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Sistani to Farzana Raja – A reply to Dawn group article “Maududi to Aafia Siddiqui”

By: Earthman, International Professor

The daily Dawn newspaper is playing very dirty role on sectarian hatred and its article “Maududi to Aafia Siddiqui” shows that how venomous of sectarian belief made this media group blind and dumb. It also shows the pitiless mentality of editorial staff of Dawn Group against a helpless Pakistani woman begging for her release from most powerful country on the globe.

Her children have been snatched and she has been sold for dollars. It is also shame for some slavish minded Pakistanis that are running malicious campaign against her release. Among two cabbies of New York, one security guard of London and one dog walker of France who are trying to influence courts against her release. Name of one person circulating on the web is Mohammed Aafaq Khiyali other has last name of Syed. Remember these are the same courts that have sentenced Nayyer Zaidi, a respectable journalist and her daughter is asking for help as mother and sister of Aafia Siddiqui are begging. Think as Pakistani citizen and do not divide community for gratuities or Bakhshish from Gora Sahab.      

The jumping of Ayatollah Sistani in to issue of a decree (Fatwa) in favor of Farzana Raja, the Chairperson of Benzir Income Support Program has international significance, and key players behind the scene are previous well known faces of neo-Cons club, who have played an active role in whole Frazana Raja case, wedding of a married woman and honey moon at Pakistan embassy New York.

Since entire production has been made public and it is no more personal matter and Farzana Raja has the status equal to Federal Minister of Pakistan with facilities, so she is a public figure and keeper of billions of rupees public money on her entire discretion.

It is a greatest scandal of its nature and not only global players are involved in this matter but it has exposed many sacred cows behind the curtain.

Frazana Raja’s family back ground is well known, and like Raja Pervez Ashraf Minister of Water and Power, both belongs to Gujar Khan Area, and both have common ancestral profession, the contractors of donkey carts since decades. It is hard luck of Pakistan that current major power players at Islamabad are composed of opportunist minded thugs. Everybody has a history of using a stair to grab lucrative post. Zardari used stair of Benazir, Hussain Haqqani used Farahnaz Isfahani, and there is a long list of opportunists who used their wives or husbands for making money, later ruthlessly kicked out their spouses, so everyone in power circles has a history of multiple marriages. Hussain Haqqani 04, Sherry Rahman 04, majority of feudal peers has 3-4 wives and it requires a separate column to discuss such opportunist class of Pakistan and curse of polygamy.

Number of hidden mistresses and misters is almost impossible to trace. For example Yousuf Raza Gillani kidnapped famous singer Naheed Akhtar fifteen years back and she is still missing. In fact feudal did not like to divide their wealth and keep hidden mistresses to save their capital. Status of procured women is not more than a sex slave in their eyes. Such class is also involved in heinous crimes of marriage with Quran, Karo Kari and depriving daughters from their share of inheritance.

Pir (Peer) Mukarram ul Haque is grandson of Pir Ellahi Bux, ex Chief Minister of Sindh. His family has number of members of parliament, among prominent persons his brother Pir Mazhar ul Haq is a Minister of education Sindh, speaker of National Assembly, Fahmida Mirza and wife of Zulfiqar Mirza the Interior Minister of Sindh is his cousin. There is a long list of his influential family members on top posts of Pakistan and his one brother was also Wing Commander.

Family of Peer Mukarram ul Haq claims to be descendents of Makhdoom Sarwar Nooh of Hala. Whereas another influential family of Sindh, Makhdoom Talib ul Maula also claims to be descendents of Makhdoom Nooh, their genealogy reaches to Hazrat Abubakar Siddique and those are followers of Suharwardi Sufi order.

Frazana Raja trapped Pir Mukarram ul Haq being a well known political feudal family of Sindh, used him as a stair to achieve her political goals. Like Hussain Haqqani who used Naheed Khan for the same purposes and later discarded her sister. As soon as Farzana Raja reached Ministers enclave at Islamabad she spiritually revealed that Pir Mukarram has three more wives and now it is not possible to live together. So she kicked out Peer Mukarram from his bed room, in words of Farzana Raja he was trying to steal important documents from her closet. Police and courts were involved; Zardari also tried for reconciliation, being God Father of Farzana Raja to resolve the matter but failed, because targets and love affair of Farzana Raja was hidden and Pakistan’s ambassador at New York was behind whole planning. Both parties made public statements and their break up was reported by some TV channels and papers also published their stories.

In fact Farzana Raja had affair with Ammar Turrabi son of Allama Rashid Turrabi since long and Pakistan’s Iranian descent Ambassador at New York and owner of Dawn group Hussain Haroon has played a key role in their love affair. Being a concealed chain link of Shia Crescent and working under patronage of Hall Brook, the Royal Viceroy of United States for Pakistan. Mr. Hall Brook has hired Vali Nasr, the inventor of Shia Crescent to promote his doctrine in Pakistan and he has paid many visits to Pakistan since his new assignment. Zardari, Hussain Haqqani, Farahnaz Isfahani, Farzana Raja, Yousuf Raza Gaillani, Gen. Musharraf and Hussain Haroon and many others are active vigilantes of Vali Nasr squad.

First of all this article has not been initiated to pose Farzana Raja as evil or show Pir Mukarram as hero but main topic of discussion is to explore kind of mentality involved in illegal love affair, and to raise curtain from the role of opportunist class sitting around Zardari. Moreover article wants to seek some answers from scholars that what is going on behind the scene.

