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US Goals in Islamic World

NATO Terror Syndicates, Evil Allies must Quit Afghanistan, Iraq! (Part- 62)


Dr. Abdul Ruff



The top terrocracy, USA pursues its illegal goals everywhere - and not democracy- by employing all tactics, including terror. Today undoubtedly the Western regimes control entire world with Washington and London guiding them with all necessary spies cum terror inputs. US led Western powers have a civlizational ambition to make the Arab world sub serve their interests and also control their resources, both material and human. Following the fall of Soviet Union and integration of communist regimes in East Europe, US led NATO terror syndicates and their strategists have now ill-focused on Islam and Muslim world. Sept-11 was meticulously engineered by those who oppose Islam and want to defame Islam. Leaders of this crime plan could be the Neoconservative based Pentagon-CIA nuts by using media and some people with Muslim names, like Osama. The target of this anti-Islamic terror network is not only Sunni world, but also the Shiite nations- a total Islamic world.



These world powers along with small scale powers like India have intertwined economy and military into one single terror unit to threaten others. Since the end of the WW-II the USA and Russia have demonstrated the crude fact that terror power alone would make them super powers. USA-UK, the joint super of the world today, has also fostered an illegal entity of fascist Israel in Mideast and armed its terror power to contain the Arabs so that USA-UK could manipulate them to sell weapons to the terrorized Arab peoples and secure more and more energy for lesser and lesser prices.



In order to advance western energy as well as religious goals, terrorism has been invented by the West and both Islam and Muslims are at the receiving end. Most of the so-called Islamic fighter groups, including Al-Qaeda and Taliban, are the illegitimate brain children of Jew dominated Neocons and the spoiled babies of USA that are still controlled by America. So much so, even if Al-Qaeda and Taliban decide to wind down, they won’t be allowed to do so chiefly because without their presence the NATO terror syndicates led by US-UK terror twins cannot go on genocide operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan reduce Muslim populations and secure energy routes on a permanent basis. .Invention of Sept-11 and counter-insurgency are highly explosive tools in the hands of US terrrocracy.



In the post WW-II scene, with enormous foresight the USA –UK combine mobilized Muslim nations against its war on communism and socialism, but after the fall of communist regimes in USSR and Eastern Europe, Washington has managed to maintain the hold of Islamic world by tactfully creating terror menace. US calculation did not go waste since terrorism ploys have worded quite well strengthening the terror hands of  GST syndicate with USA, UK, Israel and India  playing key roles.



After the fall of communism and socialism, US led West considers Islam as their next enemy and hence the religion is being targeted. USA does not pursue its policies to protect Pakistan or Palestine or Afghanistan, but only to advance its mostly illegal interests   in a sustained manner by immoral means. India knows too well what exactly Washington and its NATO terror syndicate are aiming at in Af-Pak, but it seeks a share in the booty as an important power in South Asia and an emerging strategic terror partner of USA.



Basically the Western capitalist and imperialist regimes are terrocracies with hidden agendas. Barrack Obama is the finest example of how US imperialism works and how every leader is committed to advancing US illegal interests by fake pretexts. President Obama is committed by US mandate to world peace as part of his “change” course and will withdraw the troops killing Afghans, Iraqis and Pakistanis. Obama must have been reassured by his advisors that the promises given to the people are just poll gimmicks and he need not worry too much about them but only now focus on expanding US terror wars to control the energy resources and routes. Within a period of 100 days, after he took over the reign on January 20, 2009, US President made a review of US Afghan policy, the new AfPak Strategy of the die-hard Neocons, expanding terror war theatre by incorporating Pakistani tribal areas into NATO combat zone, renaming it. The policy aimed at combining Pak and Afghanistan as the single warzone. USA-UK terror twins are trying to help India by clearing energy routes through Pakistan for Indian needs. Hence Obama extended the war zone into Pakistani tribal zones as well.


With a mischievous smile, America pretends to be wholesale protector of the world and therefore interferes with global activities. In fact the USA, like any other power does it, advances its own interests at minimum expense. One of the main missions is to find prospective customer for its weapon systems. By terrorizing the world, America has become the boss of global terrocracies. Millions of Muslims have already been slaughtered by the blood thirsty NATO terrorists. The US "soldiers" are accused of premeditated murder in the most serious prosecution of atrocities by US military personnel since the terror war began in late 2001 n cooked-up pretexts about one Osama. These US democrats in uniforms serving humanity severed fingers and other human remains from the Afghan dead as war trophies before taking photos with the corpses.



The innocent victims of US secret drone war are now known as terrorists and they are murdered at random like cattle. All genocides are committed in the name of US rule of law. In defense of anti-Islamic terror wars, the new US president expanded the Bushdom’s targeted killings beyond Afghanistan and inside Pakistan. Hillary Clinton, playing her role as a lobbyist of India, advised to destabilize Pakistan as fully as possible. On 23 January 2009, just three days after being sworn in, Obama ordered his first set of air strikes inside Pakistan. In fact, from the moment he stepped foot inside the White House, Obama set about escalating a covert CIA program of targeting the "insurgents", using Predator and Reaper drones armed with Hellfire missiles  that had been started by the Bush administration in 2004. Obama indeed has gone beyond where his predecessor had stopped in the name of policy "change". Today, the CIA drones are killing innocent Pakistanis and Afghans by calling them all terrorists.



