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Malignant Maj. Gen. Ghayur Mahmood on Drones - 168 Children Murdered By US Drones

International Professor

John Glaser of ‘Anti War’ says that the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) last month began to publish their findings in a study of the U.S. drone war in Pakistan. The study found that much higher rates of civilian casualties had resulted from the U.S. drone war than had been admitted by the government or than had been reported in the press. TBIJ has now come out with news that an estimated 168 innocent children have been killed in the strikes.

He says that I am waiting with bated breath for the public outcry in America, and the subsequent criminal investigation of those in the highest reaches of our government. And by that I mean the systematic disregard for the murder of “others” and total impunity for the criminals in charge. (Ref: 1)

Quote: In an extensive analysis of open-source documents, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that 2,292 people had been killed by US missiles, including as many as 775 civilians.

The strikes, which began under President George W Bush but have since accelerated during the presidency of Barack Obama, are hated in Pakistan, where families live in fear of the bright specks that appear to hover in the sky overhead.

In just a single attack on a madrassah in 2006 up to 69 children lost their lives.

Chris Woods, who led the research, said the detailed database of deaths would send shockwaves through Pakistan, where political and military leaders repeatedly denounce the strikes in public, while privately allowing the US to continue. "This is a military campaign run by a secret service which raised problems of accountability, transparency and you have a situation where neither the Pakistanis nor Americans are clear about any agreements in place and where the reporting is difficult," he said.

"All of this means that when things go wrong there is simply no redress for the families of those who have been mistakenly killed."  The research, culled from more than 2,000 news reports, leaked documents and witness statements, show how the drones gradually moved from a rarely used tool, beginning with a single strike in 2004, to a frontline weapon of war. Under President Obama the strikes have been used to target low-level foot soldiers as well as senior commanders. Today the attacks are running at a rate of one every four days, mostly centred on North Waziristan from where members of the Haqqani network launch cross-border attacks on international forces in eastern Afghanistan. Unquote

In the same report Imtiaz Gul and renowned mole of foreign intelligence agencies was quoted saying: "As long as these peoples sit in jails they remain a problem, a living liability, so there seems to be a drive to kill them,”. However Sam Zarifi, Asia-Pacific director of Amnesty International, said: "The Obama administration must explain the legal basis for drone strikes in Pakistan to avoid the perception that it acts with impunity.”The Pakistan government must also ensure accountability for indiscriminate killing, in violation of international law that occurs inside Pakistan." The US refuses to acknowledge the existence of its drones programme. (Ref: 2)

Slang Maj. Gen. Ghayur Mahmood for his war crimes

Maj-Gen Ghayur Mehmood astonished everyone right from Islamabad to Washington and his deceitful statement was welcomed by all type of war mongers. It was placed with headline around the globe that “Most of those killed in drone attacks were terrorists”, his statement was taken into account by Liberal Fascists, Zardari mafia and “Be-Ghairat Lobby” as a “change of policy” and “rare move” or “official versions” of Pakistan Army.

However Kamran Khan, Najam Sethi and including other pro-MQM anchors are beating drums since then to propagate his deceitful version.

Who is Maj. Gen. Ghayur Mahmood?

He is GOC (General Officer Commanding) 7-Division and posted at Miran Shah, Waziristan. In his briefing : “Myths and rumours about US predator strikes that many of those being killed in these strikes are terrorists and majority of them are foreigners.

The Military’s 7-Dvision’s “official paper” said that between 2007 and 2011 about 164 predator strikes had been carried out and over 964 terrorists had been killed. Of those killed 793 were locals and 171 foreigners, including “Arabs, Uzbeks, Tajiks, Chechens, Filipinos and Moroccans”. He admitted that intelligence-sharing between coalition troops and the army is in place.” (He did not mention any Chinese or Indonesians). (Ref: 3)

He has failed to provide any proof of foreigners and deliberately hide the statistics of murdered women, children and senior citizens. Since then he disappeared from the scene and concealed himself in some hole away from the question and answers of the media. Majority of Generals are liars and due to financial benefits of war of terror, no one wants that war of terror may ever finish. Departure of U.S. forces from Afghanistan is death for all kind of mafia’s including Zardari’s, Kiani’s, Gilani’s, Karazai’s and Liberal Fascists.

He is responsible for providing intelligence to help in Drone attacks and therefore accountable for murder of 168 children. And he is the same media source that is written as “informed on the condition of anonymity”, the “nameless” person for international media.   

