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No Politician Ready To Condemn Brahamdagh

The so-called Balochistan Republican Army is part of a list of three or four terrorist groups that do not really exist on the ground but are the joint creation of CIA and Indian intelligence in Afghanistan, with Karzai's intelligence acting as facilitator. This operation is headed by a traitor of his country and people named Brahmdagh Bugti, who keeps moving around in various Indian-protected safe houses in Kabul plotting how best to damage Pakistan.

Brahmdagh and some of our misguided kids recruited by anti-Pakistan foreign powers in Afghanistan pulled another terrorist attack inside Pakistan this week when they planted a bomb inside Bolan Express, a train connecting Karachi with Quetta.

The foreign-backed terrorists working for Brahmdagh accepted responsibility for killing and injuring innocent Pakistanis. And yet it was stunning to see that the Chief Minister of Balochistan refused to condemn these terrorists. And he's not alone. What about the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan? What about 'national' politicians like Nawaz Sharif and Chaudhry Shujaat? Is there not a single Pakistani politician willing to call a spade a spade?

Granted that problems in Balochistan need to be resolved but can't we even condemn those who are openly working against the country with the support of our enemies? What kind of a bankrupt politics is this?

These are the same politicians who refuse to blame the US for turning Afghanistan into a base for anti-Pakistan activities. Balochistan's chief minister and other politicians could have used the images from the killed and injured in the train to discredit the foreign-backed terrorists. But this chance has been wasted.

Pakistanis must take notice of this major failure of these politicians who consider their own interests more important than Pakistan's.

We have a bunch of jokers in power in the most difficult hour in our homeland's history.

Only in Pakistan can you blow up a train and then find no one ready to condemn you.

 Reply:   our politicians and judges are american agents
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (15/Jun/2009)

our politicians and judges are american agents.thats why they jump and cry to destroy all swati people who dared to ask for sharia system but remain silent on CIA sponsored balochi rebels target killing of punjabis and burning everything
this is because our politicians judges and army work for america.swat people love pakistan and never wanted to seperate from pakistan but our army and govt decided to annihilate swati people to please america
while balochi leaders who are openly taking funds from india and israel and want to break one among our politicians and army is willing to do anything against these balochi enemy agents
even iftikhar chaudery who is supporting swat operation took notice of 3 balochi rebel leaders murder who worked for indian agency and were killed by thei own infighting
allah will punish pakistanis for this injustice that we kill our patriotic swati brothers but we support balochi rebels who openly work for india
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