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Dismiss General Kiyani to save Pakistan

By: Earthman, International Professor

Now the time has come to kick out all leading generals involved in crimes against Pakistan and its public. The list of their crimes is very long and current wave of terrorism sponsored by imperialists’ looks like last nail in the coffin of sovereignty of Pakistan, unfortunately first line of defense under command of army generals has already sold their loyalties to overseas lords. Entire bunch of Generals promoted and appointed by Musharraf must be replaced immediately than there would be any possibility for survival of Pakistan as a country; otherwise it is not too far that our country will fall into hands of invaders, God forbid.

Please don’t pity on orphan like face of General Kiyani usually seen standing behind criminals like Zardari and Gaillani in media images, or posing himself as most humble servant of Zardari and Gaillani type criminals. In fact he is master mind in operating entire Government mechanism and responsible for pushing Pakistan into civil war. Not a single Corpse commander or any general sitting at GHQ has any wisdom or tenderness for peoples of Pakistan. Vicious cycle of butchery either by Americans, Pakistan army or insurgents is exclusively against peoples of Pakistan and a result of silly planning of the army generals. Whereas Gen. Kiyani is a criminal who has sold his faith for the sake of dollars, he is not capable to lead Pakistan army, and he is established agent of the CIA and co-partner of the Musharraf in his crimes against humanity.

It is very simple to judge dirty role of the Kiyani since he was head of ISI and now Chief of the army. Think who has released missing Balouch citizens a few days ago before Eid? Who is behind kidnapping of 15000 citizens that are still missing? All missing persons are in the custody of ISI since many years. Moreover who let handed over air force bases to the foreigners? Who is involved in embezzlement of the $ 16 billion US dollars? Who is operating drones from inside Pakistan? In each case army generals are directly involved in crimes.

It was Gen. Kiyani who negotiated the NRO with the criminals involved in murders, loot, plunders, terrorism and brawls. On what constitutional grounds and under which law he had the authority to discuss NRO with Benazir and Zardari type criminals. At least twenty current top generals have sold their faith to Americans for the sake of money; list of retired generals is also very long. There is no account for worth billions money received on the name of bounties after selling citizens, in whose pocket that amount has gone? Today Pakistan is burning in fire and global community is guessing either it would take shape of the Algiers or next Iraq, Lebanon or Afghanistan soon after direct intrusion of NATO inside Pakistani borders. By and large situation of Pakistan is worse than Iraq, where Pakistan army is joyfully welcoming invaders and its politicians are praying for longer stay of NATO forces in Afghanistan and GHQ is involved in drone attacks and terrorist activities.

Wide spread mutiny is a result of cruelty and barbarism that has pushed peoples to rise against army to revenge for atrocities against their love ones. There is a series of massacres and overall situation is worse than Rwanda, army and air force is jumping on civilians like mad wild animals with the help of sophisticated weapons. Ask them to show us under grounds tunnels in Lal Masjid and Jamia Hafsa which were linked to Waziristan, there was no underground tunnel at all. Generals are liars and corrupt and hungry of dollars, don’t trust on their lies. If you may count entire number of troops killed at Swat, Waziristan or Baluchistan 99% are ethnic Pushtoon. Whereas most Generals are Punjabi, belonging to Jhelum, Gujar Khan, Chakwal and Gujrat areas, on other hand entire civilian population either murdered, kidnapped or tortured by ISI and MI is composed of Deobandi factions. It is genocide on the basis of ethnic and religious hatred, true picture of individual massacres and intensity of mass killings is in hundreds.

Wave of bomb blasts from Peshawar to Quetta is engineered by agencies under patronage of their overseas lords. Simple question is where are those suicide bombers, terrorists and foreigners captured by army and reported in the press. Not a single person has been handed over to civil administration to date or presented in the courts, there is no doubt that agencies are continuously using those so called terrorists against public of Pakistan to divide peoples, generate hate and to collect sympathies of public for camouflaging their own crimes. It is a dilemma that Pakistan is the only country where local public did not trust on its army, neither anyone is ready to believe on propaganda of army. If it is wrong, go to public and ask who is behind any terrorist activity, everyone will raise finger towards foreign agents, why? It is worst example of lack of trust on army information cell and Pakistani media. Because Pakistan army is quiet wrong in justifying war against its own peoples and it is fighting on weak footings. In principal law and order is duty of civil administration, if civilian government is not capable of politically managing the masses, so those must be removed and a chance to other politicians may be given.

From day one since the invasion of Jamia Hafsa, actions of army generals are wrong. Swat invasion was engineered by army with the collaboration of anti-Pakistan groups for sucking American dollars. TNSM never invaded on Swat or occupied Malakand Division by force, question is who brought out Chief of TNSM from the prison, who negotiated and declared their movement peaceful, chief of TNSM had been moving in official vehicles and helicopters, everything was fine but soon after angry statements of U.S. administration against Nizam e Adal, army started to funnel billions to media channels for propaganda purposes to justify invasions.

