarum'
  • Torture: Where is the outrage? Pakistani prisons

    In Pakistan, Taliban leaders use unlicensed FM stations to recite the names of local Pakistani government officials, police officers and other figures who have been marked for death by the group. Hundreds of people named in the broadcasts have later been killed, according to US and Pakistani officials.

    "The Taliban aren't just winning the information war "“ we're not even putting up that much of a fight," said a senior US official in Afghanistan. "We need to make it harder for them to keep telling the population that they're in control and can strike at any time."

    The new efforts were described by an array of US officials, several with firsthand knowledge of the technologies and tactics used to block the radio stations and websites. The Pentagon, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Central Intelligence Agency declined to comment.

    Psychological operations have long been a part of war, famously in World War II when "Tokyo Rose" broadcast English-language propaganda to Allied troops. More recently, some militaries have used high-tech methods. During the December-January war in Gaza, Israeli forces sent cellphone text messages to alert Palestinian civilians to impending strikes and encourage them to turn against the Hamas. The News on CIA psyops in Pakistan and Afghanistan. US to jam Taliban websites, radio links, Sunday, April 19, 2009

  • The resilience of Pakistan and the nation's continuing collective refusal to do what the west would like it to do
  • The stubborn Pakistanis

    So which constituency does Dawn represent? Who reads Dawn. Out of a city of 17 million, Dawn's diminishing circulation is clear proof that it is not a popular paper. It is read by has beens and those who on the way of becoming "has beens". There is not a single columnist who would be considered a super patriot or a patrion on the Dawn site. Here is a hint of those who read Dawn.

    1) The Wannabe elite who pretend to be part of the English speaking audience.

    2) The Western Oriental Gentlemen (WOGs"“a cadres of "potatoes""“brown on the outside, and white on the outside) a creed of Convent bred snobs manufactured by the Mission schools who want to act and think like the colonial masters and look like their clones in Karachi and Lahore. In American lingo would be be called PBCD (Pakistani born confused desis). These WOGs have no clue about Pakistani history or the Pakistani ideology. They grew up on the pop culture thrown in by Z-TV and MTV. This generation of wannabee goras have no clue about the rest of Pakistan.

    3) Foreign forces who want to undermine the Pakistani ideology and the history of Pakistan with an alien Hindu Mahasabah type of thinking.

    The double-dealing Dawn assembles and perpetuates the point of view of a motley crew of dissatisfied, pessimistic pseudo-liberals, non-religious fanatics, Anti-Pakistan Indians, and those which has eloquently propagate "his master's voice" out of a list of world capitals who want to bend Pakistan to its wishes.

    Let us look at the motley crew assembled by the duplicitous Dawn to influence its readers.

    1) There is the capricious Ayesha Siddqa hellbent on undermining state institutions. It is amazing that a woman who worked for the Pakistani Department of Defense in the accounts department was able to steal the inner budgets of the Pakistani Army, move to Delhi,  transfer he information to the Indians and them publish part of her findings from Delhi. Imagine an American taking the US budget to Moscow or Beijing and then publishing an Anti-American book from Pyongyang North Korea or Havana Cuba. Such an American author would be put away so deep into Guantanamo that they would make Aafia Siddiqui look like a girl scout on a Sunday picnic. One is amazed that the "liberal" (read Anti-Pakistan" media gives this traitor space on the front page of the newspaper called Dawn. As if that act of treason was not enough. Ms. Siddqa prances around world capitals and continues her insidious and blatant attacks on the state of Pakistan. Please note that her commentary is not against the government of Pakistan (that is totally acceptable behaviour which should be encouraged).  Ms. Siddqa's diatribes are blatant and not so blatant opposition to the Pakistani state. Her claptrap divides the Pakistan patriots (who may be religious) into the dustbin of "conservative" and places the liberals on the pedestal of enlightenment. Let us take a line from her current column. This is exactly epitomises what Ayesha Siddqa is all about. "we have a state that does not have any clue about where it wants to be in this century." Rupee News wants to respond to this  Siddqa amphogory in a manner which cannot be printed. Ms. Siddqa, "the state if very clear in its direction". It is the Paistaniphobeswho continue to try to undermine the state with their mushy dribble and stinking bosh. That direction was clearly championed by Chaudhry Rehmat Ali, Alama Iqbal and Qauide Azam MohammadAl Jinnah. That direction was enshrined by ZulfiqarAliBhutto in the 1973 constitution.  Sottish propagandists like Siddqacannotobfuscate the truth or attempt to deviate us from the "prime directive". No amount of Dollar funded character assassination will be able to change the fact that "pakistan manzil nahin nishan e manzil hai". No Ms. Siddqa no amount of false argumentum ad baculum will force us to drop the "Islamic" in the "Islamic Republic of Pakistan". Forget about it.