War crimes of Zardari mafia and Pakistan Military Generals:

NRO was a crime to protect loot, plunders, theft and war crimes of army generals, thugs and terrorists of mafia’s like People Party, MQM and ANP etc. When Musharraf started to purge the military establishment by the hands of MI and ISI, majority of professional soldiers were sent home and junk was promoted or appointed on key posts.

War of terror camouflaged weaknesses of non-professional generals, and drone attacks is the only act of pleasure for generals to talk something about results (because every matter is under strict control of army and media is not allowed independent reporting). Pakistan army and air force officials are happily working as a mole to invite drone operators in killings of Pakistan nationals.

In opinion of ordinary citizens’ army officials are coward, greedy and involved in war crimes. Army is depending on proxy warriors, supplying sophisticated weapons to locals to pitch against fellow citizens. Majority of war lords, drug dealers, arms sellers, criminals and out laws are on pay role of establishment. Air force officials never admitted that their bases were sold and have failed to protect sovereignty of state, now when those have admitted that drones are liable to shoot down but in the same breath showing fears that “what would happen if U.S. would retaliate?”, we are unable to understand that then what need Pakistan has to spend billions on armed forces.

Massacre by the hand of foreign forces and genocide of Pushtoon population by Pakistan government is a war crime, against any international laws and violations of human rights.

Corpse commander Peshawar and other generals pitched in Frontiers and Baluchistan areas are involved in war crimes against humanity. International Courts of Justice must come forward to protect peoples of Pakistan, dying under war lords and criminal mafias.

Murder of 168 children is a clear violation of International Human Right Laws, and Pakistan Government is clearly involved in aiding U.S. fascists to kill women, children and senior citizens.







 Reply:   Videos victims of U.S. drone to sue Washington
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (18/Aug/2011)
Why not suing Zardari alongwith other war criminals?

Video Hudreds in Pakistan Killed By Drone Strike

A Pakistani lawyer discusses a new report claiming U.S. drone attacks have killed hundreds of civilians.

Video 2010 Pakistan drone victims sue U.S

A group of Pakistanis victims of U.S. drone strikes plan to sue Washington


 Reply:   good
Replied by(hackitamit) Replied on (18/Aug/2011)
 Reply:   aho
Replied by(hackitamit) Replied on (18/Aug/2011)

ji prabhoo ki karpa hay
 Reply:   its islam loving people they are after
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (13/Aug/2011)

you have written in above article that "genocide of Pushtoon population by Pakistan government is a war crime".

correct your statement...pakistani army and america are not killing pakhtoons specifically,,,they are killing all practical by chance practical muslims are present more in pakhtoons so they are murdered more by these satans,other wise punjabi etc islamists have also been murdered by these satans,example is laal mosque people,who had many punjabi and other provinces islam loving people too,

in anger one should not loose reason,some pakhtoon brothers have been heard saying that it is massacre of pakhtoons from hands of punjabis,,they even side with india against pakistan now foolishly thinking that india is their friend,,its wrong...because in nwfp and tribal area sometimes pakhtoon army men have also killed punjabi taliban and islamists in past...what will you call this?

also asfand yaar wali like pakhtoons ae working side by side with america and army to kill islam loving people...

so this is not an ethnic war,,,it is a war between islam loving people vs kufar and munafiqeen combined...its as simple as that.


 Reply:   Drone War Exposed - Bureau of Investigative Journalism
Replied by(International_Professor) Replied on (13/Aug/2011)

Drone War Exposed In Pakistan

Drone War Exposed – The Complete Picture of CIA Strikes in Pakistan -- The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

CIA drone strikes have led to far more deaths in Pakistan than previously understood, according to extensive new research published by the Bureau. More than 160 children are among at least 2,292 people reported killed in US attacks since 2004. There are credible reports of at least 385 civilians among the dead.

In a surprise move, a counter-terrorism official has also released US government estimates of the numbers killed. These state that an estimated 2,050 people have been killed in drone strikes – of whom all but an estimated 50 are combatants.

The Bureau’s fundamental reassessment of the covert US campaign involved a complete re-examination of all that is known about each US drone strike.

The study is based on close analysis of credible materials: some 2,000 media reports; witness testimonies; field reports of NGOs and lawyers; secret US government cables; leaked intelligence documents, and relevant accounts by journalists, politicians and former intelligence officers.

