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Reincarnation of Gen. Zia ul Haq, incest of C.I.A and Johnnie Walker whisky

By:  Erathman, International Professor

Hidden agenda behind iron curtain of army GHQ is almost over and future strategy of army junta is now an open book. To comprehend manuscript, one only needs to remove spectacles of patriotism to understand real script of the holy verses. General Kiyani is true reincarnation of Gen. Zia ul Haq and has same ambitions and goals that Zia had.

It is dilemma of Pakistan people’s party that it always has to face such brand of generals who represent fake humble gesture and apparently pose as sycophant modest servant. But same generals later became gigantic monsters due to weaknesses of its leaders that give a chance to take advantage of the situation and finally swallows leaders of People’s party.

Behavioral resemblance that exists in all Pakistani military dictators shows that all of those were sons of class four government servants. No need of details because everyone knows ancestors of dictators and majority of current generals are usually sons of army employees and hold current status due to benevolence of quota system and reserved seats for army families. However each dictator used his own method to divide politicians and split public, and Gen. Kiyani is following footsteps of Gen. Zia.

Either those found Charlie Wilson or Richard Hall Brook for support, every American puppet including Mush, Zia, Benazir and today Kiyani is using Afghan card, and sucking American dollars. One created Taliban and other is trying to eliminate them, the centre of attention in each cases is Taliban. Both Zia and Kiyani is Punjabi and have insufficient IQ to work as army chief, over cleverness does not mean wisdom. Zia created MQM to eliminate Jamaat e Islami and today Kiyani is biggest enemy of Jammat e Islami as well, and Altaf Husain is working as brother in law of Pakistan army. Zia depended and used right winger politicians and clergy for his purposes, in the same contrast Kiyani is not only using right wingers but a large number of Musharraf era apostates and ANP type anti-state are also in his fold.

Moreover 90% right wing politicians and journalists were in the fold of Zia whereas same journalists and politicians are still seen visiting Murree Brewery, Chaklala and ISPR offices for shore up. As a custom of Gen. Zia military helicopters are exclusively under utilization of Punjabi columnists and journalists. Remember either right or left wingers, all Punjabi columnists were against Bengali’s, as those are against Balouch and Pushtoon today.

Difference between achievements of Gen. Zia and Gen. Kiyani could be counted by dead bodies of Pakistani’s. Major death toll and destruction in Zia era was Ojhri camp and his own death, in both cases Pak army was victim. However death and destruction in Musharraf and Kiyani era combined have crossed six figures by the hands of Pak army alone. During Gen. Zia flux of foreigner refugees in Pakistan crossed 5 million including Kurds, Bosnians, Afghans, Chinese, Russians, Indians, Sri Lankans, Iranians and Palestinians etc. whereas alone under dictatorship of Zardari and Kiyani combined, U.N. has to use word internal displaced persons that crossed to one million Pakistani’s. There was no name of missing persons in Gen. Zia era but today more than 15000 are missing, and round about 10,000 are in the custody of ISI without informing courts,

Gen. Kiyani has the advantage that he worked as ISI Chief and before incarnation almost $ 18 billion were passed to pockets of individuals. The only dark side of Zia was mishandling of PPP’s political activists and the charge that he had sectarian thoughts, opposite to that Kiyani is captivating full advantage of sectarianism and has mobilized Mullah’s on sectarian lines. Today all such politicians who claims to be partners of Kiyani or secularist were part of the team of Gen. Zia including Yousuf Reza Gaillani, Jakhrani, Haroon’s of Karachi, Gardezi’s, Haji Haneef Tayyab of Sunny Tehreek and so many others were ministers in his cabinet. Whereas Kiyani has drawn stringent sectarian and ethnic line of hatred, between Deobandi, Ahle Hadis and on other side Brelvi and Shia, also permanent line of hate between Punjabi, Hindustani vs. Balouch and Pushtoon.

Extensions and retirements of army Generals, a real cause of panic at GHQ:

No army general wants to retire or leave power corridors, neither any one at GHQ wants the end of Afghan war. Musharraf implanted generals are more thin-skinned than their predecessors. The people’s that are victims of their barbarism are their blood thirsty and current generals have no choice to hide into holes in cantonments. After retirement value of a general is nothing except owner of a home, free medicines and pension. Whereas current generals have made millions and their clandestine financial movements are no secret. There are many scholars and journalists who would lift curtain from their hidden assets after their departure from army, due to blessings of advanced communication technologies.