    2)  Then there is a shwishly pugnacious Ardersher Cowasjee. In his younger days he was amusing and funny. His stories were a breath of fresh air. His criticism was fair honest and objective. In his greying years the crustic old man is funny, once in a blue moon, almost always on the brink. The doddering antediluvian perpetually gravitates into the pit of senile pessimism. While he is an encyclopedia of knowledge, his trumpery is matched only by his superannuated despondence and suicidal despair. An embarrassment to his hosts, TV compares have stopped inviting him. Certainly he has outlived his writing days which used to be inspirational and a joy to read. No thank you, Mr. Cowasjee, you can keep your cryptic despondancy to your self. No need to infect our youth with your version of the future.  While we yearn for the old patriotic Cowasjee of yesteryear, we cannot stand this dullard tope who signs his name to the Ardersher columns.

    3) Another one of Dawn's perennials of the creeping variety is the the Indian writer Kuldip Nayyer. He is the epitome of the old adage "haathi keh dant khanay keh aur, aur dikhnay keh aur". He acts like an Indian liberal but absolutely reflects the "Akhan Bharat" thinking. Even though he has been to Pakistan many many times, his doltish pig-headed infatuation withDelhi'shegemonisticdesigns are a clear indication that you can take a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. This wolf in sheep's clothing captures the essence of the Hinduvatathinking, with a veneer of nuanced liberal Hindu thought. Scratch the surface and you will find A combination of Modi and Adhvani"“though Kuldipcanhid it well with his eloquence and prolific writing. His greased machinery gives him access to the crud of Pakistan"“the "surkahs", the "Pseudo-Liberals", and the disenchanted. A rejected tricolored "wannabe elitist" talking to the Green and White "wannabe secularist". Both believe in the stratified society, both clamoring to define themselves as different, both part and parcel of the land of the Indus and the land of the Ganges. Kuldip Nayyar's articles are simply an narrative reminding us on how bad Pakistan and Pakistanis are and how good India and Indians are. This Bharati propoganda should not have a mouthpiece on a major Pakistani newspaper. Its like seeing having Zaid Hamds column in the Hindustan Times. Would the Jerusalem Post print a weekly column from Ahmedinijad. Neither would the Tehran Times print a weekly column written by the Israel foreign Minister Lieberman. It is amazing the while no Indian paper publishes columns from xenophobic Pakistan, Dawn takes the cake in publishing not one but multiple Indian columnists. 

    4) The Neocon's Neocon Irfan Husein can't make up his mind whether to live in Canada and trumpet his brand of "Curry Neoconsm" from Toronto or to simply xerox American Neocon thoughts as his own from Pakistan. The worst part is to see Mr. Husein's doltish paralogism published in the newspaper of Islam's biggest city in the world. It is a sad commentary on the Haroon family that allows this moonshine gibber to sully the pages of Dawn. Mr. Husein is one of the leaders of the "Blame Pakistan first" crowd that sees malaise and protozoan disease everywhere. He cannot see the hypocrisy of the North American hysteron proteron and will always trumpet the enemies point of view in the enemies langauge. Mr. Husein has no links with the masses. He is now an island by himself writing for those who yearn for the timid ways of the 60s when everyone was in awe of the American point of view  it s Kennedyesque freshness. Today the stale and decrpid thinking out of Washington is as horrid as the vacuity of ideas which make their way out of the Mr. Irfan Husein'sword processor. One does not have to cross many borders to read the original script. BharatandWashington both call it the same. Without reading Mr. Husein's article one can get the gist from the New York Tmes, The Washington Post or the Hindustan Times. I pulled this line from Mr. Husein's recent column, because I know it would be there"¦"infamous instrument of surrender known as the Nizam-i-Adl". Without reading the article it took me about five seconds to find the Neoconnonsensetranscribedby Mr. Husein "This resounding defeat is the cumulative result of years". The same lines can be read in the writings of Admiral Mullen, Mr. Richard HolbrookeandRalph Peters. In many email conversations with Mr. Husein over the years, I found him a Non-religious extremist who is proud of his whisky chugging ways, his assasanine dispiritedness more dangerous than the teetotalism of the duncical Talibs. Mr. Irfan Husein's  dangerous petitio principii is as unbending and fundamentalist as that of Mulla Omar. Why would anyone want to read Mr Irfan Huseins "Rogan Josh Neoconism", a photocopied transcription of Steve Emersen and Daniel Pipes when one can read the original in Foreign Policy Magazine? The question that comes to mind, is why does Dawn publish such fustian gabble?

    5) Mr. Patel also writes for the newspaper Dawn. His dribble is reminiscent of the fiddle-faddle published by the worst Indian newspaper. No Indian newspaper publishes multiple Pakistani columnists. Dawn has taken upon itself to inundate Pakistan and Pakistanis with the Delhi hooey and hokum. Dawn has hubris and arrogance on its side. It thinks that CIA Dollars will save it from the irrelevancy that it is headed towards.

    The Obama administration's recently released strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan calls for sending 4,000 US military trainers to Afghanistan and sharply expanding economic aid to Pakistan. The US may also provide radio-jamming equipment to the Pakistani government, according to officials familiar with the plans.

    The new push reflects the influence of Gen David Petraeus, who runs the military's Central Command and has long been a major proponent of using psychological operations to reduce popular support for militant groups.