There is no doubt that current wave of terrorism against innocent peoples of Pakistani including army officials killed in bomb blasts or suicide attacks is based on incapability of army generals and entire blood of innocent peoples either killed by army or terrorism incidences lies on the shoulders of General Kiyani, Corpse commanders and officials sitting at GHQ. We have no doubt that Joint Chief, Army Chief, DG’s of ISI, MI, Military Operations and IG Frontier Constabulary and corpse commander Rawalpindi, Mangla, Peshawar and secretary Defense are on pay role of CIA. Those are puppets and have no sympathies with Pakistan except making money.

If anyone wants to save Pakistan so think patiently to kick out entire mafia appointed by imperialists including Generals, Zardari and Gaillani along with their cronies. Don’t trust hungry and naked journalists travelling in army helicopters and trying to misguide peoples. Mullahs are also playing dirty role as usual who have notoriety of being on pay role of the CIA. The GHQ, the President and Prime Minister Houses are main source of power for criminals and thugs. We don’t know Al Kaeda is name of which animal, neither have we seen any Taliban in our entire life. But we know one thing very clear that peoples killed by Pakistan army and Americans are Pakistani citizens and the peoples killed in terrorist activities are also Pakistanis. It was absolutely not duty of Pakistan army to act on the advice of corrupt politicians, implanted by imperialists and inducted in the system along with their criminal records. It is a matter of shame for army generals in providing protection to corrupt politicians. Altaf Husain was pardoned under the NRO against 74 terrorist acts, same as Zardari, Rahman Malik, Fauzia Gaillani and Yousuf Raza Gaylani committed worst crimes in the history of Pakistan have been provided safe sanctuary.

Violence brings violence, and the role of agencies in humiliating and kidnapping of women, children and senior relatives of so called insurgents has flared up the situation, moreover killing of one person from any family means producing twenty active revenge seekers, because our culture is based on family system, and nobody cares about propaganda of army information cells or Pakistani media because majority has no access to TV channels to listen fabricated stories and so called sacrifices of army for the sake of dollars.

Moreover it was great mistake of army in creation of Brelvi Lashkars, supporting Mahdi army, exclusively killings of Deobandi factions and target killings of ethnic Pushtoon. It has divided nation forever and civil war has taken very dangerous turn, on one side uncivilized Yankees of Obama with allied Christian crusaders inching to jump on Pakistan, and on other hand every imperialist power is signing long terms defense pacts with India. Whereas Zardari an agent of CIA and MI6, true copy of Zalamy Khalilzad is conspiring against defense of Pakistan, moreover the ambassadors of Pakistan at New York, Washington and London are not only foreign citizens but agents of Anglo-Americans as well; in such circumstances future of Pakistan is very dark.

Now time has come to kick out all puppets of Anglo-Americans from the GHQ, President and Prime Minister Houses, particularly General Kiyani is incapable of leading Pakistan army. Foreign agents and terrorists who are killing peoples in the mosques, institutions and on roads are residing in safe heavens provided by Army and Air Force at their bases and the cantonments. Presence of foreigner or so called trainers at different army centers is not a secret, and on the name of intelligence sharing ISI officials are sitting not only with CIA but Khad and Raw are also their partners.

Pakistan is in wrong hands, its President, Prime Minister, Army Chief, Head of ISI and secretary Defense are on pay role of CIA and MI6 and needs an immediate kick. It is a war based on ethnic and religious hatred and engineered by black sheep in media, lesbian scholars, and prostitution and alcoholic gangs. 

 Reply:   Pakistan Army Zindabad but Corrupt Generals Murdabad
Replied by(Ghulam_Rasool) Replied on (15/Dec/2009)

Nobody has answer why Musharraf and Kiyani sold Pakistani citizens and if it was eminent why bounty money was put in pockets of individuals.

Generals sold daughter of nation, Dr. Afia Siddiqui to Americans.
Generals sold army centres and air force bases to NATO.
Generals are behind running drones and patronizing Blackwater.
General Kiyani and Shuja Pasha are agents of CIA.
No pleasure in receiving army and air force equipment because that will be used against Pakistani peoples. It is right that only removal of american agents from Pak army will made it Pak, now it is napak gang of CIA and thugs.
Asif ali Ghaddari, Joseph Gulliani, Shaitan Malik, Khal Naek, Burber Avan, Qamroo Karia, Altafa Dakait and other thugs, plunderers and murderers are buddies of army generals.
Pak army Zindabad but Napak army murdabad.
Napak army is in blood of American agents.