Generals like Kiyani, Tariq Majeed Butcher, Shuja Pasha, Javed Iqbal DG Military operations, Tariq Khan IG FC, Athar Abbas DG ISPR and Athar Ali Sec. defense etc are an example of CIA operatives in the ranks of Pak army. All above can do anything for the sake of gluing to power corridors. Gen. Kiyani has criminal mentality and for the sake of career he goes down on his knees to least honorable possibilities. He licked feet of Musharraf and then Benazir’s at Dubai, later made fool to Zardari, now he is licking feet of lowest grade Anglo-American officials for seeking extension. His next aim is presumable, either life time army chief or Joint Chief, or rank of Field Marshall etc.

As precedence please watch statements of American officials while visiting Swat including trip of Mike Millan on Dec. 16, 2008. In fact Swat was a preplanned drama of Kiyani for future benefits, to show him conqueror, brave and American terrier. Propagation for existence of Taliban at Swat and posing them as biggest monster of the current century was mockery. Exaggerated strength of Taliban was not more than 4000 in any case. Whereas full strength of Pak army against labeled Taliban with additional backing of ISAF, NATO and proxy warriors was no match and claims of army officials to kill 10,000 persons is laughable. The claim is based on a declaration submitted to U.S. administration for reimbursement purposes, for which 31 American auditors have reached Pakistan yesterday to verify genuinely number of skulls and approval of mercenary funds. Funds have been released today.

Why Pak army has not claimed actual strength of murdered peoples that is above 20,000 persons? Please count date wise number of persons killed for verification and according to army media cell reports published in press causalities are for higher than 25,000 persons.

Admiral Mike Mullen, Gen. Petareaus, Gates and Gen. McChrystal etc. were so impressed by Kiyani that Americans are seriously thinking to send their army and marines for training under command of Gen. Kiyani as reported by media. In fact whole propaganda of Pak army generals was for the sake of free dollars, promotions, extensions and new postings.

Army GHQ is under complete control of CIA:

Western media has given nick name of “Islamabad Boys” to Musharraf, Kiyani and Shuja Pasha Type army officials, that means “Islamabad lads” or in Urdu “Islamabad Kay Londay”. In this context Admiral Mike Mullen’s praised Gen. Kiyani candidly as: “An extraordinary individual.”, “A very great leader” who “has the right focuses.” (in 2008 during Senate testimony),  “Here is a man with a plan, a leader who knows where he wants to go,” For the Time magazine, Mullen is not the only one who believes in the Pakistani Gen. Kayani “fundamentally gets it,” says a senior American official in Islamabad. Brig. Gen. Nazir Butt, the Military attaché at Washington and CIA operative confirms incest of Mike Mullan towards Gen. Kiyani. 

Some reports say that CIA trapped Gen. Kiyani during his stay at USA when he was sent on training in 1987-88. However he was literally exposed to public when on Aug. 26, 2008 he was summoned on USS Abraham Lincoln stationed at mid Indian Ocean, and image of that secret meeting against interests of Pakistan were floated to media. Release of such images and regular public praise is a political modus operandi of U.S. Government; Last month the American embassy at Islamabad released images of the Pakistani Presstitutes busy in hugging, drinking and dancing with U.S. officials. Tony Blair type P.M. of U.K. had been feeling pride with the label of American Poodle.

Than Gen. Kiyani type baby terrier has no status in front of Americans, and his entire status is based on employment, as soon as Kiyani, Shuja Pasha, Tariq Majeed or Javed Iqbal would leave premises of GHQ no American would even bother to take their name. C.I.A. always hire daily wages staff according to requirements and none ever complained that he was not paid for services.

Every planning and soul of army operations has been exposed and their contacts with CIA, FBI and home land security officials have also been uncovered. It was also a great lie that Kiyani was hurdle in issuing visas to so called auditors, out of 270 persons 31 have landed yesterday. But nobody talks about more than 250 such auditors already working in Pakistan. Strength of CIA, Blackwater type private armies, special services commandos, and MOSAD and MI6 type secret agents is already in thousands within Pakistan since long.