The Bureau’s findings are published in a 22,000-word database which covers each individual strike in Pakistan in detail. A powerful search engine, an extensive timeline and searchable maps accompany the data.

The result is the clearest public understanding so far of the CIA’s covert drone war against the militants. Yet US intelligence officials are understood to be briefing against the Bureau’s work, claiming ‘significant problems with its numbers and methodologies.’

Iain Overton, the Bureau’s editor said: ‘It comes as no surprise that the US intelligence services would attack our findings in this way. But to claim our methodology is problematic before we had even published reveals how they really operate. A revelation that is reinforced by the fact that they cannot bring themselves to refer to non-combatants as what they really are: civilians and, all too often, children’.

Many more strikes
The Bureau’s data reveals many more CIA attacks on alleged militant targets than previously reported. At least 291 US drone strikes are now known to have taken place since 2004.

The intended targets – militants in the tribal areas – appear to make up the majority of those killed. There are 126 named militants among the dead since 2004, though hundreds are unknown, low-ranking fighters. But as many as 168 children have also been reported killed among at least 385 civilians.

More than 1,100 people are also revealed to have been injured in the US drone attacks – the first time this number has been collated.

In the wake of the Bureau’s findings Amnesty International has called for more CIA transparency. ‘The Obama administration must explain the legal basis for drone strikes in Pakistan to avoid the perception that it acts with impunity. The Pakistan government must also ensure accountability for indiscriminate killing, in violation of international law, that occurs inside Pakistan,’ said Amnesty’s Director of Asia Pacific Sam Zarifi.

·        Civilian deaths
With the US military unable to operate overtly inside Pakistan, the Obama administration has come to rely heavily on CIA drone strikes to attack alleged militants in the country’s western tribal areas. To date, at least 236 drone attacks have been ordered in Obama’s name, the Bureau’s research shows.

·        At least 1,842 people have been reported killed in the Obama strikes, most of them militants.

·        Recently, Obama’s chief counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan stated that the president has ‘insisted’ that Pakistan drone strikes ‘do not put… innocent men, women and children in danger’. Yet at least 218 of those killed in drone attacks in Obama’s time in office may have been civilians.

·        Civilian casualties do seem to have declined in the past year. Yet the Bureau still found credible evidence of at least 45 civilians killed in some ten strikes in this time. The US continues to insist that it ‘can’t confirm any noncombatant casualties’ in the past year.

·        The most recently reported civilian fatality was on July 12. Abdul Jalil, a migrant worker home on leave from Dubai, was ‘collateral damage’ when the CIA attacked a car carrying eight alleged militants, the Bureau’s researchers in Waziristan report.

·        Internal US figures
The US government’s own internal estimates of those killed in the drone strikes total about 2,050, the Bureau has learnt. All but 50 of these are militants, and that no ‘non-combatants’ have died in the past year, a US counter-terrorism official noted. The Bureau’s own minimum suggested casualty figure is 2,292.

·        Yet a US counter-terrorism official told the Bureau that its numbers were ‘way off the mark’. The Washington-based official said: ‘These actions target militants planning actively to kill Afghans, Pakistanis, Europeans, and Americans among others, and most often the operations occur when they’re training or on the move, getting ready to attack. Over 4,000 Pakistani civilians have been killed by terrorists since 2009—the threat is clear and real.’

·        Reprieve, the legal action charity which campaigns on human rights issues said: ’With the Bureau’s findings, at last we have a hard and comprehensive look at the facts. It is a great start. From now on, Reprieve hopes people will read official propaganda about drone warfare with a grain of salt—and ask themselves whether drones are radicalizing as many young men as Guantánamo did.’

The Bureau’s key findings

  • 291 CIA attacks have taken place in Pakistan – 8% more than previously reported. Under President Obama alone there have been 236 strikes – one every four days.
  • Between 2,292 and 2,863 people are reported to have died in the attacks – most of them militants
  • The minimum number of reported deaths is far higher than previously believed – with 40% more recorded casualties. Most of those killed are likely to be low-ranking militants.
  • 126 named militants have so far been killed.
  • The Bureau has collated credible news reports of 385-775 civilians being killed in the attacks.
  • The Bureau has identified credible reports of 164 children killed in the drone strikes. Under President Bush, one in three of all attacks is reported to have killed a child.
  • For the first time the Bureau has compiled accurate details of recorded injuries in drone strikes, revealing that at least 1,114 people have been wounded.


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