 Reply:   Dismiss General Kiyani
Replied by(Arrahim100101) Replied on (15/Dec/2009)
Dear Prof. their is difference between theory and practical.
You are only observing by watching Tv and reading News paper, but we are victum,
we know who is doing????
who is defending them???
Why they are doing So????
Every pakistani know the answer of these 3 questions either he/she is literate or illiterate.
When Muslim kill any one it is TERRORISM but when AMERICANs and NATTO force kill BIllion of people then they are not TERRORIST,WHY??????

ARMY IS OUR defense line and like blood in PAKISTAN


 Reply:   Why so many blasts in Pak. even in civil Islamic point of view
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (9/Dec/2009)

Why did lahores moon market had blast that killed many people? was it done by islamists?or by American and Indian agencies helped by some pakistani agencies?why allah is not helping us in this present chaos? these are the questions that many people ask.some of answers you will find below.

Lahore had a blast in moon market which killed many Taliban have already said that they only taaget the people who fight against them directly like police and army so its clear that Taliban were not behind this blast ,though our munafiq government and media will ultimately blame Taliban for this attack.
Our government is very cunning as it works for America and its clear now that our government agencies even convert a planted bomb blast into suicide blast by killing islamists already arrested by these agencies and cutting their head off and placing on site of blast and later showing the media that it was suicide blast done by an islamist .this turns pakistans muanfiq authority worshipping general public into even bigger munafiqeen and true islam haters.
Recently amina janjua of human rights watch told that how paki authorities blamed an islamists for peshawer bomb blast while this islamist was already is in army police custody since pervaiz musharafs era.this is how big a liar and deceptive people our munafiq rulers and media are.

So every crime committed in world is blamed on islamists by our munafiq government ,army and our media (which is biggest enemy of allah and his religion islam.may allah send his biggest azaab on our newspapers and media for writing false accusations against islamists ) .

Basically American xe or black water and Indian raw are behind most of planted blasts in Pakistan like that happened in peshawers meena bazaar and lahores moon market.but pakistani rulers like zerdari,nawaz shareef ,asfand yaar wali,altaaf Husain,pervaiz ilahi and shujaat Husain etc are agents of kufaars ,so they never allow truth to come out by their power.these people blame islamists for every attack and later to please kufaars give statements that our war against islamists of tribal area will continue till last islamist is killed.these allahs enemies like zerdari ,nawaz shareef,altaaf Husain and asfand wali and pervaiz ilahi etc are paid agents of kufars,no one should have any doubt about that .
Our generals also work for America without any doubt.
Aafia siddiqui when was handed over to Americans than our present army chief kyani was head of isi,same kyani who is being written as greatest patriot and greatest leader by our yellow journalists of jang,nawaiwaqt and other papers and electronic media.

But the real painful thing is that our pakistani peoples majority is also munafiq,they speak the same anti islamist language their munafiq leaders speak.

So in past while talking to people from Lahore,Karachi Islamabad I have found that most of people support army and governments murder of tribal women and children in name of war against “terrorism”.
Let me give one example which is similar to most other Pakistanis thinking
A nawaz shareef supporter from inner city Lahore said to me that all tribal people should be killed as they are doing terrorism, because nawaz and shehbaz shareef are also giving statements against islamists daily to please Americans, so nawaz shareefs supporters also blindly support their “ worldly god” nawaz shareef,s stance against islam a islamists of tribal area.

Similar is case with altaf Husain supporters and ppp supporters who in love of their party leaders (whose these cursed people worship) hate islamists and want them all to be killed.
Even our judges like iftikhar chaudery are anti islam and pro America.iftikhar chaudery along with nawaz shareef openly spoke against Islamic laws enforcement in swat and fata.

When our common pakistani public supports our munafiq politicians,generals,judges and media person,s war against islamists and islam in tribal area than they make allah very allah does not protect us from evil designs of American and Indian agencies in whose hands our nation is already playing and for whose and benefits majority of pakistani nation is working like slaves now
.so that’s why allah has lifted his protection and blessing away from this nation,and without which this nation will face more and more pains

So these blasts are an azaab from allah upon our common people who blindly support their kufars slave leaders and thus support kufars war against islam ,so allah in his scheme punishes this munafiq pakitani nation by same Americans and Indians for whose benefits our rulers and our people are working for.

If Pakistanis do not ask allahs forgiveness and do not stop fighting and false accusations against islamists of nwfp than allah will keep sending his azaabs till this nations back will break.