ISI officials are busy in Afghanistan and Americans have also provided them safe heavens along Pak-Afghan borders. GHQ is a centre of conspiracy against existence of Pakistan; at least 16 intelligence networks of different countries are busy in recording of strategically important areas of Pakistan. Those also have been given personal data of individual citizens.

Zardari, Rahman Malik, Altaf Husain and Asfandyar Wali groups are established moles of RAW, Khad, MOSAD, CIA and MI6 etc and have their own channel to spy on Pakistan. Additionally apostates and sex groups are also supplying info to their respective masters. Western media also confirms incest of C.I.A. in Pakistan:

C.I.A. and Pakistan Work Together, Warily – 24-02-2010

“Yet interviews in recent day’s show how they are working together on tactical operations, and how far the C.I.A. has extended its extraordinary secret war beyond the mountainous tribal belt and deep into Pakistan’s sprawling cities. C.I.A. operatives working with the ISI have carried out dozens of raids throughout Pakistan over the past year, working from bases in the cities of Quetta, Peshawar and elsewhere, according to Pakistani security officials. The raids often come after electronic intercepts by American spy satellites, or tips from Pakistani informants (informers like Shuja Pasha and Gen. Tariq Khan?) — and the spies from the two countries then sometimes drive in the same car to pick up their quarry. Sometimes the teams go on lengthy reconnaissance missions, with the ISI operatives packing sunscreen and neon glow sticks that allow them to identify their positions at night. Successful missions sometimes end with American and Pakistani spies toasting one another with Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky, a gift from the C.I.A. (New York Times).           

US forces establish three new camps along Durand Line, 26-02-2010:

US security forces have built three new base camps along the Chaman border to monitor the Pakistan-Afghanistan transit trade.

The Year of the Drone, 25-02-2010: “The Peter Bergen and Katherine Tiedemann's drone’s database at the New America Foundation shows that the 114 reported drone strikes in northwest Pakistan, including 18 in 2010, from 2004 to the present have killed approximately between 834 and 1,216 individuals, of whom around 549 to 849 were described as militants in reliable press (?) accounts, about two-thirds of the total on average. Thus, the true civilian fatality rate since 2004 according to our analysis is approximately 32 percent.”

Above data has backing of Pak media that has no reporter in that area and their reports are based on ISPR and Army media cell yellow slips. The New American Foundation has established that only 32% civilians have been killed in drone attacks that are for from facts. Still Pakistan media is not allowed to work independently in those areas neither any independent journalist is ever allowed to represent true picture. Pakistani reporters working in foreign media groups have also no access to such places. Some peoples sitting at Peshawar have made business to provide fake instant information for the sake of dollars. In majority of cases ISI officials sitting at Ojhri Camp who dubs Al Kaeda and Taliban fake audios and videos are behind supplying fake info. Yesterday after bomb blast at Kabul a person who claimed to be spokesman of Jaish e Mohammed and accepted responsibility of that blast was purely fake believed to be ISI official who called BBC and represented him as leader of Jaish e Mohammed. Such dirty techniques and below standard propaganda is well recognised and known to experts.

CIA Post at Karachi means Blackwater (21-02-2010): Washington, Feb.20: The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) had set up a base in Karachi and it was the data collected by the post which played a major role in the arrest of the Taliban's second-in command Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar and two others.

Conclusion: Gen. kiyani is following Gen. Zia and he can do anything for power. Even though Zardari is licking his feet but goals of Kiyani and company are unending and that require at least ten more years. 10th corpse, 111 brigade and commandos of Zarar or Beizar forces could throw anyone in Attock Fort or Bala Hisar Fort. We don’t know to whom we may address our concerns today because C.I.A. has procured every one and there is no hope from any side, except God, who helped nation in crash of 17th August. To save the Pakistan pray to God for another blessing like previous one.