The article also has no intention to defame any religion at all. Some peoples are fool who sent petitions to U.S. authorities against my articles previously without viewing soul of my intentions, particularly Iranian sponsored website that has no attitude to take discussion for the sake of discussion initiated such practice. Moreover leaders of Peoples Party always lose patience as soon as those grab power. We ran campaign against dictatorship and all PPP’s leaders sitting at Islamabad, Washington or London used our services and later same Sherry Rahman, Fauzia Wahab, Farhatullah Babar, Nafeesa Shah, Hussain Haqqani, Wajid Shams ul Hasan and Farahnaz Isfahani stabbed every companion that worked for democracy.

Today closure of Dictatorship Watch, Blockade of Make Pakistan Better, defamation campaign against Shaheen Sehbai and Dr. Shahid Masood, pulling out my articles from many websites shows their intolerant and non democratic attitude. A list of articles which above leaders wrote against Pakistan army are available but it looks awkward to defame our old friends who are at the verge of final kick to rejoin us back.

Now come to subject that feudal class in Pakistan work as a union and their motto is only woman, lands and wealth. Pir Elahi Bakhsh was son of Pir Nawaz Ali Shah, the grandfather of Pir Mukarram ul Haq and representation of genealogy of this family would show how feudal class make fool to peoples by amalgamating ancestors and hiding behind word “Shah”. Some moderate women use feudal and peers as a short cut make money, and happily take place as third or fourth wife of such peoples. Farzana Raja is not alone in that list; it is very long inventory and how viciously such women daringly robbed the rights of other women. Before falling in love with Ammar Turrabi she did not think for a moment about her 12 years daughter and minor sons and preferred to join club of Shia Crescent at New York. A large number of Pakistani, Irani, Iraqi and Syrian are member of Shia Crescent Club, and surely Ammar Turrabi is one of those.

Question is why Farzana Raja approached Ayatullah Sistani of Iraq for decree against her marriage and why not Hussain Haroon, ambassador of Pakistan approached Iranian Mullah’s. Sistani is in good books of CIA since those were hiring Iraqi mullahs before invasion of Iraq. The Ahmad Challabi, Sistani, Khoei and Jaffri were paid billions at that time and Sistani helped Americans to occupy Iraq and eliminate Sunni population. It is game of CIA and all characters that have played a role in illegal marriage of Farzana Raja are on pay role of foreign agencies like Hussain Haroon, Ayotullah Sistani and Ammar Turrabi etc.

According to Pakistani laws decree of Iraqi Mullahs has no value, and by not involving local Shia Ulema is a clear sign that something is wrong at the bottom. It is no secret that at one hand Shia’s of Pakistan are against Taliban due to sectarian abhorrence, but on other hand those are against American more than Taliban. 

Shia marriage laws keep what hidden secret that each prostitute, hoar, stripper, dancer or film actor take shelter of Shia laws. You may pick any case either it is Mira film actress case or aunty Shamim case, each time Shia Fiqqah plays some important role. Moreover feudal class use same Fiqqah to deprive their daughters from inheritance. There is some loophole that peoples are taking advantage of Shia Fiqaah.  Shia Ulema must think patiently that majority of prostitutes and film actresses when married to Sunni wealthy persons, in majority of cases Shia Mullah are seen on TV screens reading wedding sermons. It is not matter of pride but shame.

Mutta or temporary marriage is a clear loop hole in the laws but according to our knowledge it is good only between any Momin ( Shia man) and Momina (Shia Woman) from one minute to unspecified period of time. Whereas Mutta between Ummati (Sunni Men) and Momina (shia women) is not specified anywhere. If Farzana Raja want to take plea of Mutta (temporary marriage) than it is forbidden according to Sunni laws and born children would not be legitimate, because Mutta did not apply to Pir Mukarram ul Haq. She also has not divorced according to prevailing country laws.

New marriage of Farzana Raja is also looks like Mutta (temporary marriage) as any Shia Mullah was not found on the scene nor anybody tried to register new marriage. According to news Hussain Haroon owner of Dawn group and Pakistan’s ambassador at New York directly took Farzana Raja and Ammar Turrabi to a bed room and both started to enjoy honey moon.

Why Shia perform such religious acts in secrecy? We learnt that Benazir and Zardari were married openly, but soon after open wedding, Shia Mullah null and void previous Sunni marriage and remarried both according to Shia faith. Moreover we have seen images of funeral prayers of Quaid e Azam at Karachi, but it surprised to note that at the time of a court case about inheritance of Quaid e Azam, court was told that a secret Shia funeral prayers of Quaid was held is a bath room by two persons, one was M M Ispahani, the father in law of Hussain Haqqani and other was any Shia mullah. What nonsense is all that?

Legally what status Marriage or Mutta of Farzana Raja and Ammar Turrabi has? Please don’t jump on me and answer the reply. Whether Hussain Haroon has the right to provide space for illegal love affairs? If it is part of American war of terror than honey moon of a married woman with other man is legal, otherwise it is bladkar, rape or adultery.

It is dilemma of Dawn group that it has collected all junk of different news papers like the Daily Times and ARY etc. Salman Taseer is not fool who kicked out entire Iranian mafia from his both papers AakKal and The Daily times including Najam Sethi, Ijaz Haider and other radical elements.   


 Reply:   beware of shia
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (17/Jan/2011)

beware of shia,as its their history to do treason against muslim nations from meer jaafer to meer saadiq to ibn e alqami to rajab ali and etc most muslim traitors belonged to shia faith,nowdays when whole pakistan is ruled by shia than it will be a miracle if our country is saved somehow why cant any sunni rule pakistan?a sunni majority country
 Reply:   AoA
Replied by(hamidawan) Replied on (2/Nov/2010)

AoA Professor Sahb! It is a real eye opener. I wasn't a regular visitor of but after reading such a wonderful and daring article, I've decided to visit this site and read your articles Please keep it up! Regards
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