    Another supporter, Richard Holbrooke, the administration's special envoy for Pakistan and Afghanistan, publicly alluded to the new program late last month. He told reporters there were 150 illegal FM radio stations in Pakistan's Swat Valley, which allowed militants to go "around every night broadcasting the names of people they're going to behead or they've beheaded."

    Holbrooke likened the Taliban radio stations to Rwanda's Radio Mille Collines, a virulently sectarian broadcaster widely believed to have helped fuel the Rwandan genocide. The US considered jamming the station in the 1990s, but ultimately chose not to.

    "Nothing has been done so far" about impeding the Taliban communications, Holbrooke said. "We have identified the information issue "¦ as a major, major gap to be filled."

    Psychological operations can be controversial. In Iraq, the Pentagon at one point ran a programme that paid Iraqi journalists to run articles and opinion pieces supportive of US war aims and the Iraqi central government. Critics called it government-funded propaganda, while the Bush administration defended the effort.

    Henry A. Crumpton, a former State Department counterterrorism chief who led the CIA's Afghanistan campaign in 2001 and 2002, warned against relying too heavily on high-tech solutions such as disrupting militant radio broadcasts. "Those can be very effective, but they're "“ underscore "“ short-term tactics," he said.

    Still, many military officials believe that stabilising Afghanistan and Pakistan requires gradually diminishing the Taliban's public standing while simultaneously building popular support for more moderate local political and religious institutions allied with the US.

    "It's not an issue of trying to persuade your average Pakistani farmer to love the US," a US official said. "The idea, frankly, is to muddy the water a bit."

    As part of this push, the US has started US-funded radio stations in many rural parts of Afghanistan. In one example, Army Special Forces teams in eastern Paktia, a restive Afghan province that abuts the Pakistani frontier, put on air a radio station late last year called "the Voice of Chamkani," referring to the village where the US base is located, and distributed hundreds of radio receivers.

    According to an account in the current issue of "Special Warfare Magazine," an Army publication on special operations, the US-run radio station has worked to build support for the Afghan national government by highlighting local development projects that were approved by Kabul. The News on CIA psyops in Pakistan and Afghanistan. US to jam Taliban websites, radio links, Sunday, April 19, 2009

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    The traitorous Dawn has carved a niche for itself. It has become the magnet for discontented and pessimistic skeptical people who have an an to grind. It has become the safe haven for Islamphobic and Anti-Pakistan elements who are paid assassins of Pakistan.

    The litany of complaints against the insidious Dawn is long.  The treacherous Dawn cannot change. A cat cannot get rid of its stripes. A Zebra cannot become single colored. The hypocritical Dawn cannot transform itself. It cannot be Jinnahs newspaper. It has ceased to the clarion call for the Muslims of South Asia. The treasonable Dawn does not represent Pakistan and Pakistanis anymore. It is worried about the number of clicks it gets from Bharat. Those clicks give it advertising revenues. It is beholden to the Indian and foreign interests.

    We and others will continue to monitor the unfaithful Dawn's slide towards oblivion"”actually it is fun to watch. ""We told you Sos" are so sweet to watch. The two-faced Dawn already has attained moral banktupcy. Keep up your march towards total and absolute nahilism and catalepsy. May God Bless you.

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    Mr. Obama: You can't monitor AIG and want accountability from Pakistan

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    Solutions to "Obama's Vietnam""“AfPak

    Obama must avoid creating a backlash in neighboring Pakistan by heavy-handed U.S. military intervention there: David Kilcullen Can Obama pull US out of the AfPak quicksand? Choosing China & Pakistan over Bharat (aka India)

    Will NATO buy the Obama Doctrine? What's in between the lines?

    Can Obama duplicate Swat peace deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan

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    Convincing the US tin ear of the Pakistani point of view Peek into Obama's brains: Bruce Reidel on Pakistan Growing consensus in the Obama team: Much of Pakistan's problems originate in Afghanistan

    Obama advisor Weinbaum predicts total Afghan policy review: Sees focus on talks & Reconciliation Afghanistan: Gen. Petraeus' Pakistani advisers: Indians jittery Obama adviser gives deep insights into new Afghan policy

    Why the surge in Afghanistan is doomed to failure?  Brzezinski: Don't start new wars. Use diplomacy in Pakistan Rand report: End GWOT. Defeat Al-Qaeda with police & Dollars Hindu Kush Curtain Call: The End Game in Afghanistan Harvard questions: Afghanistan Lost? Barnett Rubin & Maleeha Lodhi solutions to quagmire The Pakistani perspective: Peace deals only way to precipitate face saving for US & Obama's smooth Exit strategy from Afghanistan 

    After NATO rejection Obama has few options left in Afghanistan Pakistan First by Shireen Mazari: The devastating affects of appeasing India and kowtowing to the USA  Pakistan to US: No pay-No play: Tough lessons in geography!

     People talk glibly of "˜the total disarmament of the frontier tribes' as being the obvious policy"¦but to obtain it would be as painful and as tedious an undertaking as to extract the stings of a swarm of hornets, with naked fingers." Winston Churchill

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