Before that happens Pakistanis should ask forgiveness and stop worshipping their munafiq rulers and media .but if this nation wont repent than it seems time is up
Allahs knows best

Note…so called patriotic and religious leaders like munawar hasan,hafiz saeed and imran khan are also silent on this murder of tribal women and children by pakistani army to please Americans.these religious leaders will be answerable to allah too soon.they should remember that.i was hafiz saeeds great supporter for his jihad in Kashmir,but he seems now more loyal to pakistani army rather than to islam.hafiz saeed has not even criticized pakistani army once openly for this armys war against islamists.even munawar hasan and fazlurrehman have dared to criticise army once or twice but hafiz saeed is silent that has pained his supporters

 Reply:   amnesty for balochi indian agents&death to loyal pakistani nwfp islamists!
Replied by(drkjke) Replied on (9/Dec/2009)
Pakistani government has declared general amnesty for all rebel balochi leaders who through Indian agencies were doing terrorist activities inside Pakistan and they even admitted it many times.for many years now these balochi rebels are doing terrorist activities in balochistan and have caused damages of billions of rupees to pakistani government.
.these balochis have murdered hundreds of Punjabi and pakhtoon settlers of balochistan in past years.they do target killing of Punjabis and pakhtoons and college principles to create an air of instability in balochistan under orders from Indian government.

in below websites balochi israeli indian connection can be seen as balochi flag is shown between india israel flag


The balochi rebel leadership is mostly in India or in Indian consulates in Afghanistan.even the
head terrorist leader brahmdagh bugti works from Indian consulate in Kabul.

Pakistani government has not only declared general amnesty for these Indian agents but has promised to take out army from most troubled areas of balochistan like kohlu etc.

These balochi rebels have close ties with Indian,Israeli and American agencies and infact one of their main websites operates from Israel,few year ago these balochis openly supported Israeli oppression against Palestinians to please Israel.these balochi rebels also appeal to Israel and India etc to help separate balochistan from Pakistan,they promise that after separation from Pakistan the balochi soil will be given to America ,Israel and India for their war against islam.

Still pakistani government has declared amnesty and has forgiven these open self declared Indian agents.

On other hand pakistani government has declared that it will keep on fighting against swat and tribal area islamists .those islamists or Taliban who are fighting to defend themselves against pakistani armys aggression pakistani army attacked them due to ther demand for sharia and Islamic laws implementation in their areas.and because American Zionists ordered our army to fight against these islamists.
These islamists or Taliban have declared again and again that they just want islam ,they do not want to separate from Pakistan and actually they love Pakistan,their only demand is that sharia be implemented and that Pakistan should withdraw from supporting American and Zionists war against islam in these areas.

Infact Taliban leadership has again and again said that if Islamic laws are implemented than they will defend Pakistan against Indian aggression by providing elite fighting men to safeguard pakistani border.when India was last year threatening to attack Pakistan these tribal islamists offered to send troops to fight against Indian satans.


But our government has said that it will kill and destroy all remaining islamists from pakistani tribal areas and nwfp, and that their is will be no talking or dialogue with these islamists.

Now if anyone of you is a muslim not a munafiq than he should think that why this is so?amnesty and forgiveness and love for balochis who are killing innocent women and children of balochi settlers and who work for India and Israel openly,and at same time your army is killing tribal and nwfp islamists women and children by bombing on their homes,handing them over to America and destroying their mosques by drone attacks and pakistani airforces bombardment,while these islamists are loyal to pakistani state and do not want to separate,they just want islam to be implemented,still these islamist,s families are being mercilessly killed.

Why is this so?have you people ever thought about that?

Not only our government and army but majority of our public also supports this policy of forgiveness to Indian balochi agents and death to islamists of nwfp.

Its because you pakistani people have become total speak of islam and some time pray and fast and do hajj too.but your real god is money,status and worship not allah but your material be prepared for allahs severe azaab which will destroy what you love in front of your eyes and you and your childrens (for whose future you fight allahs people) will pay heavy for this crime against justice and islam.allah never forgives such unjust nations.

Infact there is no denying the fact that this nations majority is among munafiqoon now.they support their munafiq governments evil decisions .because you people worship every authority of men upon you (strangely pakistani munafiqoon do not worship the real authority which belongs to allah and they do not seem to know that all other authorities of this world are just deceptions).

Indeed, they rejected the truth (the Qur'â® and Muhammad SAW) when it came to them, but there will come to them the news of that (the torment) which they used to mock at{5}. Have they not seen how many a generation before them We have destroyed whom We had established on the earth such as We have not established you? And We poured out on them rain from the sky in abundance, and made the rivers flow under them. Yet We destroyed them for their sins, and created after them other generations{6}.sura alanaam

. So the roots of the people who did wrong (and were unjust) were cut off. And all the praises and thanks be to All⨬ the Lord of the 'Alamî® (mankind, jinns, and all that exists). {45 sura alanaam

O Prophet! Strive hard against the Unbelievers and the Hypocrites, and be firm against them. Their abode is Hell,- an evil refuge (indeed). Quran 66:9

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