Replied by(ammalik) Replied on (6/Dec/2010)

The write up above is one of the most idiotic rubbish that I havee read. In fact Bhutto is the worst that has happened to Pakistan. The legacy continues like an evil spell. He is taking his venom out by crying hoarse "Punjabi". It is the stupid punjabis that keep voting for your beloved Bhutto eleh -Islam's party. If they had been parochial as u are they would not have voted for the PPP. Ur article is full of presumptions and your own fig of imagination which do not fit in with factual situation. I in person am sick of this insular mentality of being engrieved from a punjabi rather than taking a credit for their own in competence and lack of ability to provide good governance. When out of power PPP always plays sind card starts creating hatred but then licks the backside of punjabis for votes. Before Bhutto eleh slaam came to the scene, the politicians could be held for many faults but none for monetary corruption. It goes to the credit of the Sindhi Bhutto family (could BB elehsalam speak in sindhi?) for introducing such an ill and with gusto amongst the politicians-nand there was no looking back So u moron who keeps the anti punjabi slogan high must understand that there is a limit to un -founded accustaions that the punjabis can take. With your behaviour there are many nationalist organisation that may get created. So do not be dumb. Have u ever known how sindhis use to lick the feet of the hindus and how their woman were kept in hindu seths houses? And since then- pakistan has given you identity - a respect u would have never dreamt of had pakistan not been created. am
 Reply:   I agree with drjke & partially with NRQazi
Replied by(Noman) Replied on (3/Mar/2010)

Till today we haven't find good democracy. only good things initiate in any democracy period, i think was of Bhutto's. and he paid the price of that as well. Not at all agree that Punjabi's at large are against any other province. In fact in my observation, more then 75% Punjabi's don't like this hatred at all and against it. In fact Punjab always acted as a big brother with big heart. It is not good to associate Army actions with Punjab. If based upon population more Punjabi's are in army then it doesn't make Pak army as Punjabi army. Please don't use Punjabi and other ethnic words to criticize some one's action. Actions to be criticized pin point. If we blame whole sect on the basis of action of one group, then what will/is the difference between us and west
 Reply:   some facts are right,some are wrong in this column
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (2/Mar/2010)

our present army leadership is working for america and kufar,there is no doubt about that or no sane person will deny that but in your emotions you wrote some inaccurate things too like comparing zia with musharaf and kyani,zia was a practicing muslim who did a great favour on pakhtoons of this world by defeating soviet union who killed more pakhtoons than any other power in history ,thats why in pious pakhtoons he is still hero secondly general zia died not make mqm,its false accusation,it was some urdu speaking govt officials who made mqm by some conspiracy,zia was a shareef man so did not even know that his own minsiters etc were working against him also its wrong to say that zia was against jamaat islami,,its so wrong accusation that it creates doubt on your whole article,the fact is that zia offered jamat islami to give him some pious men so he could make a khilafat system rather than kufar system of democracy,but laziness of some jamaat members did not let this thing come true than you again and again accuse whole punjabi nation to be wrong and against pakhtoons and balochis,this is also wrong.i agree that most punjabis like most other ethnicity pakistanis are not good muslims ,but singling out punjabis shows that you are unjust.the fact is that more than punjabis its pakhtoons who are responsible for pakhtoons slaughter,awami national party which is a pakhtoon party collaborated with america in pakhtoon slaughter but you pakhtoons still vote for it due to nationalistic reason,before anp jamaat islai was in power in nwfp and they used their full force to not let any operation in nwfp happen,and jamaat islami is based in punjab.also a lot of punjab people sacrificed their lives in afghan jihad while people like you who are pakhtoon but living in western lands enjoying life and accuse others who are fighting against this system of kufer in pakistan its not just
 Reply:   Do you have any evidence for all these accusations?
Replied by(nrqazi) Replied on (1/Mar/2010)

Dear International Professor Sahab Do you realize that it is posts like these that called for the action that member PTA did. Do you have any proof/ evidence for all these baseless llegations or is it just circumstancial evidence otherwise known as heresay. Whatever progress pakistan has made, it has always done that under military regimes; the daughter of west could not pass a single bill in her 2 & half years of tenure and the Zee gift that she has left us shall taint our image, till I don't know when. Come to all duly elected parliamentarians and gauge them against articles 62 & 63 of the constitution; I am pretty sure that barring a few all(less than 20) 353 shall fail.
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