The paid NATO terrorists are shooting unarmed civilians in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq and US president has no knowledge about it, because the CIA has not given him any "slip" on the "embarrassing" subject. About a decade of incarcerating men without charge or trial in secret prisons in Europe and elsewhere has not captured the attention of American gentlemen in criminal suits. At least 174 men are still being held in Guantanamo terror wards by the CIA-Pentagon criminals without charge or trial, but Obama and his foreign minister talk about lack of democracy in other nations. US led NATO terror syndicates, murdering innocent people just by calling them terrorists and insurgents, have no respect its international commitments in the field of human rights and the rule of law.


USA is one of the morally and financially bankrupt nations in the West and it is still fond of offering unsolicited advises and delivering lectures on democracy, human rights and rule of law, etc. Washington doe s not feel shy of using "deficit" of human  rights and reforms in Arab world to squeeze their resources as cheaply as possible. US leaders have no problem accepting the lack of equality, even handedness in the US judicial system, or increasing crime rate or rampant corruption in society and the system, but it could easily spot any pitfall in other weak nations that do not foot polish American leaders. US bosses do not open their wide mounts about the genocides in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan - all now occupied by US led NATO terror syndicates. They have not yet announced the total casualties in these occupied Islamic nations. US democratic norms do not require any such reports to inform the world.



Under the guises of spreading democracy and imposing super fine regimes, America and Britain pursued their common resource hunt. US president Obama, who has carried forward the Bushdom terror wars, seems to have identified continued US engagement in peace talks as a key policy goal. Peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians resumed in September after a break of almost two years. But they were suspended within weeks when Israel decided not to extend the 10-month freeze on settlement building in the West Bank. Why are there any problems in exporting and sometimes importing goods into Gaza? Why is the border blockaded? Israel originally further tightened its blockade of Gaza in 2007 after the Islamist Hamas Party came to power. In order to destroy Palestine and cripple the Palestinians and their economy, Israel, the US and the EU just call the elected Hamas as a terrorist organization.



The Pentagon-CIA must have visualized a long, if not permanent war in Afghanistan, following and using the incident of 9/11 as a pretext to control the Silk Route. The Lisbon Summit of NATO terror syndicate of November 2010 gave a deadline of 2014 for the troop’s drawdown. The overall strength of NATO and US terror syndicates- 62 odd of them- have already reached to 150,000 to "contain" less than 100 Al-Qaeda operatives. Washington repeats it would withdraw all US paid state terrorists from Afghanistan starting from July 2011. How far USA is serious about what it says remains to be seen. NATO strategists always take refugee under the garb of "failures" and "insurgency", safe sanctuary" etc only to prolong the terror stay in Islamic world. Taliban’s strength has sufficiently been reduced, Al-Qaeda position weakened but Washington would keep inventing new threats. But many occupancy nations, including India, having their own interests on resource and energy route, pester Obama with prolongation of occupation and genocides. What complicates the situation for Afghans and Pakistanis is Pakistani regime tries to get as much money as possible for special killer services to NATO terror syndicates.


Today, as such, both USA and anti-US nations like Russia fight Islam and Muslim nations do not have any real ally in the world. This double-standards are traceable in US attitude, if not it policy, towards Pakistan. Pretending to be a strong guardian of Islamabad, USA made Pakistan the enemy of Russia in South Asia while it also made India, a close associate of Russia, its own terror strategic ally. Bulk of Pakistani elite is still in a dreaming world, unable to ask the American bosses to curtail US drone terrorism in Pakistan, and stop killing defenses Muslims.



All big economies, especially in the West, seek non-stop energy supplies and Arab world has abundance of these and other natural resources. By cooking up threats like insurgency which in real terms a fight for sovereignty, the UK- American terrorists in democracy uniforms have caused instability in Pakistan as well as Afghanistan. US Neoconservatives, both Americans and Jews, are still harping on the theme of lack of democracy in Arab world and want the Pentagon to terror attack Iran first before further action is taken up.

West still argues that communism is not fully dead; it just collapsed and might resurface while the "new threat" terrorism is still alive and so Islamic world must play the roles assigned to them by USA. Not only USA created all so-called Islamic terrorist groups" in Afghanistan to fight the occupiers, but also brought as many Muslim nations as possible in the anti-Soviet war. By promoting anti-communism and anti-socialism and promoting capitalism and neo-imperialism, USA has put Islamic world with Russia and its allies.


In keeping the major Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Pakistan and, until recently Iran, USA has indeed showcased US monopoly over Islamic world and now by occupying Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan, it boasts of effectively controlling even the human as well as energy resources of Islamic world. Today, not only the bulk of Muslim world has become a willing tool of the USA, it also became a real enemy of the Moscow.


Owing to foolish, wicked policy of the regime, or without any credible policy, Islamabad  has become a major launching pad in Asia for the anti-Islamic NATO terror syndicate and Pakistan’s pro-western policies thus far have earned more enemies than friends while  US led west is deadly against Islamabad for not “doing enough” in murdering its own people. When Islamic believers render services to anti-Islamic forces, Muslim casualties keep rising converting Pakistan another battlefield for targeting soft Muslim targets.

It is shame, rather than funny, the Muslim world remains hopelessly divided even as entire anti-Islamic world is firmly united against Islam and Muslim world with hidden agendas, already murdering millions of Muslims on cooked up pretests by using some Muslim names like Osama or Mullah, some organizations like Al-Qaeda or Taliban. Media still harp on Islamophobia and Osamaphobia to terrorize the humanity and keep the terror trend going. When USA and UK can remain united and fight for the resources in other nations, when India and Israel can jointly plan against Muslim under their custody, when Americans and Europeans can make joint front against Islamic world, why not Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Iran make a joint effort to shield Muslim nations from western terror mischief and remove the anti-Islamic shackles off the Islamic world.


Will the Islamic world, surrounded by enemies and facing existential problem, wake up at least now?

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